Floral Frenzy

There is something about a good floral dress that just makes you feel girlie. Put those florals in perfect shades of teal and olive and you have the perfect dress to add to your fall wardrobe. That was exactly how I felt when I first spotted this dress.


I had seen this floral drop-waist dress on a few of my Instagram friends so when I walked into my local Target and saw it hanging on the rack, I knew I had to join the club. The colors were even more beautiful in person so it was definitely coming home with me. The only problem was they did not have my size. Luckily, I tend to like my clothes a little baggy so I just go the next size up. The drop waist style of the dress allows for an easier movement between sizes and still provides a flattering fit. As a new Mommy who is still working on getting rid of that those last ten pound, a baggier fit makes me feel more confident and confidence is truly the best accessory that anyone can wear!




 With fall finally here and a touch or crispness in the air, I decided to play up that vibe in my acessories. A floppy hat was my first choice and I love what it adds to the outfit. It is such a fun accessory and really makes me feel like I presenting a polished vibe. Not to mention, it is perfect for hiding tired Mom eyes and unwashed hair! Booties are my go-to shoes for the fall and this look was no exception.



While I did purchase my booties last fall, I found an identical pair that I will link for you below. They are the perfect color so I can wear them with literally everything. If you have been following me for a while you will definitely recognize them because I think I wear them at least once a week! They also have a chunky heel which makes them easy on my feet and comfortable to wear. This is very important to me because my 1 year old is constantly on the go! Sometimes I can’t believe how fast those little legs can scoot across the floor!



For the rest of my accessories I decided to go with the same browns to really play up the fall vibe. The choker trend is all the rage this season and I have to say that makes me so happy! I feel like I am back at my middle school lunch table hanging out with my friends. The leather of the choker really gives everything an earthy feel and looks really good laying against the floral of the dress. My clutch was purchased from Amazon and I chose this color because it literally matches everything. And would I be a true Southern girl if I didn’t have something with my monogram?! I just took the clutch to a local friend who had it monogrammed by the end of the week!


Needles to say, I am obsessed with everything in this look so expect to see it on major repeat this fall! And in the mean time, why not shop the look for yourself!

Dress | Hat | Booties | Clutch | Choker | Watch


Photographer : Andrea Kinnear Photography + Design

Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post and I may receive a small comission.

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