Being Basic and Mom Fluff

There is just something so classic about a t-shirt dress and a good denim jacket. It may just be one of the easiest outfits to throw together and the result is timeless. I have never seen a bad combination of these two together and everyone that I have ever seen wear  that outfit looks great.


For my t-shirt and denim jacket combo, I went with two great pieces from Target. Both of these are a few years old but I have literally seen something similar every season. While you may not be able to get the exact stud detail as pictured on my jacket, I am almost positive that you can get something very close. Heck! I will even link one for you at the bottom! As for the stripe dress, well stripes are just about as American as Apple Pie! I love that these stripes are thinner. They don’t make me look as wide which is great for this new Mommy who is still struggling to lose her baby weight!

And speaking of baby weight… let’s be real here for a minute…

I almost didn’t even post these pictures. When I looked at them the only thing that I was able to focus on was the extra “Mom Fluff” around my middle. Losing weight after baby has been something that I have struggled with for a few months now. I am very self-conscience of my midsection, especially since my daughter is almost a year old. Clothes just don’t fit like they use to and I have had to go up in sizes in a few things…

But here’s the thing… I did just have a baby! It took me ten months to put on all that weight so it will take me at least ten months to lose it! I am not some Hollywood actress who can afford a personal trainer and a nanny. I am a real, sleep deprived Mom who works two jobs and tutors. I cook, clean, take care of my family and still somehow find time to write a few blog posts. These pictures make me proud of the woman who I have become and that “Mom Fluff” is the armor of the super woman that I truly am!



So now that I have gotten out my “I am woman, hear me roar” speech, I direct you back to your regularly scheduled outfit review…

For my jewelry, I went with this bold, yellow Kendra Scott Rayne necklace. While this specific color is not available online, you can build it at your local store using the Color Bar or you can build it online with the same tool! My handbag was actually a DIY!  Want to make one of your own? Just check out my blog post where I show you step-by-step how to make one! It was so easy! My sunnies are by Foster Grant and they are a beautiful rose color. I actually saw them at my local CVS when I was picking up a prescription and just fell in love with them!



My sandals are by Naughty Monkey and I got them on super sale last Summer from Belk. They are so colorful and go with so much! I got the idea to wear my yellow Rayne necklace by matching it to the yellow color in the shoe. They are also super comfortable, which is great for an afternoon of walking around Downtown Savannah.



This will definitely be a look that I recreate again. It can easily transition to the Fall or Winter by adding boots or leggings. That is what makes these pieces so timeless and classic. You can literally wear them year round!

Oh! And in case you were wondering… I am drinking a Venti Iced Soy Chai with Vanilla! One of my faves! I can’t wait to get it with Pumpkin Spice this Fall!


Mrs. Fowler

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Photography Courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography


2 thoughts on “Being Basic and Mom Fluff

  1. It takes a brave, confident woman to talk about this subject that is real to every other mother out there. Good for you! Your just as beautiful as ever!

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