Southern Sugaring: Ripping the Taboo out from the Roots

Summer is finally here and that means that certain things should be thought about more often. The first thing that came to my mind was a bikini wax.

It may be a little taboo to talk about, but the truth is that a lot of women and men take part in this activity.


I have to admit that I was completely new to the world of waxing. I have always wanted to get one done but have either been to scared, to modest or to embarrassed. After having a baby, though, I no longer worried about modesty or embarrassment so I knew it was time to rip off the bandage… or wax!

I recently saw that Southern Sugaring of Savannah, Georgia was looking for models to train a new sugarista. For donating your time, and your bikini line hair, you would receive a free bikini wax. I jumped at this opportunity. I figured what did I have to lose, besides a lot of unwanted hair. My sweet friend Jessica Mock is the owner and head sugarista at Southern Sugaring so I knew that I would be in good hands.

My actual bikini wax was done by Misha. She was very professional and knowledgable about the sugaring process. Since she was technically training, Jessica was their to assist if a problem or question should arise.

You make have noticed that I keep mentioning the word sugaring. That is because this process does not use your typical bikini wax. Sugaring is actually a mixture of sugar, lemon and hot water that has been used for centuries to rid the body of unwanted hair. Because all of the ingredients are natural, the sugar substance actually binds to the hair instead of the skin. This allows for a more gentle hair removal that is much easier on your skin. Since it adheres to the hair, it really gets the hair out from deep at the root, prolonging your smooth, hair free skin.

At this time, they currently offer sugaring services for bikini line, arms, legs, brows, face and arm pits. I had my brows done by Southern Sugaring at another event and, to this day, it is one of the best, longest lasting brow treatments that I have ever had done.

Southern Sugaring also sells a wide array of gorgeous swimsuits, sexy lingerie, fun t-shirts and perfect sunglasses. They really are a one-stop-shop to meet all of your must have girlie needs!

But let’s get back to why I visited in the first place, my bikini sugaring. Let’s be honest. I was beyond nervous at first. The thought of stripping off your skivvies is never easy, even when a service is being performed at a very professional establishment. I was sweating bullets and I knew that was not going to help my sugaring treatment. Misha and Jessica did an absolutely amazing job of calming my nerves. They remained professional throughout the entire treatment and really helped to take my mind off of what was happening below my Mason-Dixon line. (Don’t you just love all of the jokes!)

Seriously though, all joking aside, the procedure was really not that bad. I am not going to lie to you and tell you that it was super easy and completely pain free but, it was much less painful than what I was expecting and the pain was quick. Once the sugar had ripped out the hair the pain subsided quickly. Jessica told me that if you stay on the recommended 3-4 week sugaring schedule, the process will get easier and less painful each time. She said that it is almost like your body knows what is coming so the area being sugared will become numb to what is happening sooner.

I got my treatment done on June 10th and now, on June 20th, my hair is just now beginning to grow back! I have never been without hair that I didn’t have to keep in check for that long. Not only that, but my skin stayed smooth and free from bumps. As I continue to get sugared, my results will last even longer and my skin will stay even smoother. I was so pleased with the results and the experience that I booked my next appointment before I left. I am even considering sugaring my arm pits and brows on a regular occasion. Even though my service was free this time, I highly recommend this service and all of the staff at Southern Sugaring. They were all completely professional and as sweet as a tall glass of southern sweet tea. This will be a treatment that I will continue to receive and will not mind paying. I don’t know about you, but a hair free bikini line that lasts more than a day is definitely worth a few extra dollars each month.

If you are local to Savannah, or visiting anytime soon, I encourage you to call up the ladies at Southern Sugaring to take care of all your hair removal needs. Follow them on Facebook or Instagram to stay in the know and let them know that I sent you!


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