Boho on the Go

I am totally a flower child at heart. If I could have lived through any decade, I really feel like the 60s and 70s really speak to my soul. The fashion, the carefree attitude… maybe not some of the best choices were made during these decades, but it just seems like a simpler time.


Lately, I have been drawn to the boho fashion trends. I love the loose, flowy fabrics, oversized-accessories, minimalist make-up and retro patterns. It is so easy to wear and that is perfect for my busy Mom-Life!



When I saw this romper at Target, I knew that it had to come home with me! And with a price tag reading only $28 it was no-brainer! In the mornings, especially when the baby has woken up three times during the night, it is nice to just be able to put on one piece of clothing and go.



My accessories are all from past seasons but I have seen many similar items for super cheap at places like Forever 21, Target and H&M. This is a trend that can be seen almost everywhere right now but I will link some things for you to check out!


My necklace is made by my sweet friend Angelle. Her shop on Etsy, Dashing Darlin’, features so many pretty handmade necklaces that are perfect for any flower child. Each necklace is made from natural stones and beads so you know that you are getting a quality item! I also have on absolutely no makeup in this pictures! Sunnies to the rescue! This is the one accessory that any busy, and tired, Mom cannot go without!



Huge shoutout to my awesome photographer and friend, J. Hillis Photography. As always, you work is amazing! Now I urge all of you to go out and try this fun trend! There is literally something in almost every clothing store to fit this theme and I promise you will love how quick and easy it will be to get dressed in the morning!


Mrs. Fowler

Romper | Sandals | Hat | Sunnies

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