Quotes from the Past and Skirts of the Future

I have never been much of a pencil skirt girl. I always felt that they were too tight and accentuated me in all the wrong places. I would try them on in the store but none of them ever made it home with me because I just did not like the look of them on my body.

But all that changed when I tried on the Cassie Skirt by LuLaRoe.


The Cassie Skirt is LuLaRoe’s version of the pencil skirt. It has an elastic waistband and comes in many different colors, prints and textures. Because of the elastic, you can wear it higher with cropped tops and tied button-ups, or you can wear it lower for a different look. I was very skeptical when my LuLa Lady wanted me to try on this skirt. At first I refused, but she eventually persuaded me and I am so glad that she did. I loved it the minute I pulled it over my hips. It easily pulled over my “Mom Fluff” and even did a good job of masking some of the fluff! I was hooked.

(And on a side note, check out my LuLa Lady at LuLaRoe Nancy Pattillo on Facebook!)



For this look, I paired my Cassie Skirt with an oversized tee from H&M. I bought it oversized to wear with leggings but I realized that with the extra material I could also add a knot for some extra detail. I have actually been loving the knotted tee look lately and just bought this tee in two other colors just so I could knot them this Fall! It really is a fun way to update your outfit!



For my accessories I went with this stunning necklace from Purple Peridot. It is such a statement piece and really adds so much style to my outfits. I love the chunkiness of the chains and how it can easily be dressed up or down. My purse is a find from the Kate Spade Outlet. It was on super sale and I just cannot resist a fun purse design! My shoes are lace up flats from Old  Navy. I love this trend and I am so glad that it is carrying over into the Fall. I am hoping to snag a pair in a great cranberry color!



Now let’s get serious here for a minute… the mural on the wall features a quote from Prince and I think that it is so important, especially in today’s time. Now, more than ever, we need to be standing together, united as one, strong nation, a nation under God. All lives matter and we really need to be supporting and building one another up. Some days I am  really scared for my daughter and the world that she may have to potentially grow up in… but it can change. We all have to be willing to judge less and love more. To not point fingers or place blame and be accepting of all. We live in a great nation but it will only remain great if we stand together. The division between us will be our downfall. And, to be completely honest, what we really need is Jesus. He is the glue that holds us all together and it is not until we all stop and run to him that our nation will be healed.

My life matters. Your life matters. Black lives matter. All lives matter. Jesus is what matters.


Tee | Skirt (similar) | Necklace | Handbag (similar) | Flats | Sunnies (similar)


Photography Courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography

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