Shopping Small and Staying Stylish

I love supporting small businesses whenever possible. It just feels good to know that your purchase is helping to put food on the table of a family just like yours instead of putting money back in the pockets of big box corporations. When that business has super cute and practical items, well that is just a double plus! That is why I was so excited to team up with two great small businesses: Sign Here Boutique and PurseCase.


First up to talk about, this AMAZING dress from Sign Here Boutique. Sign Here is a specialty store that sells the cutest clothes and accessories. They also specialize in personalized home decor and vinyl monograms and stickers. They have a great assortment of gift ideas as well. Make sure that you check them out on Instagram so you don’t miss out on any special promotions or coupon codes!



I love a good floral print. It is feminine, girly, and, with the right print, can even be slimming! The print on this Double Slit Maxi definitely delivers all that and more. I love the color palate because I feel that it is versatile for Spring, Summer, and Fall. With my climate, it would even be appropriate in the Winter paired with a long cardi. The dress also has slits on the side which allows me the option of knotting the dress in the front for a different look. I love the knotted look because it really shows off whatever shoes that you are wearing, and when your booties are this cute, you need to show them off!



My booties are from my local Famous Footwear and are Carlos by Carlos Santana. While these may be a season old, there is almost an identical pair currently on their website that is new for this Fall that I will link below. I cannot even express to you how much I love these booties. You have probably seen me wear them in previous blog posts because I wear them all the time. They are a great neutral color that goes with almost anything. They also have a great chunky heel which makes the comfy enough for chasing my 1 year old or keeping up with Kindergartners all day. My only piece of advice would be to spray them with an all-weather spray because they are a suede material. That way, you keep them looking new, year after year. (I will link my fave spray below!)



You probably noticed the adorable little crossbody that I am wearing in my pictures. “What could she possibly fit inside that tiny purse?” you are probably asking yourself. Well… it is not a purse! It is a phone case! That adorable little crossbody is by a company called PurseCase. They make silicone case for phones that are attached to a handle or crossbody chain. The days of searching through your purse are over because now your phone will be right at your fingertips. As a busy Mom, this is perfect for me because it frees up my hands for all of the other things that I am juggling. Also, since it is wrapped across my body, I don’t have to worry about it falling to the floor. If myself or Vivi happens to drop it, it will just fall gently to my side.



The PurseCase also features a small pocket in the front that is perfect for holding a debit card and your license. This makes the PurseCase ideal for sporting events, concerts and going out at night. Many concert halls and stadiums have become very strict on what they will allow a person to bring inside so this is perfect for when you don’t have pockets and are not allowed to bring a bag.

PurseCase is available to fit all versions of iPhone 5 and 6. It comes in a variety of colors and you can choose to order a package that contains the crossbody chain or just the handle. Order a few and change them up to match your outfits! I am sure that this is bound to become one of your new favorite accessories!


Dress | PurseCase | Booties | Suede Spray

Be sure to check out both of these super cute small businesses! I know that you are bound to find something that you love!


Mrs. Fowler

Photography Courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography

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