So Fresh and So Clean With BeautyCounter Baby

I was recently sent some products from a line called BeautyCounter Baby to try out on my sweet Vivi. BeautyCounter Baby is a line of baby products that are made from simple ingredients. They have been meticulously researched and tested so you know that what you are putting on your sweet babe’s skin is safe and natural. It gently cleanses and protects their delicate skin and leaves Mom worry-free.


We were sent three products to try out and see how we like them. The first product was the Baby Gentle All-Over Wash. This wash nourishes and cleanses delicate skin with a tear-free formula. It was a scent free so I know that their would be no harsh chemicals on Vivi’s delicate skin. I am actually allergic to a preservative that is found in a lot of products so I really try to read ingredients labels in Vivi’s products as well. I don’t want to run the risk of her being allergic to the same preservative and potentially breaking out. It also keeps me safe since I am the one who is bathing her and coming into contact with the products.


The next product was the Baby Daily Protective Balm. The balm soothes and protects with organic shea butter and organic jojoba oil. Since it is a balm, it is really thick so I can put a nice coating on whatever I need to use it for. We have used it on Vivi’s diaper rash and it gets rid of redness as well as forms a water-proof barrier to prevent future diaper rash from forming. I also use it around her mouth to get ride of her drool rash. It literally works over night to get rid of the unsightly rash from around her little mouth. I also know that it is safe if it accidentally gets in her mouth so that definitely helps with my Mom worry!


The last product was the Baby Soothing Oil. This oil calms and easily absorbs into skin with organic coconut, jojoba, and sunflower oils. I love to massage it into Vivi’s skin after a bath. If keeps her delicate skin soft and smooth and the massage really helps to calm her down before bed.


So far, we have really enjoyed each of these products. I know that they are safe for her delicate skin and I don’t have to worry about either one of us having an allergic reaction.

In the words of Christy Coleman, Head of Innovation, “Babies are clean and pure- and they deserve products that are exactly the same. Unscented and uncomplicated formulas that deliver are the only skincare necessities your baby needs.”

These products definitely meet all of our needs. I urge you all to give them a try. Check them out through my friend Abbey at!


Mrs. Fowler

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