Catching More Flies with Honey than Vinegar

In today’s society it is very easy to get caught up in being the best, having the best, and doing whatever it takes to make that happen. Sometimes that means that you stoop so low as to becoming a “mean girl.” It’s not always the case, and in the blogging industry, I have, luckily, come into contact with more people willing to help that those who are quick to put down. It makes me sad, though, when I do come into contact with a “mean girl” because women should be supporting one another.



One of the things that I love most about the blogging community is the connections that you can make and the inspiration that you can gain. For the most part, almost everyone that I have connected with is super nice, very down to Earth, and extremely helpful. Even the biggest bloggers have been more that willing to respond to my comments, answer my questions, and just offer a kind word. One of the biggest examples of this kindness is Brooke of KBStyled. Even though she is one of the biggest people that I follow on Instagram, she always has answered my questions, responded to my Instastory comments, and shown some love. While I have never had the pleasure of meeting her, businesses have told me that she is one of the sweetest people to work with and that she is very grounded.

In this industry, I think that is so important. As women, we are constantly pitted against one another. Society urges us to be one way, people start rumors, and magazines portray only one certain image. It is hard. What I don’t understand is why some women make the society we live and work within even harder. I am not going to lie. I have come across some not so nice women in the blogging industry. The are quick to judge, unwilling to help, and will even make fun of other women. How is this ok? As women, we should be one another’s biggest advocates. We should be building one another up, not tearing one another down!




One of my favorite recent hashtags on Instagram is #communityovercompetition. I love it because it shows that friendship and kindness are way more important than any sponsorship. When you have a girl gang that has your back, I promise that you will be able to accomplish so much more than you ever would have thought possible. That support, for me, is a constant drive. Here is Savannah I have the privilege of being a part of an amazing group of women called Savannah Influencers. Not only do these women have the biggest hearts and the most giving spirits, they also have strength, fire and determination. They push me to be a better version of myself. They push me to not only reach for my goals, but to take them and make them a reality. Doesn’t that sound so much better than putting someone down?

I have been the mean girl before. It is not fun.

It is lonely, depressing, and you end up feeling even worse than the person that you are putting down. In the mean girl society, no one wins. What I don’t understand is why women  still subject themselves to that behavior. Why they allow hatred to creep in and take over. What was ever accomplished from hatred? What was ever achieved through hurtful words? I am not perfect, but I learned a long time ago that my Mom was right. You catch way more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.




I urge you today to make some changes and only be supportive. Find a group of girls who support you and push you towards your dreams. Don’t ever settle. Know your worth and surround yourself with people who build you up. We need to be examples for the young women around us. They need healthy examples of friendship, faith and style, and it is those people in the public eye who should be first to be that example. Remember the hashtag #communityovercompetition. We are far better off together as women supporting one another than we are as enemies!

If you want a good example, I urge you to check out Brooke’s blog and Instagram. She truly is a bright spot in the blogging community! And if you need a little encouragement, I encourage you to check out Savannah Influencers on Instagram. They share some of the best quotes that are usually exactly what you need to hear!

And speaking of Brooke, she is the reason that I am styling this dress! She has the pink version and I was smitten the moment I saw her post featuring this beauty. While checking it out at my local H&M, I was beyond thrilled to see this version. It was perfect for my needs and could be styled so many different ways! I definitely played up the accessories in my look, including this amazing hat from Goorin Bros. It is beyond adorable and has the cutest feather detail. We have a store on Broughton Street in Downtown Savannah and I love going and playing with all of their hats! They have so many cute options for men, women and kids, especially for this time of the year!

Check out my links below to shop my look and I encourage you to leave me a comment! I always love hearing from you!

Dress | Boots | Hat c/o | Earrings | Clutch | Belt | Sunglasses




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Looking Great on a Budget

One of my favorite things to do is put together outfits on a budget. I used to love watching The Look for Less on the Style Network so I try to recreate this idea in my own outfits. It is such a fun way to revamp and restyle and really get a new look without breaking the bank.


My first tip would be to simply find a good deal. This adorable floral blouse was the start of my outfit and was a steal at my local H&M. It has so many gorgeous colors so it will literally go with anything. I knew it was going to be a perfect piece to start with and build a fun outfit. Places like H&M, Forever 21, TJ Maxx and Marshalls have amazing prices year round! No sales necessary! They are a great place to shop for fun, trendy pieces. You will be easily be able to add the latest trends to your wardrobe for a fraction of the cost.

My next tip is to shop your own closet. For my bottoms, I pulled the rich green out of my blouse and went with these flattering skinnies. The best part about these pants? They were buried in my closet and still had the tags attached! I think they had been in their quite a few months and I forgot about them! I am notorious for buying items, hanging them up and forgetting about them. If you are like me and get the itch to go shopping quite often, just go look through your closet. If it has tags still, it is just like shopping!!


