Good Basics and an Even Better Rule to Live By

The older that I get, the more I fall in love with some really good basics. Just because something is considered a basic, though, doesn’t mean that it can’t also be fun.


For me, a great pair of skinnies will always be a basic in my closet. I feel like the fit looks best on my body. They slim, elongate and just make me feel better. Even when I feel my heaviest I can throw on a great pair of skinny jeans and instantly feel about 10 pounds lighter. The key with any skinny jean, and really any pair of pants, is getting your actual size. It is very easy to want to buy a smaller size, hoping they might fit, but I can tell you from experience that a pair of pants that is too small will actually make you look larger. I try hard not to focus on the number on a pair of pants and more so on how they make me look and feel. Another thing that is so important is that all pants are made differently. I size 6 at one store my actually be a size 10 at another. It is so important to try on pants at the store and get the size of pants that fit you the best. Dressing for the body that you have and not the body that you wish you had is the best way to make sure you look your absolute best.



My peplum is so soft and was a steal at Target. It never fails that I go into Target for milk and diapers and come out with a new necklace, a complete outfit and no milk. I swear, I think that store releases hormones that attract women inside. Seriously though, Target is a great place to shop for basics at a very affordable price. Everything that I have ever bought has always held up very well, even after multiple washes. This peplum is great because it a great neutral color but it has a fun surprise in the back. It is from the junior department so I would suggest going up a size, especially if you like a roomier fit.



A great flat shoe is another must-have basic in my closet. As a busy mom and teacher, I need something comfortable on my feet. I am always on the go and I feel like some days I don’t stop until my head hits the pillow. I love this pair of flats because they have some great details. First off, the color is so rich and vibrant. They really stand out and bring some life to my outfit. Next, they have the cutest lace-up’s making them way more fun than your basic slip-on flat. Finally, they are suede so it really adds a contrast of textures to my outfit. These were a Christmas gift from my sweet Mommy but I will link some similar pairs below.




For my accessories I went with one of my favorite Kendra Scott necklaces. I love how this color paired with the flats and really brought everything in the outfit together. This necklace is from their Winter collection but is still available online on some sites! I would definitely scoop it up while it is still available! My sunglasses are just a classic pair of aviators. While I do have nice sunglasses, most of mine are cheap from places like eBay or Amazon. Vivi is constantly playing with them and I am terrible about throwing them in the bottom of my purse without a case. The ones that I have bought are great quality and if they get a little scratched I don’t feel bad because I know that I did not spend much money on them.



My best advice that I can give you is to get what works for you. Every single person in the world is built differently so you can’t compare yourself to everyone else. Your list of basics may be different from mine, but the important thing is that they work for you and your life. Whatever your lists includes, though, make sure that they fit the body that you have. Don’t be afraid to go up a size! No one can see that little size tag but you and I can promise that if it fits great, you are going to look great.


Peplum | Skinnies (similar) | Flats (similar) | Necklace | Sunglasses


Photography Courtesy of Sara Dasher Photography.

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Mommy + Me

I started my little blog in January 2015 and not even two weeks later, I found out that I was pregnant with my little V. While my dreams of having a fashion blog were put on hiatus to talk about the little miracle growing in my belly, in the back of my mind I was so excited to be able to blog posts with what I hoped, was a daughter.


I think that every Mom that hope for a daughter is excited about the idea of dressing them like you. They are your little Mini Me and twining with them is so much fun. Lucky for me, we were blessed with a daughter so my dreams of twinning and Mommy and Me blog posts were going to come true. Now here we are, a year and a half later, and my sweet little daughter is co-starring in her very first, Mommy and Me blog post!


My utility jacket has been a favorite in my closet for a few years now. I love its versatility and how it can be paired with almost anything. It is true a staple piece in my wardrobe and I treat it as a neutral. When I walked into Carter’s over Winter Break and so a utility jacket in Vivi’s size, there was not even a question of if I needed to get it for her. I knew right away that it was coming home with us so Vivi could match her Mommy.




