Can You See Me?

I am camouflaged! Can you see me?


I have had these camo skinnies for years, and lately, I have been wearing them non-stop. I love seeing all of the different ways that I can mix them up and just how many outfits that I can make out of them. It is fun to create something completely new out of a very distinct pair of pants. I have to say that this pairing is one of my absolute favorites. It has such rich, vibrant colors that it is hard not to love this outfit.



My mustard sweater was a steal at my local H&M and I love the oversized fit. I paired it with a darker wash chambray to really play up the richness of the colors in this outfit and I love the result. Pieces like this are definite neutrals in my closet because they truly do go with so many things. I have at least 5 chambrays of varying colors in my closet because, for me, I would much rather where that on days that I don’t know what to wear, instead of a t-shirt. As for oversized sweaters, I tend to gravitate towards the ones that are made of thinner fabrics. Living in South Georgia means that I really don’t get a Winter so their is really no need for something thick and bulky. The thinner sweaters can easily be paired with shorts in the Spring to give me more bang for my buck and a wider variety in my wardrobe.



I keep my accessories on the neutral side since I had gone with vibrancy in my clothing choices. You can’t beat a great nude pump and I love the heel height on this pair. As a teacher, I am constantly on my feet so I really need comfort when trying on a pair of shoes. I tend to wear flats most often but, lately, I have been trying to add some great heels into the mix. A kitten heel is perfect for giving me a little extra height while also keeping my feet happy! My clutch was purchase at a J. Crew Clearance store a few years ago and it was less than $10! Did I mention it is real leather?! Also, if you have never had the chance to go to a J. Crew Clearance store then you are missing out! They have amazing prices. Like an outlet on steroids! The one we went to was right outside Asheville in North Carolina and I will definitely be visiting it again this Summer!



My jewelry is, of course, Kendra Scott. If you haven’t guessed already, I am a little obsessed with the collection. My necklace was from the Winter launch and my ring was from the Spring launch. Next week, the Summer collection hits stores and I am beyond excited! Vibrant colors, bead and tassels are just a few things to be featured on the new pieces so stay tuned! I am so excited to go check it out and I will definitely be featuring all of my faves on the blog!



How are your favorite ways to wear camo? Let me know in the comments! I love to hear from you!

Sweater | Chambray | Skinnies | Heels | Necklace |Ring | Clutch | Lipstick



Photography Courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography

Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post and I may receive a small commission.


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