 My third tip is to shop your local Goodwill. To pull my look together, and give it a more polished finish, I threw on this lightweight, khaki blazer from my local Goodwill. I recently wrote a blog post about shopping at Goodwill and my favorite thing to shop for is, hands down, blazers. You can get a great piece for about a tenth of the cost! I encourage you to read that post when you have them time. Once you have read my tips, set aside some time to go explore and see what you can find. Remember to try everything on because you don’t know how it will fit! With just a little luck, you will be able to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank!




My final tip is to maximize your budget with accessories. You would be surprised just how much a different necklace can change your outfit. While the necklace that I chose for this outfit is a little more expensive, I could have easily added a statement necklace from Forever 21, a layer of vintage pearls from Grandmother’s jewelry box or a delicate chain from Stella & Dot to completely change my look. Accessories are usually less expensive than clothing items so you can have a large selection to really give more options to your closet. One of my favorite places to shop for accessories is small, online boutiques. I have found so many fun, unique pieces for a fraction of the price, and I love knowing that money is going to support a family instead of a big business. Some of my favorite online boutiques are Purple Peridot, Le Boutique Shop, Knitted Belle Boutique, Julia Marie and Harper & Jewels. Be sure to check out the Let’s Stay Connected page of my blog because I have coupon codes for many of the boutiques that I listed!



I hope these tips will help you update your wardrobe without breaking the bank. If you have any tips of your own, let me know in the comments below. I always love to hear from you! I wish you all the best of luck on your budget shopping adventures. I know you will all find fabulous pieces for your wardrobe!

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Just Keep Rolling On

Y’all! Life has been so crazy lately! Is it just me or does everyone feel like life is moving at warp speed at the end of the school year?


As a teacher, I am busy pretty much all day, Monday-Friday. This means that the little bit of time that I have after school is filled with trips to the grocery store and post office, catching up on laundry, making dinner and loving on my sweet daughter. Throw in blogging and selling Lipsense and you have one worn out Momma. Exhausted does not even begin to cover my life. This all really becomes a problem at the end of the school year because I am just done. I am emotionally and physically drained, confused by all the meetings I have scheduled and frantically rushing to complete end of the year paperwork. This is why Teacher Appreciation Week falls at the end of the school year! We need the boost and encouragement to make it those last few weeks!



Some days  I really don’t know how I get everything done. And honestly, some days I don’t even get the things done that I really need to get done.

When I take a step back, though, and actually look at the big picture, I realize that is totally alright. How can it be alright, you ask, for a teacher to not get everything she needs done? The truth is that I am so much more than just a teacher. I am a Mom, a nurse, a mentor, a tailor,  a chef and a friend. I truly believe that my job is so much more than teaching my students their ABC’s and 123’s. I am teaching them to be good citizens and good friends. I am caring for them when they are ill, breaking up fights and sewing back on buttons. I am bandaging boo-boos, tying shoes and putting back together the Lego figures. If you have spent anytime in a classroom, you know that each student has completely different needs. Some days, a student may need a hug and snack way more than a lesson on animal habitats.



So please forgive me if we don’t sing the alphabet song every day like it says on my lesson plans. We are tackling every day in the classroom as it happens. Sometimes that means that plans are thrown out the window and we have to just roll with whatever happens! If we need an extra Recess to get out the jitters or a quiet time after snack to rest our tired minds, I am going to make that happen. After all, I am molding little minds here, and that is delicate work! Even the best artist needs a break.

All of this is a major reason why I am so exhausted. It is honestly hard to take care of someone else’s babies when you are paying someone else to take care of yours. I miss Vivi a lot during the day and wish that I was able to stay home with her. I love my job and know that they work that I am able to do with my students is priceless and that really does help so much. It is hard to change plans at the drop of the hat because you have an announced fire drill. It is hard to put a baby on the bus not knowing if they are going to have a hot meal on the table that night. It is just hard.



But as my title implies, I have learned to just keep rolling on. I have learned to tackle each day with a fresh outlook and new perspective, even if that means throwing the plans out the window. I have learned to set aside the needs of my daughter (who is very well taken care of while I am working) to focus on the needs of someone else’s sons and daughters. I have also learned to let the laundry wait so that I can finally spend time with my own child once work comes to an end. One day, I am not going to look back and wish that I had done more laundry or washed more toilets. I am going to look back on all them memories that I made and wish for more of those. Memories with my students, memories with friends, memories with my own daughter… learning to keep on rolling on is sometimes how the best memories are made.



