Kendra Scott Summer Launch

If you have been following me for a while, then it is no surprise to you that I am a little obsessed with Kendra Scott. The jewelry is so effortlessly chic and instantly pulls my outfit together. She has something for nearly every style and she is constantly giving back to the community.


I was beyond thrilled to check out the new summer launch. I had heard that it was unlike anything she has ever done before and that could not be more true. The result was a gorgeous mix of bright turquoise, fun tassels and sophisticated glam. Reminiscent of a day spent on an exotic tropical island, each piece is sure to transport you away, if only for a minute, to a getaway of your dreams.

This is, hands down, my favorite collection that Kendra has ever launched. I have already bought a few pieces and will definitely be adding more to my closet. I will link some of my favorites below and encourage you to check them out! They are very well made and most are adjustable! Happy Shopping!


Kacey Long Pendant Necklace


Harlow Statement Necklace


Serayah Statement Necklace


Ellie Stud Earrings


Elisa Pendant Necklace


Misha Statement Earrings


Elaina Adjustable Chain Bracelet


Kingston Long Pendant Necklace


Tatiana Long Pendant Necklace


Kirstie Stud Earrings


Vanina Turquoise Bead Necklace

What is your favorite from the collection? Let me know! I always love to hear from you!


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Just a Few Favorites

I really wanted to write a deep and meaningful blog post. One that maybe touched millions and was shared thousands of time on Facebook…

But then I got distracted by how cute this outfit was and how cute my kid is and now I only want to talk about things that I love!

How does that sound?


First up… this outfit! Chambray and jeans give me life. I really don’t think there is anything more perfect than a Canadian Tuxedo. It is just so classic and polished. Add in the half tuck on the chambray and you are totally winning at life. At least on that day! And can we talk about how great it is to have a good block heel sandal in your wardrobe. I never realized how much I loved them until I bought a pair. A then it turned into owning at least five pairs. They are super comfortable so I can easily wear them all day without any problems. I have also seen them in a variety of colors, textures and patterns so there really is a pair for everyone. The best part about them? You can literally find them to fit any budget! I have pairs from Target, Forever 21, TJ Maxx and DSW. Want a more high-end brand? There are tons of options at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Saks! Here are some of my favorite ones that I have found:

Stuart Weitzman | Nanette by Nanette Lepore | Steve Madden | Seychelles | Target | Forever 21 | Muk Luks | Sam Edelman | Betsey Johnson 




So now that we have talked a little bit about my clothes, let’s talk about my favorite thing in these pictures, my sweet Vivilyn! Being a Mom is, hands down, the greatest that has ever happened to me. To know that I help to create that precious little life, that I grew her safely inside my belly for 9 long months, is truly a gift. I never imagined that I could love something as much as I do her. I never really understand how people were so obsessed with their children, that is, until I had one of my own. I am going to be honest, the obsession was not always there. In the beginning, it was really hard. I often resented that little life for starving me of sleep, showers and food. I was tired, sore and angry, my hormones were still so messed up and I wanted a long, hot shower and uniterupted sleep more than anthing. Looking back I know that to feel that way was completely normal. I am only human. Having a baby wrecks havoc on your body both mentally and physically. On the other side, though, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat for my feisty little redhead. She is worth every sleepless night, every clogged milk duct, every stretch mark and ever grey hair. Being Vivi’s Mommy is my favorite title, my favorite job and my favorite blessing. She is such an absolutely fun age. Doing these blog photos with her have been so much fun! She has so much personality and is such a little joy. It just makes me lover her so much more.




So let’s have a little fun with my favorites!

How about I fill you in on my Top 10 Favorite Songs! I have to warn you, it is a rather eclectic mix!

1. Dog Days are Over by Florence + The Machine

2. Chocolate by The 1975

3. Foundations by Kate Nash

4. Wreck of the Day by Anna Nalick

5. Set the Fire to the 3rd Bar by Snow Patrol

6. Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews Band

7. Portions for Foxes by Rilo Kiley

8. 3AM by Anna Nalick

9. Day Late Friend by Anberlin

10. Wonderwall by Oasis

If you hadn’t guessed, I can be a little emo at times. Honestly, I love lots of different types of music. My favorite artist is Norah Jones, I love Carrie Underwood and Death Cab for Cutie can do no wrong. My radio sticks on country music in the car and I will forever get up and dance to 90s pop music. What can I say? I love music!




