Just a Few Favorites

I really wanted to write a deep and meaningful blog post. One that maybe touched millions and was shared thousands of time on Facebook…

But then I got distracted by how cute this outfit was and how cute my kid is and now I only want to talk about things that I love!

How does that sound?


First up… this outfit! Chambray and jeans give me life. I really don’t think there is anything more perfect than a Canadian Tuxedo. It is just so classic and polished. Add in the half tuck on the chambray and you are totally winning at life. At least on that day! And can we talk about how great it is to have a good block heel sandal in your wardrobe. I never realized how much I loved them until I bought a pair. A then it turned into owning at least five pairs. They are super comfortable so I can easily wear them all day without any problems. I have also seen them in a variety of colors, textures and patterns so there really is a pair for everyone. The best part about them? You can literally find them to fit any budget! I have pairs from Target, Forever 21, TJ Maxx and DSW. Want a more high-end brand? There are tons of options at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Saks! Here are some of my favorite ones that I have found:

Stuart Weitzman | Nanette by Nanette Lepore | Steve Madden | Seychelles | Target | Forever 21 | Muk Luks | Sam Edelman | Betsey Johnson 




So now that we have talked a little bit about my clothes, let’s talk about my favorite thing in these pictures, my sweet Vivilyn! Being a Mom is, hands down, the greatest that has ever happened to me. To know that I help to create that precious little life, that I grew her safely inside my belly for 9 long months, is truly a gift. I never imagined that I could love something as much as I do her. I never really understand how people were so obsessed with their children, that is, until I had one of my own. I am going to be honest, the obsession was not always there. In the beginning, it was really hard. I often resented that little life for starving me of sleep, showers and food. I was tired, sore and angry, my hormones were still so messed up and I wanted a long, hot shower and uniterupted sleep more than anthing. Looking back I know that to feel that way was completely normal. I am only human. Having a baby wrecks havoc on your body both mentally and physically. On the other side, though, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat for my feisty little redhead. She is worth every sleepless night, every clogged milk duct, every stretch mark and ever grey hair. Being Vivi’s Mommy is my favorite title, my favorite job and my favorite blessing. She is such an absolutely fun age. Doing these blog photos with her have been so much fun! She has so much personality and is such a little joy. It just makes me lover her so much more.




So let’s have a little fun with my favorites!

How about I fill you in on my Top 10 Favorite Songs! I have to warn you, it is a rather eclectic mix!

1. Dog Days are Over by Florence + The Machine

2. Chocolate by The 1975

3. Foundations by Kate Nash

4. Wreck of the Day by Anna Nalick

5. Set the Fire to the 3rd Bar by Snow Patrol

6. Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews Band

7. Portions for Foxes by Rilo Kiley

8. 3AM by Anna Nalick

9. Day Late Friend by Anberlin

10. Wonderwall by Oasis

If you hadn’t guessed, I can be a little emo at times. Honestly, I love lots of different types of music. My favorite artist is Norah Jones, I love Carrie Underwood and Death Cab for Cutie can do no wrong. My radio sticks on country music in the car and I will forever get up and dance to 90s pop music. What can I say? I love music!




I hope that you don’t mind that I share these random facts about my life. Sometimes it’s nice to talk about things that I love and enjoy, instead of just clothes all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I love clothes, I love fashion and I love putting together outfits, but sometimes it’s just nice to let you in on a little piece of my life. I am so thankful for each and every one of you who spend time with me every week! I cannot thank you enough for your dedication and support! And that is another thing that I love! All of you! Thanks for sticking with me on this little blog!

Chambray | Skinnies | Handbag | Necklace | Heels | Sunglasses | Ring | Lipstick




Photography Courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography

Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post and I may receive a small commission.

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