Glittery Kate Spade DIY


I am in love with the glittery Kate Spade earrings but I could not bring myself to spend $38 on a pair of stud earrings. Thanks to a lot of friends on Instagram I found a solution: make a pair!! I am going to share with you step-by-step how to make a pair of these super fun earrings for less than $3!!


Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

For my earrings, I purchased a simple pair of studs from Wal-Mart for only $2.88. For the glitter effect I used nailpolish. I used nailpolish that I already had but you can use any polish that you like with any size glitter.


My nailpolish colors are from the Sinful Colors line and they can also be purchased at Wal-Mart. I picked a solid for a base coat and a glitter for a top coat.


Step 2: Apply Your Base Coat

For my base coat I applied a solid gold without any glitter. My reason for this was because I did not want any of the clear colored crystal to show through. I only wanted the gold to be present in my final earrings. Make sure that you give the polish plenty of time to dry before moving on to step 3.

 IMG_9402  IMG_9403

If you wanted a solid instead of a glitter then there would be no need to complete the next step and you can skip straight to step 4!


Step 3: Apply Your Glitter Coat

For this next step, instead of brushing on the glitter polish I dabbed it on. This assured that I got a heavy amount of glitter onto the earrings instead of simply brushing on a thin layer.

 IMG_9406  IMG_9407

I actually did two coats of glitter so that the earrings were nice and sparkly. Unlike the Kate Spade earrings, I used a finer glitter polish. I wanted a more everyday pair of earrings and I felt that the polish with the larger glitter chunks were more fun than sophisticated. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the large glitter chunks, but I wanted a pair of earrings that I could wear with anything! Again, it is totally up to you! Whatever you decide will be fabulous! Just as before, make sure that you let the glitter polish dry before moving on to step 4!


Step 4: Seal Your Polish

For the next step you can use any clear polish. Simply brush on a coat or two to seal in your glitter and give your earrings a nice shiny finish.


Again, I used polish that I had at home, but any clear top coat will do the job!!


Step 5: Enjoy Your Finished Product

After you have given your earrings plenty of time to dry, the only thing left to do is enjoy them! Add them to your favorite outfit for a fun, whimsical touch!


As you can see, they blend perfectly with all of my other jewelry and you cannot even tell that the project cost less than $3!! The main thing to remember is to have fun! My steps and ideas are just a guide and any number of polishes and glitters can make a fabulous pair of earrings!! If you have any questions, just leave them in the comments below!!



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