A Southern Girls Dream: A Peek Inside of Draper James

This summer, I had the privilege of visiting Draper James in Nashville, TN and let me tell you… it was a Southern Girls dream!


 The store itself oozes Southern Hospitality and the girls that work there are as sweet at the tea that they offer you as soon as you walk through the door. I probably wandered around the store, sipping my tea, for a good 15 minutes before I ever really started shopping. I just wanted to take in every aspect of the store. You can tell that so much thought went into this entire brand. Every little detail is perfectly placed or arranged in such a way that you can’t help but me mesmerized. It was like flipping through an issue of Southern Living magazine. You wanted it all!




I love that Reese Witherspoon plays such a huge part in the development of her brand. You can tell that she really has a hand in every little detail. Here Southern roots are continually present throughout the store and she is frequently spotted wearing the brand out and about. I had heard that she often visits the Nashville store and was hoping that she would be in the store on my visit. She, unfortunately, was not but maybe that was a good thing. My husband said that he didn’t know if he could handle both of our personalities in the same room! He had a feeling that we would have both gotten loud and giggly!




I knew that I wanted to purchase a few things to take home with me and implement into my wardrobe. At the top of my wish list was the “Totes Y’all” tote. I really feel like this piece has become an iconic staple of the brand and I knew that I would be able to use it with so much in my own wardrobe. I also loved the “What Would Dolly Do?” tote and the “Hello Sugar” tote! I highly recommend that you consider purchasing one of these totes. Any of these totes would be a great addition to your existing handbag collection. They have plenty of space, hold their shape well, and are perfect for a day of shopping or picnic at the park!




I also wanted to purchase a piece of the clothing but, I wanted to make sure that it was a piece that I would be able to get the most use from. While I absolutely love the dresses and sweaters, I knew that those were not going to be the best for my wardrobe. Instead I chose the Stripe Cloister Top. It was a great neutral that I would be able to wear almost year round, especially with out South Georgia temperatures, and it could easily be dressed up or down. It fit great and has quickly become one of my favorite pieces in my closet! Want a sneak peek of a future blog post featuring the shirt and the tote? Just scroll down to the bottom!




While these pictures showcase their spring/summer collection the fall collection is just as cute and I already have my eye on a few pieces! Want to check out what I am eyeing to add to my fall wardrobe? Just click on the links below!

Nora Ruffle Sweater

Yes Ma’Am Sweatshirt

Hello Darlin’ Tee

Windowpane Anderson Cape

Oh My Darlin’ Hat

While I am thankful that I have the opportunity to shop Draper James online, I really hope that Reese will one day bring a store to Savannah! I know that it would fit right in with the charm of our Southern town! Don’t you agree?



Disclaimer: This post is not endorsed or funded by Draper James. I am just a Southern girl who loves Reese and the Draper James brand. All opinions are my own. I did, however, use affiliate links so I may receive a small commission.


Here is a sneak peek of a future blog post featuring my purchases from Draper James! Photography was courtesy of Brooke Roberts Photo! Enjoy!

Brooke Roberts-1033


A Savannah Gem: Kristen Baird Jewelry


One of the things that I love most about Savannah is that it has “big city” vibes with all of the charms of a small town. Many people have grown up here their entire lives while others fall in love with the Southern charm and hospitality and decide to never leave.
One of the biggest things that brings people to Savannah is the Savannah College of Art and Design. One of these people is Kristen Baird.
I had the privilege of meeting Kristen from a group that we are both a member of called Savannah Influencers. Kristen is the owner of Kristen Baird Jewelry based right here in Savannah. You can find her fine jewelry nestled between our moss covered oaks and a big tall glass of sweet tea. I instantly fell in love with her winning smile and amazing talent, and I could not wait to do a feature on her for the blog!
Taken from Kristen’s website, “While our city is picturesque and laid back, here at Kristen Baird, we are on a mission! Our mission is to create meaningful, beautifully designed and skillfully crafted pieces of jewelry relevant to each stage of your life. That’s right, you are the driving force behind what we do!Whether it be helping you create your proposal moment with our bridal collection or celebrate a milestone like an anniversary or birthday with a piece from our signature collectionwe want to be there for you and with you all along the way!”




Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Kristen decided to plant her roots in Savannah, Georgia after graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a bachelor’s degree in Jewelry Design. While going to SCAD, she was honored as a Valedictorian nominee, a Presidential Scholarship Recipient, and received the Outstanding Achievement award in Jewelry Design.

With a desire to continue learning and wanting to hone in on her craft, Kristen received her Rhino CAD Certificate and attended the renowned New Approach School for Jewelers, completing the Graduate Bench Jeweler program under the direction of world-class instructor, Blaine Lewis. In 2015, she decided to start her own business, Kristen Baird Jewelry.

Celebrating a Top 5 finish in the 2016 Halstead Grant sponsored by Halstead Bead followed by a selection for Generation NEXT: Savannah’s Rising Stars of Business, Class of 2017 sponsored by Savannah Magazine, Kristen and her brand have been on the rise in both the local business scene as well as the national jewelry scene.




Where does she get her inspiration you ask?

“From the mountains of Virginia and hills of Tennessee to the coast of Georgia, Kristen Baird Jewelry designs pay homage to the waters, landscapes, and flora that bring to life the scenes of the South that Kristen has called home. In a time where mass manufacturing is predominant, Kristen and her team utilize and preserve traditional metalsmithing skills, as they delicately and precisely craft each piece by hand in the Kristen’s Savannah-based studio. Using sterling silver, recycled 18K gold, and ethically sourced gemstones, Kristen’s jewelry is full of color and texture with juxtaposing forms both geometric and fluid, as though the designs might have sprung organically from the natural world. Featuring pieces, like the Ripple Ring, that can be customized to fit the desires of an individual client, Kristen’s work speaks to the eco-conscious shopper that loves products with a story and a unique, customizable aesthetic.”

Pieces from Kristen Baird are displayed and sold at the Kessler Collection Grand Bohemian Galleries and have been featured in high-end publications, such as Savannah Magazine, Charleston Magazine, Charleston Style & Design, Paprika Southern, Virginia Living, Lark Books, and more.




Kristen was kind enough to invite me into her studio. It was such a unique experience to get the behind the scenes tour. To see what she starts with, and then see the finished product, I was able to witness her talent firsthand. She has so many gorgeous pieces ranging from sterling silver to fine jewelry. Want a fun fact about Kristen? Her husband bought her diamond and then gave her the freedom to design her own engagement ring. How fun would that be to design your own ring? While I loved everything she showed me, my personal favorite was the honeycomb ring with matching earrings. You can get it in silver and gold and, hopefully soon, rose gold!
I encourage you to check out her work and select a piece to add to your own jewelry collection. You can be sure that you will have a unique, hand crafted piece that is sure to stand out and make a statement.
Want to see the jewelry in person? You can check out Kristen and her work at the Telfair Art Show .  She will also have a show in Charlotte in October and another show in Savannah at the Grand Bohemian in the Fall. Check back with her website and blog for specific dates for those events.





Want to get in touch with Kristen or check out her work? Just click on one of the links below!
Social Media Tags: @kristenbairdjewelry (Insta), @kristenbairdjewelry (FB)
I hope you will consider checking out this Savannah gem! She is a true asset to our community and so very talented! I know you will love whatever you decide to purchase from her collection!



Finding Your Balance

Just like it is essential to find a balance in your fashion choices, I have found that it is crucial to find a balance in your life. I may seem constantly busy but it works for me. After a few years, I have found a perfect balance of work and play that works for me and my family.


Just like mixing a basic tee with a leather skirt is all about balance, life must also be a balance of work and play. Growing up, I really struggled with finding a good balance. I either did nothing but work and study, leaving me burnt out quickly, or I only played. It wasn’t until I found an outlet in blogging that I really started to get a handle on all areas of my life. I think blogging helped because it was something that I enjoyed that also required a sense of discipline. While it is an outlet, I have dreams for my little blog and do want it to be successful. This means that I need to be constantly gathering material, taking photos, and pushing out posts. If I am not willing to put in any effort, then I can’t expect to be successful. With the motivation to have time for blogging, I make sure that my work is done and that I have taken care of my responsibilities.