I hope that you don’t mind that I share these random facts about my life. Sometimes it’s nice to talk about things that I love and enjoy, instead of just clothes all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I love clothes, I love fashion and I love putting together outfits, but sometimes it’s just nice to let you in on a little piece of my life. I am so thankful for each and every one of you who spend time with me every week! I cannot thank you enough for your dedication and support! And that is another thing that I love! All of you! Thanks for sticking with me on this little blog!

Chambray | Skinnies | Handbag | Necklace | Heels | Sunglasses | Ring | Lipstick




Photography Courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography

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Blushing Through Some Honesty in my Blush Skinnies

My skinnies may be blush, but that is not the only thing that is going to be blushing through this post! I am about to get real and honest with you about some of the things in my life!


Before we begin with my blushing, warmer temps mean that I feel the need to wear all of my pretty pastels and these blush pants are no exception. Throw in some gorgeous neutrals, girlie lace and bright pops of color and you have a perfect spring outfit. These are all such great pieces that you have probably already seen on the blog before. I really try not to shop just for blog posts. As a busy Mom and Teacher, it is just not feasible for me to have two separate wardrobes. If you are seeing it on the blog, you can almost guarantee that it has been in some form or fashion in my real life. I may come off as leading a glamorous life… maybe… if you examine me really closely with a magnifying glass. But I am nothing close to glamorous.



Clearly I love fashion, and with that, I love fashion bloggers. It was one of the main reasons that I started blogging in the first place. I admired their style, poise and grace. They always looked so put together and like they could conquer the world. I wanted that for my own life.

In many ways, I really feel like I have achieved that. I may not be glamorous, but I am definitely giving off some girl boss vibes! Sometimes I even surprise myself with how much I am able to accomplish in a week. Some weeks I even accomplish it all wearing heels every day! That is conquering the world… or at least the staff meeting!



Now are you ready for my blushing?

For me, what you see on the blog is what you get. I try to remain true to who I am and not wear things that are not my style. In fact, some days when I don’t know what to wear, I go through old blog photos for inspiration! I am proud of the outfits that I put together so why not wear them to work. At least it gives off the impression that I have my life together.

To be perfectly honest, most days I do not have my life together. I either have a full face of makeup or a super cute outfit. Rarely do I have both at the same time. I also wash my hair about once a week. That means that at any given time there might be a pound of dry shampoo in my hair. Don’t worry! I am clean! I am just usually to tired to wash, blow dry and straighten my hair. In fact, on the weeks that I do wash my hair more than once, I am probably going to go to bed with it wet!

And that is real life!



I am about as human as they come. My dishes get piled up in my sink, clothes get thrown down on the floor of my closet and laundry may get washed, but it rarely get folded! I never fill up the car with gas before the gas light comes on, I let Vivi watch way too much Peppa Pig and binge watch shows on Netflix. I may be eating healthy but I don’t know if I will ever be able to give up Starbucks. In fact, I will choose Starbucks over food any day of the week. Speaking of Starbucks, I am totally that Mom who gets her kid a Cake Pop every time we go. In fact, Vivi now asks for them by name and gets ecstatically happy when she sees that brown Starbucks treat bag.

That is my real life. Those are just a few of my secrets. And you know what, I am totally ok with sharing them because I know I am not alone! We are all just doing the best we can and that is all anyone can ask of us!

I hope that you enjoy my little blog and can relate to me just a little better because I definitely enjoy writing it for all of you! Why not let me know your most “human” trait in the comments? I love to hear from you!



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Can You See Me?

I am camouflaged! Can you see me?


I have had these camo skinnies for years, and lately, I have been wearing them non-stop. I love seeing all of the different ways that I can mix them up and just how many outfits that I can make out of them. It is fun to create something completely new out of a very distinct pair of pants. I have to say that this pairing is one of my absolute favorites. It has such rich, vibrant colors that it is hard not to love this outfit.



