Catching More Flies with Honey than Vinegar

In today’s society it is very easy to get caught up in being the best, having the best, and doing whatever it takes to make that happen. Sometimes that means that you stoop so low as to becoming a “mean girl.” It’s not always the case, and in the blogging industry, I have, luckily, come into contact with more people willing to help that those who are quick to put down. It makes me sad, though, when I do come into contact with a “mean girl” because women should be supporting one another.



One of the things that I love most about the blogging community is the connections that you can make and the inspiration that you can gain. For the most part, almost everyone that I have connected with is super nice, very down to Earth, and extremely helpful. Even the biggest bloggers have been more that willing to respond to my comments, answer my questions, and just offer a kind word. One of the biggest examples of this kindness is Brooke of KBStyled. Even though she is one of the biggest people that I follow on Instagram, she always has answered my questions, responded to my Instastory comments, and shown some love. While I have never had the pleasure of meeting her, businesses have told me that she is one of the sweetest people to work with and that she is very grounded.

In this industry, I think that is so important. As women, we are constantly pitted against one another. Society urges us to be one way, people start rumors, and magazines portray only one certain image. It is hard. What I don’t understand is why some women make the society we live and work within even harder. I am not going to lie. I have come across some not so nice women in the blogging industry. The are quick to judge, unwilling to help, and will even make fun of other women. How is this ok? As women, we should be one another’s biggest advocates. We should be building one another up, not tearing one another down!




One of my favorite recent hashtags on Instagram is #communityovercompetition. I love it because it shows that friendship and kindness are way more important than any sponsorship. When you have a girl gang that has your back, I promise that you will be able to accomplish so much more than you ever would have thought possible. That support, for me, is a constant drive. Here is Savannah I have the privilege of being a part of an amazing group of women called Savannah Influencers. Not only do these women have the biggest hearts and the most giving spirits, they also have strength, fire and determination. They push me to be a better version of myself. They push me to not only reach for my goals, but to take them and make them a reality. Doesn’t that sound so much better than putting someone down?

I have been the mean girl before. It is not fun.

It is lonely, depressing, and you end up feeling even worse than the person that you are putting down. In the mean girl society, no one wins. What I don’t understand is why women  still subject themselves to that behavior. Why they allow hatred to creep in and take over. What was ever accomplished from hatred? What was ever achieved through hurtful words? I am not perfect, but I learned a long time ago that my Mom was right. You catch way more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.




I urge you today to make some changes and only be supportive. Find a group of girls who support you and push you towards your dreams. Don’t ever settle. Know your worth and surround yourself with people who build you up. We need to be examples for the young women around us. They need healthy examples of friendship, faith and style, and it is those people in the public eye who should be first to be that example. Remember the hashtag #communityovercompetition. We are far better off together as women supporting one another than we are as enemies!

If you want a good example, I urge you to check out Brooke’s blog and Instagram. She truly is a bright spot in the blogging community! And if you need a little encouragement, I encourage you to check out Savannah Influencers on Instagram. They share some of the best quotes that are usually exactly what you need to hear!

And speaking of Brooke, she is the reason that I am styling this dress! She has the pink version and I was smitten the moment I saw her post featuring this beauty. While checking it out at my local H&M, I was beyond thrilled to see this version. It was perfect for my needs and could be styled so many different ways! I definitely played up the accessories in my look, including this amazing hat from Goorin Bros. It is beyond adorable and has the cutest feather detail. We have a store on Broughton Street in Downtown Savannah and I love going and playing with all of their hats! They have so many cute options for men, women and kids, especially for this time of the year!

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Mrs. New Bootie

Every season, I pick a few of the must-have trends that I need to add to my wardrobe. This fall, one of those trends was the over-the-knee boot.


While I own a lot of boots, I have been loving the boots that cinch over-the-knee for a more fitted look. I looked at quite a few stores, dragging my husband around to get his opinion. I really wanted a good neutral color that I could wear with a lot of different options. Luckily, when I walked into my local DSW, these grey stunners caught my eye. I tried them on and I was sold. My husband even liked them!