With that balance, I have to say that my family is, and always will be, my first priority. There have been many days when a stack of papers really needed to be graded but I let it wait until after dinner with my husband. There have been other days when I really needed to get a blog post posted but I put it off so that I could watch Peppa Pig with my daughter. It is this balance that keeps me sane. I realized that allowing myself time to just take a break from responsibilities, even if only for a minute, helps to keep me sane.



With blogging, especially, if it starts to feel like work, then you probably shouldn’t be doing it anymore. Throughout my blogging career, I have taken frequent breaks, just so I don’t feel overwhelmed. Stressing out about getting a post on the blog or an outfit photographed, takes away the joy that I get from writing. I think that what is most important is that I am presenting who I am as a person. Being real and honest with my followers is more important than making sure that I have at least two new posts every week. Life happens, balance is necessary, and, sometimes, we all just need a break.



If I have taken anything at all away from my journey through social media it would be that being true to who you are is the most important thing. When you realize that being real is way more important than portraying a more glamorous life, the stress melts away, priorities stay balanced, and you just have fun. I will never let myself get to the point where I no longer enjoy blogging. What would be the point? A hobby should only be a hobby and nothing more.

With anything in life, find your balance and make it work for you. It may not look like someone else’s balance but if it works for you, that is all that matters!



Tee (Use code MEGANFOWLER10 to save 10%)

Skirt | Heels | Handbag | Earrings | Sunglasses



Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post and I may receive a small commission.

Photography Courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography.

Embroidered Jacket DIY

Embroidery was huge this summer and I could not get enough of the trend. It was so perfectly boho chic and gave the perfect detail to any outfit. I was so excited to see that this trend is carrying over to the fall.

One of the things that I wanted the most for the fall was an embroidered jacket. I have seen them all over the magazines and in my favorite stores, but most of them boasted a very hefty price tag. I couldn’t justify spending that much on a piece of clothing that was essentially a trend so I decided to take matters into my own hands!


While perusing the racks of my local Goodwill, I came across the most perfect denim jacket and it was right there that my plan began to unfold. I was going to make my own embroidered denim jacket!

I did a little digging on the internet and after pricing a couple of different websites, I realized that I was going to get the best deal on eBay. I was able to refine my search to the price that I was willing to pay, as well as buyers that were offering free shipping. I decided to go with a flower theme so I chose quite a few different flower designs, as well as a bee and a bird. My favorite patch was a giant cherry blossom branch that was going to serve as the start of my vision.



If you decide to make your own jacket, I strongly encourage you to lay out your design before you secure you it on your jacket. I laid out exactly how I wanted it to look and then took a picture on my phone for reference. Once I decided exactly how I want my jacket to look, I started to secure the patches.

Almost all of the patches that I ordered were iron-on but I really wanted to make sure everything was firmly secured on the jacket. I used E6000 craft glue to glue every patch onto the jacket. Then, after I had let the glue dry, I went back over the patches with an iron to further bond the patches to the fabric.


After I had the main patch secured, I carefully layered the other patches to achieve the design I desired. I would glue a small section a time, making sure that I secured all edges. I focused the patches on one corner of the back of the jacket but I made sure to do little pops on the opposite corner, the front of the jacket, even the sleeve!







If you want me one of your own, I suggest doing one side, let it dry, then do the other side. I completed the back first and then let that dry for about 24 hours. Once I was sure it was dry, I flipped it over and completed the front and the sleeve. Because I achieved the design by layering patches, I wanted to make sure that was no chance of any patch slipping. They only way to ensure this was if everything was completely dry. After both sides had completely dried, I covered the patches with a towel and ironed over them, furthering their seal even more. I also turned the jacket inside out and went over the back of the patches, making sure that I had a good bond.



And that’s it!