My mustard sweater was a steal at my local H&M and I love the oversized fit. I paired it with a darker wash chambray to really play up the richness of the colors in this outfit and I love the result. Pieces like this are definite neutrals in my closet because they truly do go with so many things. I have at least 5 chambrays of varying colors in my closet because, for me, I would much rather where that on days that I don’t know what to wear, instead of a t-shirt. As for oversized sweaters, I tend to gravitate towards the ones that are made of thinner fabrics. Living in South Georgia means that I really don’t get a Winter so their is really no need for something thick and bulky. The thinner sweaters can easily be paired with shorts in the Spring to give me more bang for my buck and a wider variety in my wardrobe.



I keep my accessories on the neutral side since I had gone with vibrancy in my clothing choices. You can’t beat a great nude pump and I love the heel height on this pair. As a teacher, I am constantly on my feet so I really need comfort when trying on a pair of shoes. I tend to wear flats most often but, lately, I have been trying to add some great heels into the mix. A kitten heel is perfect for giving me a little extra height while also keeping my feet happy! My clutch was purchase at a J. Crew Clearance store a few years ago and it was less than $10! Did I mention it is real leather?! Also, if you have never had the chance to go to a J. Crew Clearance store then you are missing out! They have amazing prices. Like an outlet on steroids! The one we went to was right outside Asheville in North Carolina and I will definitely be visiting it again this Summer!



My jewelry is, of course, Kendra Scott. If you haven’t guessed already, I am a little obsessed with the collection. My necklace was from the Winter launch and my ring was from the Spring launch. Next week, the Summer collection hits stores and I am beyond excited! Vibrant colors, bead and tassels are just a few things to be featured on the new pieces so stay tuned! I am so excited to go check it out and I will definitely be featuring all of my faves on the blog!



How are your favorite ways to wear camo? Let me know in the comments! I love to hear from you!

Sweater | Chambray | Skinnies | Heels | Necklace |Ring | Clutch | Lipstick



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Pretty in Pink

Warmer temps mean brighter colors, so excuse me while I wear all the pink!


I have always been a girlie-girl, so it is probably no surprise that my favorite color is pink. It is so bright and vibrant and I feel like it brings life to any outfit. Recently I went shopping at H&M and they had so many cute off the shoulder and cold shoulder tops. Best part? They were all less than $20! This gorgeous pink gingham beauty was one of my purchases and I am in love. Besides the great print, it has the cutest tie detail on the sleeves.



I am loving that white denim is so on trend for this Spring. It has always been one of my favorite things to wear year round. It is such a versatile item in my closet and can literally be worn in multiple ways. This pair was purchased on clearance from American Eagle. It has great destroyed detail and an unfinished hem line. I purchased them off season so I got a great deal on them, like less than $20! I definitely recommend searching the clearance racks, especially for out of season items. For me, white pants will always be season, but other items I have found are perfect for jump starting my wardrobe for other seasons.



I went with bright colors for my accessories and I love the vibrancy that it adds to my outfit. My clutch has been a frequent visitor on my blog and was handmade by my sweet friend Kayla of The Professional Prep Blog. I will tag some similar style below if you want one of your own.  My necklace is from Purple Peridot and to say that I am obsessed would be an understatement. If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen this version, as well as the white version, on many of my outfits. It makes such a great statement and really completes any outfit. When I am not sure what to wear, I always throw on one of these necklaces. It is also available in a turquoise color! Try not to buy all three! It will be hard to resist!



My shoes are the must have wedges of the season, and while I would have loved to own the Marc Fischer originals, these are an amazing dupe for less than half the price. I chose the cognac color but they also come in black and a sand color. Besides being super cute, they are extremely comfortable. They are a great color and will easily be worn all season long with so many of my outfits.



What are you excited to wear this Spring? I always love to hear from you!

Similar Styles:

Shirt | Pants | Necklaces | Wedges | Clutch | Sunglasses



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Got A Secret. Can You Keep It?

