Summer Strollin’

Before the heat gets too unbearable, I needed to wear my Canadian Tuxedo one last time… at least until the Fall!


For my Canadian Tuxedo, I went with a lighter chambray and a darker denim. I also attempted the faux tuck on my chambray.



I thought that yellow would be the perfect accent color with Summer just around the corner!



The heat truly is sweltering in Savannah so these pieces have been hung up neatly in the closet for a few months. Maybe if I am lucky we will have a cooler day so they can come back out to play!



A few of my pieces are older, but I will link some similar items if you want to shop my look!

Chambray | Jeans | Flats | Handbag | Necklace | Sunnies


Mrs. Fowler

Photo Credit: Magnolia Blossom Photography

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