Tunic 101: What, Where and How to Buy My Closet Staple


One of the questions that I get asked the most is,”Where do you buy all of your tunics?” It is no secret that I love me a great tunic so I have acquired quite the collection over the last few years.They are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing because they can be worn so many different ways. I love to wear them with leggings, jeans and even shorts. They can be worn alone, with cardis or even knotted for a completely different look. I also love that they are perfect for any body type. The loose material doesn’t hug to tightly so they are perfect for baby bumps, postpartum bellies, PMS bloat or even when you just ate one to many cupcakes. Bottom line, I am obsessed.


Honestly I search for them in every store that I shop. Target, Nordstrom, Wal-Mart, Forever 21, T.J. Maxx… you name it. Boutiques are another place to find tunics. I have found many cute ones in my favorite Insta shops! No matter where though, if it has an amazing tunic, I will find it!

But the best place that I have found to purchase tunics is Amazon. At least 80% of my tunics were bought with Amazon Prime and arrived on my doorstep in just two days! Not only this, but most were purchased for $20 or less! So I am here to share all of my tunic secrets with you! So sit back, read, and get ready to click links to shop!


The tunics that I have from Amazon come in a variety of sleeve links. I have sleeveless, short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve and long sleeve. You thought I was kidding when I told you I was obsessed! If you are looking to only purchase a few, the best option would probably be short sleeve or 3/4 sleeve. This sleeve length gives you more options of how to style the tunics. They can be worn alone in the spring or summer without getting to hot and then layer easily in the fall and winter for added warmth.

Sleeveless | Short Sleeve | 3/4 Sleeve | Long Sleeve


Another option that you have is hemline. While most of my tunics have a hem that is straight across, you also have the option of handkerchief, hi-low and even ruffle. A straight hemline will give you the most versatility because it is the most basic but sometimes it is fun to add a touch of whimsy with a little ruffle.

Straight | Hi-Low | Handkerchief | Ruffle


You final major option when purchasing a tunic is the length. Most of my tunics hid about mid-thigh. They are a true tunic and cannot be worn as a dress. I do have a few tunics that are little longer. They sit right above the knee and are great to wear in the summer with a cute pair of sandals. Because the material is thinner, make sure to wear a slip underneath if you chose to wear it as a dress. Being able to see your panties through your clothes will never be in style!

True Tunic Length | Dress Length

Here a few quick outfits that I threw together to show you just how versatile these tunics are in my closet.




Alone, with leggings or with jeans… whatever you decide, I know that these tunics will become just as much a staple for you as they have for me!

Here a few blog posts where I am wearing these tunics, or something similar, so you can see just how versatile they are in my wardrobe.

Looking Back | Bloggers FALL For Leopard | I Should Probably Just Sell LuLaRoe

Family Reunion Fashion


I also found tunics at a few other stores that I either own or am currently coveting!

Striped Tunic | Cold Shoulder Tunic | Patched Tunic | Tie Dye Tunic | Off The Shoulder | Criss Cross Tunic | Boyfriend Tunic | Poplin Tunic |  Custom Game of Thrones Tunic

I hope you all found this post informative! Remember, search for a tunics in whatever store you happen to be shopping! You never know what you might find!


Photography Courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography

Sizing Note: In all of the tunics purchased from Amazon, as well as most of the tunics that I own, I am wearing a size Large.

Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post and I may receive a small comission.

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