I Should Probably Just Sell LuLaRoe…

It would probably not surprise you to hear that I am in love with LuLaRoe, specifically their leggings. What I am surprised by is that I have never done a post featuring their leggings…

Say What??!!


To say that I love LuLaRoe leggings would be an understatement. A better word would be obsessed! My collection has grown from just one pair, that I won in a giveaway on Instagram, to now owning at least 20 pairs! And that happened in just three short months! The leggings are so soft and have definitely earned their nickname of “butter leggings.” They come in so many fun colors, patterns and prints that their is literally something for everyone! And I don’t even sell them! I just love them that much!

But, I am going to tell you a secret… I didn’t buy all of those leggings! At least 5 pairs I recieved free from giveaways and another 6 pairs I got from hosting parties! That means that at least half of leggings I did not have to pay a single cent. And being the I am in a giving mood and my belly is full of yummy Chick-Fil-A, I am going to tell you how to score FREE leggings in just a few easy steps!



Here are my easy tips to score your own FREE LuLaRoe:

Tip 1: Stalk Instagram for Giveaways

LuLa Ladies are constantly giving away free leggings on Instagram. It is the best way to increase awareness of their brand and to get people to follow their page. Most of Instagram pages also require you to like their Shop page on Facebook so this is increasing awareness of their brand even more. At any given time, there are tons of leggings giveaways happening and you can find them by doing one, simple thing… Search the hashtag #lularoegiveaway. Simple as that!! I just went and searched the hashtag and in the minute that I searched I saw at least 20 different people giving away different pieces of LuLaRoe!! So easy and definitely worth your Insta feed being full of LuLa Ladies!



Step 2: Stalk Facebook for Giveaways

Now that you are following all of those shop pages on Facebook from entering all of those Instagram giveaways, it is time to put your stalking skills to work and search for even more giveaways. While I have never won leggings from a Facebook giveaway, I have won free shipping and LuLa Cash! There is always some sort of giveaway happening on Facebook and most LuLa Ladies giveaway something every week! I have also noticed that most LuLa Ladies have a birthday album and if you comment on your birth month then they will pick someone from the group during each month to win a surprise during their birth month! Winning!



Step 3: Host a Party

So now you are a following a ton of LuLa Ladies on Insta and are in a bunch of LuLa Facebook groups, my advice is to find some ladies that your really like and host a party! Your LuLa Lady does not even have to be local to you because you can host a party that is 100% online! You can sit on your couch in your butter leggings that you won from an Insta giveaway, sip your wine and watch as your friends order tons of stuff and you reap the benefits! Now that sounds like my kind of night! If you LuLa Lady is local to you then you can choose to have a Pop-Up Party. This is when she brings all the clothes to your house and you invite all your friends over to see the clothes in person. These are great for LuLa Newbies because they can feel the clothes and try them on. Sizing is weird in LuLa clothes so it is always best to try on something to see just what size your would wear. Plus, you could have snacks, wine and just gossip with all your girlfriends! Whatever way you decide to have a party, I strongly urge you to have one because now is the time! People are LuLa obsessed at the moment, and with Christmas around the corner, that obsession is only going to increase!


So now that I have given away all my secrets, you need to go score you some leggings. I promise that you will love them as much as I do! The obsession is real! Here are some of the ladies that I love to shop with and have even won some free goodies from:

Oh! To give you the scoop on my outfit…  My leggings are, of course, LuLaRoe. The sweater is old from last year but I will link something similar because I have seen stuff everywhere! My booties are also old from Target but this style is still on trend for this year! As for my tunic, it is an Amazon find and I am absolutely obsessed. I have it in so many colors and styles because it is beyond comfortable and super affordable! It come is sleeveless, short-sleeve, long-sleeve, v-neck, ruffle hem, handkerchief hem, hi-lo… you name it, they probably have it!! Go check out this tunic because you will live in them!!

Tunic | Sweater (similar) | Leggings (similar) | Booties (similar) | Hat (similar) | Necklace


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