If you see a teacher this week, or know one, make sure a take the time to tell them thank you and just how much you appreciate what they are doing for our future leaders. They wear more hats than you realize, sacrifice more than you know and are probably more exhausted than you have ever been in your life. Just like me, they are rolling on through life, just trying to do the best they can in all they do. And here is something for you to think about… where would anyone in the world be without some teacher who made a difference. Teaching is the most influential job that you can have and I know that all of you can think back and remember those teachers who made the biggest difference.

Now excuse me while I go unwind with a pedicure and a Venti Starbucks! After all, it is Teacher Appreciation Week!


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Blushing Through Some Honesty in my Blush Skinnies

My skinnies may be blush, but that is not the only thing that is going to be blushing through this post! I am about to get real and honest with you about some of the things in my life!


Before we begin with my blushing, warmer temps mean that I feel the need to wear all of my pretty pastels and these blush pants are no exception. Throw in some gorgeous neutrals, girlie lace and bright pops of color and you have a perfect spring outfit. These are all such great pieces that you have probably already seen on the blog before. I really try not to shop just for blog posts. As a busy Mom and Teacher, it is just not feasible for me to have two separate wardrobes. If you are seeing it on the blog, you can almost guarantee that it has been in some form or fashion in my real life. I may come off as leading a glamorous life… maybe… if you examine me really closely with a magnifying glass. But I am nothing close to glamorous.



Clearly I love fashion, and with that, I love fashion bloggers. It was one of the main reasons that I started blogging in the first place. I admired their style, poise and grace. They always looked so put together and like they could conquer the world. I wanted that for my own life.

In many ways, I really feel like I have achieved that. I may not be glamorous, but I am definitely giving off some girl boss vibes! Sometimes I even surprise myself with how much I am able to accomplish in a week. Some weeks I even accomplish it all wearing heels every day! That is conquering the world… or at least the staff meeting!



Now are you ready for my blushing?

For me, what you see on the blog is what you get. I try to remain true to who I am and not wear things that are not my style. In fact, some days when I don’t know what to wear, I go through old blog photos for inspiration! I am proud of the outfits that I put together so why not wear them to work. At least it gives off the impression that I have my life together.

To be perfectly honest, most days I do not have my life together. I either have a full face of makeup or a super cute outfit. Rarely do I have both at the same time. I also wash my hair about once a week. That means that at any given time there might be a pound of dry shampoo in my hair. Don’t worry! I am clean! I am just usually to tired to wash, blow dry and straighten my hair. In fact, on the weeks that I do wash my hair more than once, I am probably going to go to bed with it wet!

And that is real life!



I am about as human as they come. My dishes get piled up in my sink, clothes get thrown down on the floor of my closet and laundry may get washed, but it rarely get folded! I never fill up the car with gas before the gas light comes on, I let Vivi watch way too much Peppa Pig and binge watch shows on Netflix. I may be eating healthy but I don’t know if I will ever be able to give up Starbucks. In fact, I will choose Starbucks over food any day of the week. Speaking of Starbucks, I am totally that Mom who gets her kid a Cake Pop every time we go. In fact, Vivi now asks for them by name and gets ecstatically happy when she sees that brown Starbucks treat bag.

That is my real life. Those are just a few of my secrets. And you know what, I am totally ok with sharing them because I know I am not alone! We are all just doing the best we can and that is all anyone can ask of us!

I hope that you enjoy my little blog and can relate to me just a little better because I definitely enjoy writing it for all of you! Why not let me know your most “human” trait in the comments? I love to hear from you!



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A Lot of Joy for the Jill

My love of LuLaRoe is nothing new. What is new is my love for the fabulous Jill Skirt.


This gorgeous skirt was sent to me by the super sweet LuLaRoe Kaitlyn Fiedler and I have to say that I am in love. First off, I never would have picked this skirt for myself. When it comes to LuLaRoe I am very much set in my ways and very rarely will I try something new. To be honest, I didn’t even know that there was a Jill Skirt. When Kaitlyn first contacted me about modeling a Jill, I was skeptical at first but figured it could not hurt to give it a try. I am so glad that I was willing to try it out because it was so much more than I ever could have imagined.



The Jill has an elastic waistband so it will work with most body types. It is super flattering because it doesn’t hug anywhere too tightly. The length also allows your to wear it different ways. It can be worn at the waist for a cute skirt that hits at your calves or it can be worn high-waisted for a completely different knee-high look! Either way you wear it, they are both modest which is perfect for work or play. While you may not be able to find my specific pattern, I have seen so many beautiful colors and patterns so I am sure that you will be able to find something to fit your style!



I loved the bright, colorful vibe that the skirt gives off so I played that up with this gorgeous mustard colored Sarah. The Sarah is also a fun piece from LuLaRoe that you seriously need to consider adding to your wardrobe. The fun mustard color really paired nicely with the blue in the Jill skirt and, together, the colors remind me of my Alma Mater, Georgia Southern!