For my look, I paired my utility jacket with this gorgeous mustard blouse from Forever 21. I have been obsessed with this color for a while now. I use to feel like I couldn’t wear the color yellow because it would wash me out, but as I have gotten older, I realize that it all about finding the right shade of a certain color. For me, mustard totally smashed all of my fears of wearing yellow and now it is a color that I wear frequently. To go with the blouse, I have these amazing suede slides. I was immediately drawn to them in the store. They are so comfy and they are beyond perfect for Spring and Summer. They are also from Forever 21 but I linked a similar pair for you below. My jeans are the best pair of destroyed denim. My go-to store for destroyed denim is, hands down, American Eagle. They have the best options at a very reasonable price.




When I was picking out Vivi’s outfit, I knew that I wanted her outfit to go with mine but not necessarily be so matchy-matchy. Her utility jacket was a must so I just put her in skinnies and picked out a color top that looked good with my yellow. The little blue peplum she has on is older but I linked a similar style below. Her bow is from a subscription service called Little Poppy Co. For less than $20 a month, they send you three adorable, hand-made bows for your little girl to wear. You can choose an elastic band or an alligator clip. If you enter the code MRSFOWLER at checkout, you can save 30% off of your first month!




I hope that you enjoyed my little guest host on today’s post. Vivi is growing so much every day and I just love being her Mommy. She is such a happy little girl and is always in the best mood. She wave at everyone she meets, is constantly blowing kisses and is obsessed with Peppa the Pig. She is smart, strong and curious and is definitely going to keep me on my toes. I thank God daily for this wonderful blessing and I am so honored that he chose me to be her Mommy. You can expect to see her on many posts in the future. She is a total ham and will say cheese as soon as you pull out a camera! I don’t know what I ever did to deserve her but I am certainly trying to give her the best life possible!


Mommy: Jacket | Blouse | Skinnies | Shoes (similar) | NecklacePendant | Sunglasses

Vivi: Jacket | Top | Pants | Shoes | Bow


Photography Courtesy of Sara Dasher Photography

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Fly Away With Me

As the colder months draw to a close, I had to pull out this dress and wear it one more time.


I first saw this dress on a fellow blogger on Instagram and I fell in love. I immediately went to the website and sent my husband the link for Christmas. The Hubs came through and this gorgeous dressed was waiting for me under the tree on Christmas morning.

If you have been following my blog for a while, you know that anything boho speaks to my heart. I love the soft vibes and flowing lines. The clothes make me feel free and happy and give off a feeling of simpler times.




The feather print on this dress is so pretty. Each feather has so many different colors, giving them the look of texture and depth. The dress is also super soft and comfy. It is perfect for a busy day of errands of for chasing my little one. I have worn it too work but I did pair it with leggings for that look. It is just a little on the short side for sitting in the floor with Kindergarten students! It is super cute with leggings, though, and they took nothing away from the dress.



I kept my accessories simple so the dress really remained the star of this outfit. I stayed with the boho vibes and paired the cutest pair of fringe boots with gorgeous feather earrings. Each of these pieces ands character and style to my outfit and gives me an all-over polished and put-together look. The boots are flat and are so comfy. I am constantly on the go so, even though I love heels, they are not always practical. I lived in boots this past fall and winter because they were so stylish, yet so comfortable. These boots were a steal at Target. While they are no longer available, I found a similar pair at a great price to link! I sprayed my boots with my favorite All-Weather Spray and they looked great all season long!




I firmly believer that your clothing should speak to you. They should make you happy and feel like the best version of yourself. They should make you feel great, look great and just be great. Never be afraid to where what makes you happy. If you think that you look great then that confidence is going to shine through and that is the best accessory that you can truly wear!

Dress | Boots | Earrings | Sunglasses



Photography Courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography

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A Lot of Joy for the Jill

My love of LuLaRoe is nothing new. What is new is my love for the fabulous Jill Skirt.


This gorgeous skirt was sent to me by the super sweet LuLaRoe Kaitlyn Fiedler and I have to say that I am in love. First off, I never would have picked this skirt for myself. When it comes to LuLaRoe I am very much set in my ways and very rarely will I try something new. To be honest, I didn’t even know that there was a Jill Skirt. When Kaitlyn first contacted me about modeling a Jill, I was skeptical at first but figured it could not hurt to give it a try. I am so glad that I was willing to try it out because it was so much more than I ever could have imagined.