After wearing them for a full day I can tell you that they stayed tied and cinched and I had very little problem with them slipping. While it did not slip somewhat throughout the day, I was very pleased with how well they stayed up on my leg.




Since I really wanted the boots to be the highlight of my outfit, I opted for this adorable skirt. While this skirt is from last year, I found an almost identical option for a steal that I will link for you below. I sized up in the skirt so it would sit lower on my waist and be a little longer. My legs are very long and the super mini does not work when you are chasing around a very active toddler. I finished off my look with a basic white button-up and one of my favorite blazers from my local Goodwill. If you have not checked out my blog post for shopping for blazers at Goodwill then you are missing out! This is one of my favorite items to shop at Goodwill for and I love that I am adding a staple to my wardrobe while helping my community.



I firmly believe that accessories can make an outfit and my accessories are definitely not an exception to this rule. While my belt and bag both look like they could be more expensive, they are actually amazing dupes! I will admit that I absolutely love a good designer find. I have a bucket list of designer items that I hope to own one day. Until I am able, though, I love finding items that look more expensive but are well within my budget. I will link my belt and bag and you definitely need to snag them while they are still available.




What trends are you loving this fall? Anything that you are hoping to add to your wardrobe? I have a few more exciting pieces to share with  you over the coming weeks so definitely check back! And leave me a comment! I love hearing from you!

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If It’s Not Moving, Monogram It!

Hello November!

Welcome to the month of good food, good family, good friends and good clothes!

Good clothes? Heck yes!



Here in South Georgia, it is pretty much hot all year long. Luckily, once November finally roles around, we get a break in the heat. It may only be for a day or two, but we embrace those days with cozy sweaters, warm scarves and cute boots! One of my favorite places to shop for all of these cold weather basics is Marley Lilly.

As a true Southern Girl, I firmly stand behind Reese Witherspoon’s motto, My rule is, if it’s not movingmonogram it! Marley Lilly also stand firm on this motto and offers an entire website of monorammable goodies. Whether you are looking for a cozy sweater, a warm scarf, or cute boots, they have everything for your cold weather needs.




On a recent trip to the mountains of North Carolina, I was grateful to have my Marley Lilly goodies to wear to keep warm. My current favorite is this amazing Monogrammed Boyfriend Sweater. It is so cozy and I love the oversized feel. It was perfect to wear with my favorite leggings and a basic tank. It would also be adorable with a pair of skinny jeans and boots. To stay with my monogrammed theme, I paired my sweater with my Monogrammed Duck Boots. They were beyond comfortable and looked super cute with a pair of thick knee socks pushed down.




I encourage you to check out their site and see what other mongrammed beauties they have to offer! I already have a cart full of goodies that I cannot wait to order! This Mom is going to be monogrammed and ready for any cool weather that comes our way! I have linked a few of my favorites for you to check out:

Reversible Sherpa Pullover | Loafers | Plaid Tote Bag | Rhinestone Ring Stack




Photography Courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography.

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Kendra Scott: Winter 2017

I always love the change of seasons. Different weather, new outfits, and a new jewelry launch at Kendra Scott. I recently was able to visit the Savannah, Georgia location on Broughton Street and the new collection definitely did not disappoint. There were gorgeous jewel tones and statement stunners. Each piece was carefully designed to bring the spirit of the holidays into your outfit. Many of the pieces can be layered and worn together giving you a fun and unique look.


I took pictures of a lot of my favorites and I encourage you to check them out. This pictures truly do not do the collection justice. Kendra has created a timeless collection perfect for the holidays for years to come. If you see something you like make sure to scoop it up now. Since this pieces are seasonal, they will only be here for a short time! I hope you enjoy this sneak peek! ! My personal favorite is the Emmylou Statement Earrings and I cannot wait to wear them to my husbands Christmas party! Let me know what is your favorite! I always love to hear from you


Glenda Statement Earrings


Elisa Pendant

This is a favorite! It is the perfect everyday piece! It can be worn alone or layered!