It was truly an easy and affordably DIY! The hardest part was waiting the 24 hours for the glue to dry. While I have seen these jackets for upwards of $300, the total cost for this project was less than $25!

Best Part? It was completely unique, definitely one-of-a-kind, and perfectly tailored to fit my personality. Also, since I shopped at Goodwill, I was giving back to my community, and that is definitely shopping for a good cause!

I can’t wait to style this fun piece all season long! Please let me know if you decide to make one of your own! I always love to hear from you and would especially love to see your finished product!


Oh! You Look Like a Teacher!

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I tell people that I am a teacher and they respond with the comment, “You look like a teacher!”

Seriously?! What does a teacher even look like??


I have noticed recently that I very much have two wardrobes. I have my clothes that I wear to work and my clothes that I wear on the weekend. This past summer I really worked to clean out my closet of things that I no longer wore or really were not my style. I found myself holding on to clothes just for the simple fact of I could wear them to work. I realized that it was time to make some changes for a more universal wardrobe. I wanted my clothes to reflect who I was but I also wanted them to be appropriate to work.



So I started cleaning out, I mean really cleaning out. I would go through my closet again and again, getting rid of things that were too big, too worn and just simply not me anymore. I got rid a lot. If felt great to just get rid of things. The pile of hangers that amassed was almost inspiring. It encouraged to keep on pulling things out, really cutting back and focusing on things that spoke to who I was as a person.



I created a group on Facebook and carefully posted each piece of clothing. I sold it to Friends and Family at a steal and then used that money to update my new wardrobe with some fun pieces. I really tried to focus on pieces that were transitional through the seasons and that could easily be worn during the school year or on the weekends.



The results have been amazing. I love going into my closet and being genuinely happy with everything that I see. I love knowing that I can easily grab something out of my closet and  have it be ok to wear to work. I love that my wardrobe is no longer defined by my profession, but by who I am as a person.

I encourage you all to take the time and really discover your style and what makes you happy. Then, with that new-found knowledge, go through and clean out anything that doesn’t fit with that style. The results are free and, honestly, helps to make my life just a little less stressful.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions about finding and focusing your style. I always love hearing from you and would love to be able to help you build your wardrobe! Also, if you are interested in shopping my closet page, check it out here! I am happy to ship and the prices are super cheap!



Chambray | Skirt | Sandals | Handbag | Earrings | Necklace | Bracelet | Sunglasses



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A Taste of Italy: Kendra Scott Fall 2017

Nestled in the heart of Downtown Savannah, on the always bustling Broughton Street, sits a true jewel in our shopping community.


When I first heard that a Kendra Scott was coming to town, I was thrilled. I had always admired Kendra’s jewelry from afar but had not had the opportunity to see it in person. When the opportunity came for me to work closely with the store, I jumped at the chance, and so began my love affair with this gorgeous jewelry. Even more than the beautiful jewels, I love what this company stands for. Through “Give Back” parties, trunk shows and donations, Kendra Scott is constantly giving back to our community. Its been over a year since they brightened up our little city and I love them more today than I did when they first opened.

“Of all the cities I’ve visited in Italy, it is Florence that stole my heart. It’s a city filled with rich history and detail, and inspiration at every turn.” – Kendra Scott

Today I am thrilled to bring you a glimpse of the Fall 2017 collection. Somehow, Kendra has outdone herself, yet again, and has brought a sense of foreign richness to the collection. Inspired by her trip to Italy, each piece is sure to warm you up on those cool, fall days. Take a look through the pictures and be sure to click on the links and check out some of my favorite pieces. Better yet, make a purchase and take home a piece I know that you will love!


Willow Choker Necklace


Libby Statement Earrings


Lyn Drop Earrings


Athena Long Pendant Necklace


Marlowe Long Pendant Necklace


Honor Stud Earrings


Violette Stackable Ring Set


Arleen Pendant Necklace


Blithe Cocktail Ring


Saylor Long Pendant Necklace


Collin Cocktail Ring


Daria Statement Earrings


Lucielle Y Necklace


Dree Long Necklace


Misty Hinge Bracelet


Clarissa Ear Climbers


Zosia Long Pendant Necklace


Iris Statement Bracelet


I hope you love the new collection just as much as I do. I have already purchase a few pieces and I cannot wait to add more to my collection! Which piece is your favorite? I always love hearing from you!


Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post and I may receive a small commission.

Maxed Out

Y’all! The first week of school is no joke! I am simply maxed out!


As a teacher, it is always hard to find a good balance at the beginning of the school year. You want to stay late and get things done around your classroom but you are also so exhausted you can’t wait to get home and crash. When you factor into the equation that I am also a wife and a mother, it makes it even more exhausting to balance all of my responsibilities. Staying at the school until almost six has me staying awake until almost midnight, and then the cycle starts all over again the next day. If I could sleep for a week I would definitely not complain. At the end of the day, I realize that I am sacrificing my needs to meet the needs of my family and my students and that cycle simply cannot continue.



Alas, though, there is simply no time for me to sleep for a week so, instead, I have been making other little changes in my life to make sure that I take care of myself. I realized that if I continue to neglect myself, I will eventually be no good to the people around me. It is never wrong to make yourself a priority and the older that I get, the more that I realize that self-care is crucial for ensuring that I am the best version of myself. When I take a few extra moments to take care of myself, I am happier, healthier and just more successful at the tasks that I try to accomplish.



One of the things that I have done is to completely change my diet to become a Vegan. After doing a little research and talking with friends, I made the choice to cut animal meat and animal products from my diet. While it was not easy, I have never felt better in my life. My skin is clearer, my hair is healthier and I have little to no problems with my migraines. As a Vegan, I have found many yummy vegetable and grain recipes that have definitely made the process easier. I don’t feel like I am missing out on the foods that I used to eat and my family has been more than accommodating with this lifestyle change.

Since I changed my diet I have seen an increase in energy. I thought that it might be beneficial to put that extra energy towards self-care. For the past few weeks I have been attending hot yoga at The HUB in Savannah and it has quickly become my favorite day of the week. Currently I have only been attending the Candlelight Community Yoga Class once a week but, after the chaos of back-to-school slows downs, I hope to add more classes to my week. Yoga has done for my mind what becoming a Vegan has done for my diet. I think clearer, notice a decrease in my stress level and just generally have a better outlook on life.  If you are local to Savannah, I highly encourage that you check out one of the Candlelight Community Yoga Classes. They are every Thursday at 8pm and all proceeds from the class are donated to a local charity.



Even though I am tired in the mornings, I also realized that I am a more pleasant person if I take the time to put on makeup, fix my hair, and put on an outfit that I truly love. Since school has started back, I have made a point to wake up early enough to make sure that I have time to do these things. In the past, whenever I had to go to work with no-makeup or un-fixed hair, I was only able to focus on the fact that I looked “unkempt.” While at work, I really should be focused on my students and the curriculum that I am expected to teach. Taking a few minutes at the beginning of the day for myself, ensures that I am the best version of myself for my students and that makes for a very successful day.

Along with taking time for myself in the mornings, I have also implemented a great skin care routine. If you follow me Instagram, you are probably aware that I sell LipSense. LipSense is a part of the SeneGence Corporation and within that business, we also have an amazing line of skincare. After using the products for a few months, I have noticed that my skin looks more youthful, bright and clearer. I love the fact that even if I am not wearing make-up, I am going to look great. If you are interested in trying out any of these skincare products, check me out on my Facebook Group, Kiss and Makeup with Megan Fowler. I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have about the products.



If you do not do so already, I strongly encourage you to start making time for yourself. Take a yoga class, make a home cooked meal or even just get a pedicure. When you make yourself a priority, you are putting the best version of yourself out for the world to see. You will feel better, look better, smile more and just be a generally more pleasant person. And I don’t know about you, but my husband, daughter and students enjoy pleasant Megan way more than “maxed-out” Megan! Take care of yourselves friends!


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Photography Courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography.

Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post and I may receive a small commission.