I don’t know about you, but now that it is April, this girl over here is beyond excited for the new season of Pretty Little Liars. I have to be honest. I was not a follower from day one. I didn’t even start watching until this past Christmas on my break from teaching. Thanks to Netflix, the obsession literally grew overnight to the Pretty Little Liars fan that I am now. I watched every single episode in a month. That is dedication!


To get you all even more excited, I have teamed up with my sweet friend Amy of Magically Made Tees to share some super fun shirts, just in time for the April 18th premiere. There is quite a few shirts in the collection but I am going to share with you my two favorites today. The first is one that I actually helped Amy design! The front of the shirt says, “I Run on Lipstick and Lies,” while the back of the shirt of the shirt says, “Kisses -A.” I am so excited with how the shirt turned out and I have to say that it makes me even more anxious for the premiere! I can’t wait to finally find out who Uber A is and see if the Liars triumph!




The next shirt supports my favorite on screen couple: Aria and Ezra! Any other Ezria fans out there?! I am hoping that finding Nicole alive does nothing to hurt their future together! He proposed! They were engaged! Surely that has to count for something! I am holding on to hope that this couple will be saying their “I Do’s” before the final season is over. Until then, I will just support them through my Team Ezria shirt. I love how Amy made the A in team look like the A from the show. It is such a fun detail that really helps the shirt to stand out. Not a Team Ezria fan? No problem! She also has Team Spoby and Team Haleb!




Even if you are not a Pretty Little Liars fan, I encourage you to check out her shop! She has so many cute Disney shirts and even a few Mom shirts! Also, be sure to head to my Instagram, BeingMrsFowler, because I am doing a fun giveaway to celebrate the Pretty Little Liars premiere! Amy and I are teaming up to give away a shirt and a Lipsense Starter Kit! If you really do run on Lipstick & Lies, then this is the perfect giveaway for you!


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Goodwill’s Hidden Gem: Blazers

You may not realize it, but you probably have a clothing gold mine within your city limits. I am not talking about a department store or a boutique. I am talking about Goodwill.


If you are not familiar with this company, “Goodwill works to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families by strengthening communities, eliminating barriers to opportunity, and helping people in need reach their full potential through learning and the power of work.” How they are able to do this is through donations within the community. People donate old clothes, housewares, furniture and even cars to be sold in Goodwill retail stores. The money made is then used to fulfill their mission.



I love shopping at Goodwill for clothes because you never know what you are going to find. In college, I would go a search the racks for hours. I would examine tags, try things on and really try to find a hidden gem. In my searches I have found an Oscar De La Renta button-up, a two piece Escada suit and Missoni blouse. Now that I am older, and a lot busier, I don’t really have the time to search through every rack so I try to make the most of my visits. Now, my favorite thing to search for is blazers.



Goodwill is a great place to search for blazers because they are at such a good price point. No matter the size or the brand, they are less that $7! Where else can you find a well made blazer for that cheap? I will say that these blazer work for me because I am not wearing a suit to work everyday. There is no need for my blazer to be tailored to perfectly fit me in my profession and that is why these work for me. I always try them on because you never know how they are going to fit. The person that donated them may have had them tailored to fit so the size on the tag can be deceiving. I also try to try them on over a shirt or blouse to make sure that I have room to layer. I need to be able to move my arms, stretch and bend or the blazer will not work for me.



Another thing that I try to think about is how versatile the blazer will be in my wardrobe. I don’t care how little you pay for something. If you are not going to wear it, then it is not worth the price. My blazers have to be worn with many different outfits to make it home to my closet. They are perfect for dressing up jeans, adding structure to a dress or just making any outfit a little more polished. All of the blazers pictured in this post were purchased from Goodwill and, as you can see, have been worn many different ways. They are also great brands! The khaki colored blazer is The Limited and the black blazer is Casual Corner. I encourage you to take the time and search your local Goodwill. If you don’t have much time, at least check out their blazer section. You never know what hidden gem you might find in the racks!



Outfit 1: Top | Leggings | Booties | Handbag | Necklace

Outfit 2: Blouse | Pants | Booties | Handbag | Necklace

Outfit 3: Tee | Denim | Heels | Handbag | Necklace


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