Decker Statement Earrings


Emmylou Statement Earrings


Alice Statement Earrings


Bette Statement Necklace


Joann Long Necklace


Nail Polish

The Perfect Stocking Stuffer!


Brett Pendant Necklace


Leandra Shoulder Duster Earrings


Liesl Y Necklace


Alicia Adjustable Chain Bracelet


Tessa Stud Earrings


Harlow Statement Necklace


Charlie Grace Hoop Earrings


Damon Long Pendant Necklace



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20 Random Facts About Me!

When it comes to blogging, this was a crazy month for me!

While 5 DIY costumes was a lot of fun, it was a huge undertaking and I am beyond proud of myself that I was able to get it all accomplished. Add into that the fact that I decorated my trunk for two Trunk-or-Treats, dressed up like Elsa, with complete hair and makeup, for both events, and still did my normal job and responsibilities, I felt like Super Mom! I figured with all of that, I deserved a fun break. With that being said, I present to you, 20 Random Facts About Me! Enjoy!


1. I am Starbucks obsessed. If I had to choose between and actual meal and Starbucks, I would, hands down, pick Starbucks every time.

2. Growing up in a small county, I have a group of friends that I have known almost my entire life. I would consistently be in the same classes with them so we literally grew up together. It is nice because it is fun to catch up when we see each other now and look at how far we have come

3. The wrinkles of my left thumb make a smiley face.

4. I was very active in pageants when I was in high school. Growing up in the South, you are constantly given opportunities to compete in them. I loved it but, I would never force Vivi to be in one. I will wait until she is old enough to ask.

5. Speaking of being old enough to ask, my husband and I made the decision to not pierce Vivi’s ears. We wanted her to be able to decide for herself if that was something she wanted. If she asks one day, then we will take her.



6. I love any and all Reese Witherspoon movies. She is a Southern Girl, just like me, so I feel drawn to her bright smile, blonde locks and bubbly personality. I also love that she still says “Y’all!”

7. I am a HUGE horror movie buff. A few years ago, Bravo released a list called Bravo’s 100 Scariest Movie Moments and 30 Even Scarier Movie Moments. I made it a point to own every single movie on the list. I have quite the collection when it comes to scary movie marathons on Halloween!

8. I can probably recite all of the words to the movie Spice World. When watching, my sister and I use to act out all the lines. I was always Baby Spice.

9. I actually have my own etsy shop! I make and sell Kawaii and Kitsch jewelry. I have not been as active lately but I actually enjoy making all of the pieces. Hopefully one day soon, I can update and revamp! Check it out at Meg-E-Mays on Etsy!

10. I probably only wash my hair once a week. My hair does better when I go longer between washes. Luckily, a thing like dry shampoo exists so no one ever knows!



11. The month that I started my blog I found out that I was pregnant with Vivi. While I had every intention of posting about fashion, “bumpdates” took over the blog. I love looking back at those original post and seeing how far I have come in my journey as both a Mom and a blogger.

12. I first met my husband when I was asked to tutor him in High School. He was a Junior and I was a Freshman. He needed help in Geometry. I helped to bring his failing grade up to an A! When didn’t start dating till almost ten years later when we reconnected on Facebook.

13. I have actually been married once before. I don’t talk about it much but, through that period of my life, I learned so much about who I was as a person, who I wanted to be, and what I wanted for my life. While it was not always happy memories, I am grateful for that period of my life because it helped to mold me into who I am today. Everything truly does happen for a reason.

14. I am a huge Potter head! I did not start reading the books until the fall of 2007 so I was able to read every book in order without having to wait for the next one. I started reading them while I was going through my divorce with my first husband. It was a dark time in my life and those books helped me to escape. They offered me a reality that I was able to escape to, if only for a brief time. In a way, they saved me. I owe them so much and will forever count them as my favorites.