The Jill has an elastic waistband so it will work with most body types. It is super flattering because it doesn’t hug anywhere too tightly. The length also allows your to wear it different ways. It can be worn at the waist for a cute skirt that hits at your calves or it can be worn high-waisted for a completely different knee-high look! Either way you wear it, they are both modest which is perfect for work or play. While you may not be able to find my specific pattern, I have seen so many beautiful colors and patterns so I am sure that you will be able to find something to fit your style!



I loved the bright, colorful vibe that the skirt gives off so I played that up with this gorgeous mustard colored Sarah. The Sarah is also a fun piece from LuLaRoe that you seriously need to consider adding to your wardrobe. The fun mustard color really paired nicely with the blue in the Jill skirt and, together, the colors remind me of my Alma Mater, Georgia Southern!



My shoes are a dupe of the seasons must have shoes. I found them for a steal of the original price and I will link them below. I also had the perfect Kendra Scott to pair with the skirt. The colors go so well together that it was almost like they were made for one another. This necklace is from their winter line but I will link some similar style below.



So now that I have introduced you to another fun piece from LuLaRoe, how about a GIVEAWAY??!! Head on over to my Instagram because together with the fabulous LuLaRoe Kaitlyn Fiedler, we are going away a coveted pair of BLACK LEGGINGS!! Say What?? Black LuLaRoe leggings are on every girls wishlist and we are giving away a pair for free! If that wasn’t enough, I am even throwing in a Starbucks gift card, because nothing says basic like Starbucks and leggings! Head on over to my Instagram (@beingmrsfowler ) for all the details on how to enter! Giveaway starts tomorrow, March 7, 2017 and will run until Friday, March 10, 2017. Good Luck!


Skirt (c/o) | Shirt | Sweater | Wedges | Necklace


Photography Courtesy of Sara Dasher Photography

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Target Trends Thursday (A Day Late): The Blush Edition

Hey Friends! I have not done a Target Trends Thursday in a while so I wanted to fill you all in on some beauties that I am lusting after from the Mothership. You will notice that all of these gorgeous pieces are the same glorious color: Blush!! This is such a great color and really acts as a neutral. Some of these pretties are already in my possession, some will be delivered today and the rest remain on my wish list! I had planned to finish this post yesterday, hence the name Thursday in the title, but a sick baby had other plans for me!  Nevertheless, I present to you my current Target Trends Thursday:

Women’s dv Kenli Perforated Mule Booties


I absolutely love me a good bootie. I wear them year round with almost any outfit. They add a fun twist to leggings, dresses and, of course, jeans. I really wanted to update my shoe wardrobe for the Spring and when I saw these beauties, I knew that I needed them in my closet. I don’t have any mules in my closet and the fact that these mules had the same structure as a great pair of booties really sold me. They are a great nude color so they will go with anything. They can easily be dressed up or down and will be versatile through most of the seasons. This run true to size if you want to order them and they also come in black!

Women’s Sam & Libby Hillary Mule Booties


My favorite color of the moment would have to be, hands down without question, blush. I absolutely how girlie and feminine this color is and how it adds a touch of softness and whimsy to any outfit. I love the new mule trend so when I saw a mule in blush, there was no question. These are a great low heel so I they will easily fit into my busy lifestyle. The blush color acts as a neutral so they will go with almost anything. Also, the fact that this style is similar to a bootie means that I can easily wear them throughout all of the seasons. I sized up a half size in these shoes if you are going to order them. They are also available in a nude color.

SUGARFIX by BaubleBar


To say that I am love with the new SUGARFIX by BaubleBar collection would be an understatement… I am obsessed with this collection! If I could, I would buy every single item to add to my collection. For now though, I guess I will have to settle for these two pieces. First is the Seaglass Necklace in pink. I wanted this necklace when BaubleBar released it last Spring and missed out so I was thrilled to see that it was part of this collection. The pink is such a great color and acts like a neutral so I can wear it with almost anything. This necklace also comes in Mint! My second purchase from this collection was the Beaded Tassel Earrings in Pink. These fun earrings are so lightweight that you can wear them anytime. They come in a huge assortment of colors so there is a pair to match anything that you are wearing. I cannot wait to wear these all Spring and Summer long!

