Fall Dreams and Field Frolicking

With the stores starting to fill their shelves with pumpkins, pilgrims and leaves (and some of them even Christmas!) and the scent of pumpkin-flavored everything lingering in the air, my heart is starting to yearn for my favorite season… Fall.


While we don’t really get perfect Fall weather in South Georgia, we do get relief from the 90 degree temperatures and a temporary break in the humidity. The leaves fall to the ground, there is a chill in the night air and the days become just a little shorter. The sound of a Marching Band fills in the air on Friday nights as the local football team takes on their opponent and the taste of hot chocolate and hot cider warms our souls. A pot of Mama’s famous White Chicken Chili is bubbling on the stove with warm bread cooling on the counter and everyone seems to be filled with just a little extra love. Clothes are worn in layers while scarves and boots are taken out of storage. Pumpkin Spice is finally back at Starbucks (and everywhere else) and the start of the holiday season is beginning.


To me. the season of Fall is for Family and Friends. The cool nights are spent around bonfires, the meals are heartier and shared with family, and the clothes are worn for comfort and warmth. That is exactly why I love this dress from Modest Maimi. When I look at it I just picture Fall. Every detail… the moss green color, the draping sides, the long-sleeves… it is the epitome of Fall fashion. This particular dress is called the Draping Maxi. It is probably one of my favorite pieces of clothing in my closet. It is beyond comfortable and when I wear it, I can’t help but want to twirl everywhere!



When they get them in stock, they always sell out fast. My advice would be to follow them on Instagram so you can be notified when they are back in stock. Last year, they had them available in quite a few different colors so keep checking their Instagram for updates. It was a bestseller so I know that they re-stock whenever possible!



For this particular look, I paired it with sandals and the cutest necklace from 31 Bits. In the past, though, I have worn it with a pair of booties and an infinity scarf. That gives me a little extra warmth and really changes up the look and feel of the dress. Either way you wear it, it is still an amazing dress and I know that I will continue to wear it for years to come. Make sure you check out Modest Maimi because they have a bunch of cute dresses, even if this one is not currently in stock. Now here is to cooler temps and pumpkin-flavored everything! Hopefully Fall is here sooner rather than later!


I just in case you forgot that I am a Mommy to the cutest little girl, here is a picture to remind you!


Mrs. Fowler

Photography Courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography

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