15. I was actually a Nursing major before I was an Education major. I had finished all of my Core classes and was about half-way through the Nursing program. I hated it though, and would hide in the bathroom during my clinicals at the hospital. I figured that was a good sign that I needed to make a change.



16. When I first started dating my husband, I told him that me and my dog Millie were a package deal. Good thing he accepted that deal!

17. I try to eat Vegan a majority of the time. I do still have cheat meals, but I feel so much better when I stick to the Vegan diet.

18. I have four tattoos. One on my ribs, one on my wrist, one on my collarbone and one on my hand. The one on my hand I got with my sister. She has the same thing on the opposite hand.

19. I have had my nose, belly button and tragus pierced but, over time, I took them out and they have all closed back up.

20. And finally, I have taught Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade. I have to say that my favorite is Kindergarten. I love the littles and their excitement for life. It makes my job so much more rewarding!



And that’s it! Any thing else that you would like to know? Just ask! I love hearing from you!

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Photography Courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography.

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Blog-O-Ween: DIY Minnie Mouse Costume

For my last enstallment of my Blog-O-Ween series, I knew that I wanted to do something big. Since I was little girl, I have been a Disney nut. Now that I am older, that love has only increased. When I started planning out everything for my Blog-O-Ween series, I knew that I really wanted to do something that was Disney inspired. I would love it, my daughter would love it, and I could potentially even use it on our big family trip to Disney World in May.

When I found that adorable red skirt that I used in my DIY Gumball Machine Costume, at my local Goodwill, I knew that it had so much potential. It is for this reason that I made the decision to use it again in a DIY Minnie Mouse costume. Red is Minnie’s color and, with a visit to my local craft store, I knew that I could make this costume a reality.


Here is what you need to create this look:

A Black Top (Goodwill)

A Red Skirt (Goodwill)

White, Wrist Length Gloves (Costume Shop)

A Large Piece of Black Felt (Michaels)

A Piece of White Felt (Michaels)

1/4 of a Yard of Felt Batting (Hobby Lobby)

1/4 of a Yard of Sequin Fabric (Hobby Lobby)

1/4 of a Yard of Red and White Polka Dot Material (Hobby Lobby)

Black Pipe Cleaners (Michaels)

A Plastic Headband (Dollar Tree)


Before you begin, I will let you know that I wanted my ears to be full and fluffy. For this reason, there will be a lot of steps to my ears. Luckily, the ears are the only thing that had to be made for this costume!

Step 1: Fold a sheet of white felt in half. Using a permanent marker, draw an outline for your ears. Once you have cut out the ears, hot glue a pipe cleaner along the edges of each ear. Make sure that you have pipe cleaner hanging out on each end. You will need this later to attach the ears to the headband.



Step 2: Using your ears as a guide, trace an outline onto the felt batting. You will need enough to cover both sides of each ear, or four pieces total. The pipe cleaner should now be sandwiched between the felt batting.



Step 3: Using your ears as a guide, again, trace an outline onto the piece of black felt. I folded my felt in such a way that when I cut, I was left with both sides of the ear connected in the middle. I was then able to fold the black felt over the top of the year and glue in place. If this is to difficult for you, you can always just cut out four separate pieces and glue one piece of black felt to each side of each ear.




Step 4: Cut your sequin fabric so that you have a piece that is large enough to completely cover each ear. Hot glue the fabric to one side of the ear. This side will be nice and neat and will be the front of your headband. With the remainder of the fabric, carefully hot glue it to the other side of the ears, making sure that the black felt is completely covered. I tried to make it as neat as possible so it would not look sloppy from behind.


Step 5: Using the rest of the black felt, cover your headband. I hot glue down the center of the headband first. I then trimmed up my edges and folded the remainder, hot gluing it to the underside of the headband. You will have to hold it in place for a bit to ensure that the glue is somewhat dry. If not, you run the risk of it peeling back.


