90s Vibes and Mom Life

Taking blog photos is not so bad when I have a photographer. They are planned out, have the time allotted and I am prepared. But sometimes, when you are a Mom and a blogger you just have to go with the flow.


I am lucky enough to have a my sweet friend Julia of Glitter and Juls right down the road from me so we decided to meet up and take some impromptu photos for our blogs. We thought that we would be able to take a few pictures, maybe change outfits and be done within an hour… boy were we wrong!


When I met up with Julia, Vivi was sleeping so I had to transfer her to the stroller. Since Julia’s husband was out of town for business, she had to bring all three of her children with her. Julia also had to use her stroller for her youngest child, Levi. Her middle child, Lily, was not feeling well and literally threw up in the park where we were taking pictures.


Vivi woke up and started screaming and was only calm when someone was moving the stroller. This made it very difficult to take pictures. It was also still earlier enough in the afternoon that the sun was high and casting shadows making it almost impossible to get a picture with good lighting.


But somehow we were able to get some pictures! And they actually turned out pretty good! We may not be able to do it all, but on this day, we felt a little like Super Woman!

As for my outfit, I paired a black and white striped maxi skirt that I purchased from GroopDealz with a classic white tee. I then added a denim vest for a very 90s vibe. I think that I may have owned the same vest in elementary school!


My accessories were my favorite part of this outfit. My necklace was purchased at a local boutique, my sunnies were from eBay and my amazing cactus handbag was from Asos.

I completed the look with a tiny top knot!


As Moms, some days were are pushed to our limits. We run on little to no sleep, work, tend to the house and, in our case, keep up with a blog. We try to do it all, but even when it seems like everything is against us, somehow it all works out! And it usually makes for a great story!


Mrs. Fowler

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