Women’s Reese Slip On Sneakers


If you are a follower of the blog, you know that these shoes are not a new purchase. I have had them a few weeks now and they have quickly become my favorite pair of shoes. They are so cute and comfy and I have styled them with so many different looks. If you are one of the few people who does not own them yet, do yourself a favor and click the link. You will not regret your purchase! Oh, and these beauties run a little big so size down a half size!

Women’s Open Layering Cardigan


This piece is something else that has made quite a few appearances on my blog and Instagram. I love how lightweight the material is and that it can easily be layered during our warmer temps. Just like all of the other pieces I have mentioned, the color acts as a neutral so it matches so much in my wardrobe. I will link a few blog posts so you can see how I styled this great piece: Galentine Inspiration  & Cute and Cozy Valentine Inspiration.

I hope you all enjoy these pieces and I defintely encourage you to add some of them to your wardrobe. They will be staple pieces that you can use with almost anything!

Happy Shopping!


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Old Navy Style

I absolutely love to shop. I am sure that this is absolutely not a shock to anyone who reads my blog. The thrill of finding the perfect piece, the excitement of being able to wear something new and the joy of pairing together outfits are all temporary highs that I love to experience. One store in particular has been a part of that excitement for as long as I can remember.


That store just happens to be Old Navy. Once upon a time we did not even have an Old Navy store in Savannah so the excitement of being able to shop in one provided an even greater high when I would travel and find one to spend all of my money. Old Navy has always been a great place to shop. They have cute clothes at a great price point and they boast a wide variety of sizes. They are always having a great sale and they even usually have an active coupon. Lately though, my love for them has grown even more because they have been KILLING it with their styles and options.



This entire look is from Old Navy and to say that I am obsessed would be an understatement. It has so many versatile pieces that I can use throughout all of the seasons. I originally went it to find mustard colored pants, I know, strange request, but they had one pair left and it was my size! It was fate! With that much luck with my pants, I just had to find a top to match. This peplum was on the mannequin and it was gorgeous. I looked all over the store for it without look so I tracked down the nicest sales associate who gladly pointed it out to me. It has so many great colors once I was able to look at it up close that I knew that it needed to come home with me!



The jacket was a purchase that I made on a whim. The color was great and I am always layering in my wardrobe. As a teacher, I need options to dress up my outfits depending on what I am doing that day. I blazer is a great way to dress up any outfit and give it a more polished look. I also love that this blazer was longer. It gives off a longer silhouette and adds some unexpected details to the outfit. My favorite thing though, was the material. It is a light-weight cotton blend that has this fun, patterned texture. Discreet lines add a fun detail and really takes this blazer from polished and pretty to fun and fabulous. Can you imagine how fun it will be in the Spring and Summer with a pair of shorts?! Perfect for Date Night or a night with the girls!



I loved the neutral vibe that the blazer added to my outfit so I tried to mimic that in my accessories. Beige accessories are great because you can wear them with literally anything. They compliment every color in the rainbow and look great on any skin tone. I love them because they are also unexpected. Handbags and shoes are usually colored because, lets face it, white, beige and cream all get dirty! When wearing this color you do have to be careful, but that is part of the fun! Living on the edge with your wardrobe and breaking all of the style rules is part of the fun of getting dressed! While all of my accessories are older, I have linked similar items for you below.


Peplum | Skinnies | Blazer | Necklace (similar) | Booties (similar) | Handbag (similar)


On a side note, I just wanted to let you know that I had the privilege of working with a new photographer for this photo shoot and I am in love with the results. If you are local to Chatham or Effingham County then you need to go check out Sara Dasher Photography. Not only is she the sweetest Southern Belle that you will probably ever meet, but she has an eye for details and design. She perfectly captures just the right amount of sunlight and knows just where to focus the camera to show off all of your best angles. Since she is new to the world of fashion photography, she is offering a special for all first time bloggers, brands and influencers. While her normal rate is $150 per package, if you mention my name or blog, you will save 15% off your entire package! The package includes a 1-1.5 hour session of three different outfits. Of those outfits, you will receive 10 high-quality, edited images of each look that you own and are free to use in your blog, business or other forms of social media. The only thing that she asks is that you tag her in your finished product. How amazing is that?! I have linked her Facebook group for you to check out. Do not waste any time and contact her today!



Photography Courtesy of Sara Dasher Photography.

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Happy 2nd Birthday Being Mrs. Fowler!

Happy Birthday Being Mrs. Fowler! It’s my 2 year Blogaversary!

My sweet little blog just turned two years old and that is a cause for celebration!


I say “Just” but the truth is that it turned 2 on January 1st. Let’s get real though, sometimes life just happens! While I may plan things out a certain way, things rarely go as planned. You know what though, that is totally ok! When I started this blog it was about having fun and doing something that I was passionate about. Fashion has always been a big part of my life and I love having a way that I can share that passion with others. On my little piece of the web, I can be myself, talk about whatever I choose and just generally have a good time.



At first I was super stressed that I did not get this blog post completed to post right on January 1st. After sitting back and thinking I realized that I should never let something that I do to have fun stress me out. When I allow stress to enter my life during these times, it takes the fun away so what I love is no longer a hobby but a job. Don’t get me wrong, I wish that blogging could be my job, but at the end of the day, life is happening all around me and that makes it totally ok that things don’t always go as planned. I would much rather miss out on a supposed “deadline” that I created for myself than miss out on my daughter’s excitement watching fireworks or enjoying Happy Meal for the first time. (And I know, total Mom of the Year over here, but I ate plenty of Happy Meals growing up and I turned out just fine!)



What I do want to focus on instead is the joy that I have experienced from writing this little blog of mine. I never imagined that I would form some truly amazing friendships just by writing about what I am wearing. I also never imagined some of the partnerships that I would have made with some truly amazing businesses. From bonus room boutiques to thriving small businesses, I am honored by the amount of people who I have been able to work with and that want to work with me! It is surreal in so many ways because I am out their making this little dream of mine into a reality. It is not always perfect and sometimes it is not even pretty, but it is all mine.



Before I go I want to remind you that just as you are reading this and supporting me, please try to do the same and support some other small businesses. Shopping small is so important and, just as you have heard me say numerous times, I try to shop small whenever possible. Knowing that you are putting food on tables and sending little girls to dance is so much more important that putting another dollar into the pocket of a big box business. We are all on this road of life just trying to do the best we can so why not help each other out and make the journey a little easier?!



But enough of the heavy, some of you may just be here for the clothes! My romper is from Target and is absolutely amazing. It is shiny, soft and just makes me feel fabulous. My sequin blazer is a few years old and it is from Urban Outfitters. I actually got it in the clearance section for less than $20! Never be ashamed to shop clearance! You can get some truly amazing deals and have more money to spend on even more fun pieces! My shoes are last season and they are from Ross Dress for Less. Places like Ross and TJ Maxx are great because you can get things significantly below retail. My shoes are Steve Madden and I only paid $14.99 for them. The big-ticket item in this outfit is my Eiffel Tower handbag by designer Timmy Woods. If you think it looks familiar then you are right! Carrie has the same bag (although hers is covered in crystals) in the Sex and the City Movie. I saw it and immediately fell in love. I wasted no time finding one of my own to add to my collection! I will link similar items below so you can re-create my look or just incorporate them into your own wardrobe!

Romper | Blazer | Shoes | Belt | Watch | Earrings | Ring | Lipstick

Fun Handbags: Ice Cream | Camera | Fish | Milk | Rooster | Dog | PizzaBirthday Cake


Before I close out this post I just want to give out a HUGE thank you to you, my loyal readers. Whether you are new to my blog or have been with me since day 1, I am so appreciative of your support. Without all of you this dream would not be a possibility and I thank God daily for allowing me to partake on this journey with all of you! Here is to bigger, brighter and better things in the New Year!


Photography Courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography

Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post and I may receive a small commission.