Step 6: Attach an additional pipe cleaner to the side of each ear. You can do this by twisting the small piece that you had sticking out around each pipe cleaner. Then, wrap the pipe cleaners around the headband, securing the ears in place. You may have to play with it a little bit to get it to sit exactly how you envisioned. Once I had my ears where I wanted them, I trimmed off the extra pipe cleaner and hot glued the ears in place on the headband. You will have to hold it a little bit until the glue gets somewhat dry. I also used a bit of hot glue to secure the pipe cleaners to the headband. This would prevent them from coming untwisted in the future.



Step 7: While you can make a bow with a sewing machine, I prefer a “no sew” method. I cut the fabric to the approximate length and width that I wanted and folded it into thirds. I secured each fold in place with a line of hot glue. Using one of the strips that I had trimmed of, I then pinched the middle and secured it with the strip. I knotted the strip twice and trimmed of the excess. To give the fabric that classic bow shape, I folded down the edges and glued them in place. After you have finished your bow, secure it in place on your headband with hot glue.






And that’s it! While it was a somewhat lengthy process to make my ears, I love the result! The ears are super thick and very cute. You can adapt these steps however you like. I encourage you to pick different materials and fabrics to create something that is unique and all your own.

To complete my look, I added black lines to my white gloves. This helped them to look more like the ones that Minnie wears. I added little yellow shoes, just like Minnie Mouse! Luckily, I already had the shoes in my own closet. I also used a black eyeliner pencil to draw on a black nose. The total cost for this costume was about $20. While it was a little more, I can definitely use each piece separately. The ears will also be a great addition to my wardrobe for Disney World!





Blog-O-Ween: DIY Gumball Machine Costume

When I was younger, one of the things that I loved most about visiting the grocery store was a trip to the gumball machine. It was a treat that my Mom did not usually say no to and I loved the thrill of the surprise! Would I get a pink gumball? Maybe a blue one?  It was always an exciting part of my visit.

Now that I am older, I still love an occasional treat from the bubblegum machine but, my sweet Vivi definitely enjoys them! When I found this gorgeous red skirt at my local Goodwill, the wheels started turning and I knew that I could make my very own Gumball Machine Costume!


Here is what you will need to get started:

A White Tee (Goodwill)

A Red Skirt or Red Pants (Goodwill)

Colored Pom-Poms (I used four bags from Michaels)

A Piece of Red Felt (Michaels)

A Plastic Headband (Dollar Tree)

A Small, White Paper Plate

A Small Piece of Aluminum Foil

A Half a Sheet of Grey Construction Paper



The Gumball Shirt: Begin hot gluing the pom-pom to the tee. There is no rhyme or reason to this process. The only thing that I tried not to do was glue the same color immediately next to each other. Continue gluing until the entire shirt is covered. I am not going to lie. It was a tedious process. It was not hard but it did take me some time to get every pom-pom attached. Luckily, that is the majority of the costume so, once completed, I was almost done!




The Headband Topper: To make the top of the gumball machine, I attached a small, white paper plate to the center of the sheet of felt. I then folded the edges of the felt around the felt, securing it in place with the hot glue. I continued to do this until the felt was securely glued all around the plate. Make sure there are not pointy edges. You want this piece to be round like the top of a gumball machine. After that is dry, you will hot glue the plate to the headband. I gently folded the plate so that it would curve around the plate. I used a lot of glue to secure it to the headband and I held it in place until I was sure that it had hardened. After the headband is dry, ball up the small piece of aluminum foil and glue it to the top of the plate. This will complete the top of your gumball machine.









To make the 25 cents tag, I simply cut a sheet of gray construction paper in half. I folded the cut piece in half and wrote the price on one half. I then inserted the other side into the skirt and pinned it in place.

And that’s it! I loved how cute this looked turned it and I know that my students will love it if I ever wear it to school! Also, this skirt is a great addition to my wardrobe and I am already thinking of all the ways that I can use it in my outfits!

I hope this costume will “blow” you away!