My shoes are a dupe of the seasons must have shoes. I found them for a steal of the original price and I will link them below. I also had the perfect Kendra Scott to pair with the skirt. The colors go so well together that it was almost like they were made for one another. This necklace is from their winter line but I will link some similar style below.



So now that I have introduced you to another fun piece from LuLaRoe, how about a GIVEAWAY??!! Head on over to my Instagram because together with the fabulous LuLaRoe Kaitlyn Fiedler, we are going away a coveted pair of BLACK LEGGINGS!! Say What?? Black LuLaRoe leggings are on every girls wishlist and we are giving away a pair for free! If that wasn’t enough, I am even throwing in a Starbucks gift card, because nothing says basic like Starbucks and leggings! Head on over to my Instagram (@beingmrsfowler ) for all the details on how to enter! Giveaway starts tomorrow, March 7, 2017 and will run until Friday, March 10, 2017. Good Luck!


Skirt (c/o) | Shirt | Sweater | Wedges | Necklace


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Valentine’s Inspiration: A Dreamy Date Night

Valentine’s Day is almost here so I just wanted to pop in over the next few days to share some inspiration with you! Whether you are single, dating, married or just hanging out with girlfriends, I will have something for you! First up, a dreamy date night look!


For this look, I decided to wear this amazing dress from Modest Maimi. Modest Maimi is an amazing company that sells tons of gorgeous dresses that are all modest. As a Mom and a teacher, they are perfect for my busy life. I know that, even if I am running late, I can throw on one of my gorgeous dresses and still look polished and put together. They also portray a modest image which is perfect for my profession. I also love the fact that it is teaching my daughter that you don’t have to dress sexy to look nice. Modesty is hot and it good to leave a lot to the imagination.



When I saw this dress I knew that it would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. The color is rich and vibrant and it can easily be dressed up or down. It also has the most amazing tiered sleeves to give it some fun detail. To dress up the dress I paired it with a pair of black tights and a classic pair of black pumps.



I kept my accessories simple and went with a fun statement necklace and the cutest fur clutch. The statement necklace was a designer inspired steal for less than $10! I got my fur clutch from the cutest little jewelry boutique while on vacation in Gatlinburg over Christmas break and I knew that it would be perfect for a fun night on the town! I went with a bold, red lip since I was not wearing much jewelry. The best thing about this lipstick? It doesn’t smudge, smear or need reapplying! Perfect for all those Valentine kisses! The brand is Lipsense and I am excited to say that I recently became a distributor! Stay tuned because a blog post is coming up soon about why I chose to invest in this amazing company! In the mean time, I will tag my group below so you can shop my inventory! So many pretties to choose from!



The important thing to remember about any Valentine look, and really anything that you choose to wear, is to exude confidence. If you are confident in what you are wearing then it is going to show through and you will look fabulous! Knowing you look fabulous is sure to put a smile on your face and that is truly the best accessory that you can wear! I would love to know what you are wearing for Valentine’s! Let me know in the comments below. I could even learn something from you!



Dress (similar) (similar) (similar) | Heels | Tights | Necklace | Clutch | Lipstick


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Perfect Plaid at a Perfect Price

I am constantly on the look out for a perfect plaid. It such a versatile print that can be worn year round and it can be found in a variety of different style and patterns. The best is when you find a great plaid at a great price.

While killing time at my local Wal-Mart, waiting for a prescription to be filled, I decided to look through their clothing selection. I have been looking for new pieces to update my fall wardrobe. I still have a little baby weight left around the middle so I really wanted some better fitting pieces that didn’t make me look big or frumpy. I was pleasantly surprised when I came across their Faded Glory line, specifically the plaid shirts.




There was so many different choices! They were beautiful colors that looked like they could have been bought at J. Crew and they were very well made. The price tag, though, was what really sold me… $13.88!

I could not believe my luck! I bought not one, not two, but three beautiful plaid shirts that I have already implemented multiple times into my wardrobe!




I have linked three different style for you that I found on their website. A few of the colors are sold out so you may want to actually go check your local store. I bought one of each of the styles just so I would have a little variety in my wardrobe. They look great unbuttoned over a tee, under a sweater or just simply worn by themselves. They are also the perfect length for doing a half tuck!

Classic Plaid Lightweight Boyfriend Shirt

Long Sleeve Classic Button Front Plaid Shirt

Button Front Plaid Shirt with Roll Cuff Detail

Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look great. The key is to buying clothes that fit you well and make you feel good. If you keep those things in mind then I know you will exude confidence and always look your best!


Photography Courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography