The Business of Being Busy + BALADIGALA Boots

Well, my intentions of being more routine with my blog posts has not been that successful. To say that my life is busy now would be an understatement. We just sold and moved out of our house, loaded everything into a Pod, moved the essentials into my parents, and are anxiously waiting for our house to be built. The goal is this summer so send a lot of good vibes that we stay on schedule.


All of the chaos of moving is just the tip of the iceberg. I am also swamped with meetings, appointments, collaborations, daily responsibilities, and work. It is really hard to fit in a schedule of blog posts, especially when it is not my full-time job.

I really love blogging. It is my way to unwind, to express what I am feeling, and just have a safe place in my little corner of the internet. It is my own. I built it from the ground up into what it is today and have watched it mature and grow over the last three years. It is easy to feel like I need to push out a post or stay on a schedule, especially when I have so many people who have taken the time to give me a follow.



The truth is, though, that your hobby should never feel like an obligation. Lately I have realized that I only want to publish something that I am proud to have written. Something that I am passionate about in my life. I never want to get to the point that I am just pushing out content for the sake of having a post.

We get so caught up in the business of being busy that we think that we have to fit everything on our plates, writing blog posts included! In reality we should be taking a step back, only making time for what really matters in our lives, and, most importantly, making the time to take care of ourselves. I recently wrote a blog post about taking care of ourselves and I encourage you to check it out. It has a lot of great tips on how you can show your self a little love and really allow yourself the change to relax.

Relax and Unwind



I ask that you bare with me over these next few months. I am going to try my hardest to give you all fun, quality content, but I also have a lot going on in my life. My first responsibility will always be to my family, followed by work. Not matter how much I wish this little hobby of mine could be my full-time job, I have not quite gotten to that point yet so it often will get pushed to the end of my to-do list. That is real life. Most importantly though, it is MY real life and I will continue to do whatever I can to make sure that I am always putting forth my best work and effort in all that I do!

Thank you for sticking with me and supporting me these last few years. You all help to make it so much more special and are my reason why!



Now, for something a little lighter, how gorgeous are these booties?! The color, the style, the rich, fragrant leather… I am obsessed! They are from chicest little boot company called BALADIGALA. Each boot from their collection features real leather, hand painted details, studs or crystals. They are all gorgeous and are sure to become a staple in your wardrobe. The timeless design and materials means that you will be able to enjoy them for many years. My pair is called Fika Effortless (c/o) in the burgundy color. They go with almost everything in my wardrobe. I love that the color looks good with both browns and blacks. The bootie style means that I can wear them all year long. Just think how cute they would be with a little floral dress! I encourage you to check out BALADIGALA and snag a pair for yourself!



Want to shop the rest of my look? Check out these pieces and similar styles by clicking the affiliate links below:

Romper | Jacket | Earrings | Handbag | Watch c/o

Again, thank you all so much for your love and support! I encourage you all to take a step back, focus on what is important, and make time for yourself. We are only promised today and we shouldn’t waste it getting caught up in the business of being busy.




Impeccably Chic: Hanging out at The Impeccable Pig


In the heart of downtown Savannah, nestled among the Oak Trees and Spanish Moss, on the ever busy Broughton Street, just down from H&M, you can find one of the cutest little boutiques, The Impeccable Pig. This little company was started by a mother and daughter team out of Texas and now boasts 21 stores throughout the Southeast, as well as a very successful online presence.





LuLu Off the Shoulder Crop Top

I have to be honest. I only started shopping with them in the last year but once I stepped foot inside, I was hooked. It is a small store so it feels homey and welcoming. The staff is cheerful and inviting, and the adorable clothes and great price points keep you coming back for more. After a lot of chatting back and forth with the store manager, Taylor, we were finally able to put together a Blogger’s Night Out to celebrate the fabulous ladies of Savannah. This Thursday, March 29th, from 6-8pm, join us for a night of sweets and sales. Come shop all of the cute, new spring arrivals for 20% off and enjoy a selection of snacks while you shop. The best part is that I will be there all night to help you pick out outfits, put together pieces and just socialize. I am so excited to meet with all of the fabulous ladies of Savannah and I know it is going to be a great night!





Dolled Up Tassel Hoop Earrings

To get you excited for the event, I have put together some outfits with some of my favorite pieces from the store. I will link all of the items that I am able to their online boutique so that if you are not local you can still shop all of the amazing items! This is only a very small sampling of what is available in-store and on their website so I strongly encourage you to check them out. Everything is so cute and girlie with great details. The pieces are well made and all of them are at great price points. They have the best accessories, perfect for completing any look!





Come say Hi and hang out with us on Thursday! It is sure to be a great night!


Photography courtesy of Taylor Dawn Photography.

From Edgy to Chic: Styling a Leather Jacket

I have always loved a good leather jacket. There is just something about them that looks both edgy and chic and the same time. My problem with them is that I could never find one that fit me how I imagined. The arms were too tight, the jacket was too loose, or the fit was all wrong. That all changed the moment that I received this jacket (c/o) from Members Only. To say that I was obsessed would be an understatement. Even though we were on the brink of spring, I couldn’t wait to style it so many different ways.

Member’s Only Women’s Winn Moto Jacket




I really feel like a lot of people tend to style a leather jacket one specific way. It is usually styled on the edgier side with jeans or all black. In reality, a good leather jacket is an essential that really should be in everyone’s closet because it can be styled so many different ways. I have always tended to be drawn to the unexpected when it comes to my clothing choices. Whether is be a whole lot of pattern mixing, white pants in winter, or a completely unique handbag, I want my clothes to stand out and make statement. When you style a leather jacket in an unexpected way, that is exactly what you are doing. I feel like your jacket is able to stand out more and people are even more drawn to the style of your outfit.

For my first outfit, I went completely unexpected and paired my jacket with a long maxi skirt. I love the fit of this skirt because it is the perfect length to wear with cute sandals and flows and moves perfectly with each of my steps. The mixture of blue, yellow, and orange really makes a statement and then the black stripes help to pull everything in together. The sharp, black lines reminded me of the style and form of a good leather jacket so I knew that they would be a perfect fit for one another. I kept my top simple with a crisp, white tank and added some of my favorite spring accessories. Hands down, this bag is one of my absolute favorite purchases. It is perfect for spring and summer and really makes a statement. My sandals were a simple black choice and my earrings had a fun tassel design that brought out the orange in my skirt.

Top | Skirt | Sandals | Earrings | Handbag | Sunglasses




For my next look, I really wanted to focus on the colors of spring. I let this adorable, floral bag from Target be my inspiration and began pulling together items from my closet. I focused on the pretty pink, the soft lavender, and the rich green of spring. I decided to go with olive green because I felt like it was a more unexpected pairing and I really like how it helped to pull the the other pastel colors together. I feel like the ruffles on the shirt really helped to soften the whole look and give everything a more girlie vibe. I kept my bottoms simple with a classic pair of dark wash skinny jeans and finished off the entire look with that fabulous leather jacket. I love how the jacket gives a slight, edgy vibe to an otherwise feminine outfit. Each piece paired so well together giving the outfit an effortless feel. This entire outfit has quickly become a favorite and I expect it to be on repeat all season long.

Top | Jeans | Shoes | Handbag | Earrings




For my next look, I definitely went with edgier vibes. While it was fun to style a leather jacket in unexpected ways, you can’t go wrong with what is expected. Destroyed black denim, the softest, perfect chambray top, and a little snake print give this look head turning style with ease. I couldn’t got too edgy with my outfit so I added one of my favorite Dolce & Gabbana clutches for a spring pop. This bag is a few years old but it is definitely one of my favorite pieces. I love pulling it out every spring and summer and implementing it into my wardrobe. I bought it a time in my life when I was able to splurge just a little easier so I relish in the fact that I am still able to carry it around! For my other accessories I added a bright pop with my earrings and stayed classic with a pair of aviators.

Top | Skinnies | Shoes | Earrings | Sunglasses | Clutch




I definitely wanted my last look to be a dress. I feel like with a dress I can achieve a sense of edginess while staying with the charm and whimsy of a typical “Megan” outfit. To achieve this I paired a chic leopard print dress with some of my cutest accessories. In my opinion, tassels are always a good choice so I paired one of my favorite pairs of earrings with the cutest tassel handbag. I love the multi-colored tassel on the bags and how I can easily pair it with so many different outfits. It was a total steal and a great dupe for some of the other more expensive lines. For my shoes, I tried to pick a pair that mimicked the hardware of the jacket. I love the large, silver snaps and how they echo the silver hardware of the jacket. I really think it is the finishing touch to pull the entire outfit together.

Dress | Earrings | Shoes | Handbag | Sunglasses


I really hope that this post inspires you to style your leather jacket in new, fun, unexpected ways. It is so fun to play with your clothes, creating new outfits. If you do not have a leather jacket, then I definitely encourage you to add one to your closet. It is such a staple piece and, as you can see, can be worn so many different ways. If you have a fun way of styling your leather jacket, let me know in the comments below or tag me on Instagram (@beingmrsfowler)! I always love hearing from you!

Oh! And the watch featured in this post is from Daniel Wellington (c/o)! I love the mix of the brown leather and the black face and I have worn it so much since I was able to add it to my wardrobe! I encourage you to get one of your own and make sure to use code MRSFOWLER15 to save 15% on your purchase!


Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post and I recieve a small commission. If the exact item was not available to link, I linked something similar.

A Color Matching Experience with Distinctly You Image and Color Consulting

Through the world of blogging and social media, I have been privileged to meet and work with a lot of really wonderful people and local businesses. Last year, when I was hosting the “Fashion at your Pace” event with Pace Lighting, I was introduced to Victoria Baylor of Distinctly You: Image and Color Consulting. I am so happy that I had the chance to meet with her because she is a wonderful woman who is doing amazing things in our local community and beyond.



As I mentioned, Victoria is the owner of Distinctly You: Image and Color Consulting. Through her business, she works with women and men teaching them about the importance of color and how to best dress your body in the workplace. A lot of people are clueless about what looks best on their body so Victoria works with them, teaching them to pick pieces that will accentuate their best features and really help them to stand out. Much of what she does is a custom color analysis. Through this service, Victoria goes through the different color palettes and works with you to determine what colors look best with your skin tone, eye color, and other features. I was privileged enough to meet with her and had her do a Custom Color Analysis on me.



Throughout history, color has been used as a symbol for different things. When you think of the color red you probably think of love or passion. When you think of the color green, many people think of wealth or money. The question though is how do these colors affect people when they wear them. Unfortunately, not everyone can wear every color. I am sure you have realized by now but some colors probably look terrible on you. I know for me personally, I look awful in bright yellow. It washes me out and does nothing for my complexion. The same can be said for most “electric” colors. Neon pinks and greens do nothing for me so I have always tried to avoid those colors. While I knew those colors were not for me, I wanted to know if their were other colors that I should not be wearing. I also wanted to know what colors looked best on me.



Through a sampling of meticulously made fabric swatches, Victoria and I were able to try a variety of colors with my skin tone. Using only a white sheet to cover my outfit and a face without makeup, Victoria and I went through all of the seasons of colors. It was honestly really difficult at first because, as boastful as it sounds, most colors looked good against my skin-tone. Of course those neon’s did nothing for me, but most of the other colors didn’t seem to cause any problems. We finally figured out that I could best be labeled as “Muted.” According to the International Image Institute in Toronto, Canada, “The muted palette is midway between Summer and Autumn, and has the colors that both palettes share. Although you are more neutral in your undertone, you may be slightly more warm or more cool, which will help indicate your “home” season. This will help to further define your palette.”



It was such a great experience and, even though I have a love of clothes and fashion, I still learned a lot about myself and the colors that I should be wearing. It really helps me to hone my shopping, especially when I am looking for something specific, to find the perfect piece, best suited for my body in all ways.

I encourage you to check back later this week because Victoria well be back with a guest blog post, furthering explaining what she does and the services that she offers. If you are local to Savannah, I encourage that you check her out. She is truly wonderful woman that can help you a lot in the face of a wardrobe crisis!




Disclaimer: I received a complimentary color consultation in exchange for a blog post. All opinions are my own.

Relax and Unwind

Let’s be honest. Most weeks I go non-stop and have little to no time to stop. I wake up at 5:30am, pack lunches, pack bags, load Vivi in the car, head to work, teach all day, attend staff meetings, write lesson plans, grade papers, tutor after school, squeeze in doctor’s appointments, attend blogger events, schedule playdates, grocery shop, cook dinner, wash dishes, wash clothes, clean house, take care of Vivi, write blog posts, have pictures taken, edit photos, post on social media, respond to comments on social media and FINALLY get to bed only to do it all over again… Are you tired from reading that because I know I am worn out from living that life!


In the world of blogging, especially when it is not your full time job, we are notorious for stretching ourselves thin. We try to find a healthy balance but we still are often times squeezing more than we should on our plates. It is natural for things to fall off the edges. I don’t know if you noticed, but in my incredibly long list of weekly activities, I made no mention of personal care or “me time.” This is because that is usually the first thing to be cut off my overflowing plate. When prioritizing, I generally put myself last, which really is not good for my life, my health, or my sanity. Here lately I am realizing the importance of self-care and taking just a little time to do something for myself. When I take that time I am more rested, in a better mood, and more productive. It makes for a much happier Megan who is much more pleasant to be around. I get more things than done and definitely am better with time management.

So how am I taking more time for myself? It is little things here and there that I want to share with you all and encourage you to implement into your own life. I can promise that with a little self-care, you will feel like a new woman (or man!) and be a much more productive version of yourself!



Make Time for a Little Pampering

Sometimes it is nice to just sit back and let someone else take care of you. Whether you are getting a manicure and pedicure, indulging in a massage, or just getting a much needed hair cut, a little pamper session can do wonders. For me, especially now that it is warmer, I take the time to go and get pedicures. I usually grab one of my besties, drop Vivi off with one of her Grandparents, pick up a Starbucks and just sit back and relax. I pay extra for the longer foot massage and hot towels because my busy feet deserve the break. I gossip about life events, scroll through social media, and just focus on anything but my busy schedule. It is so nice to just be able to turn off my running my mind for an hour. I try to go every two weeks but if that is not possible then I definitely go once a month. It also has the bonus of giving me super cute toes all through sandal season.

I also am a member of the Southern Sugaring Sugar Society. With this monthly membership I am able to go get a Brazilian and an eye brow wax every month. It may be TMI but it is so nice to not have to worry about that little detail. I consider the girls at the salon my friends and I love drinking my wine, catching up with them, and taking care of all that unwanted hair! If you are local to the Savannah area I highly encourage you booking an appointment with Tiffani or Jessica. They are both fabulous, wonderful ladies who I love! Make sure to tell them that Being Mrs. Fowler sent you!



Lounge Around in Cute Jammies

If I am going to be spending a Saturday catching up on laundry, meal planning, and cleaning my house then I might as well be doing it in adorable jammies. Luckily I have Marley Lilly to keep me cute and comfy, complete with a perfect monogram. When my pajamas match, it just makes me feel like I have my life together. It may seem silly but I feel so much more efficient when I am doing household chores in an adorable pajama set. This set has long-sleeves with shorts which I love. It helps with my legs always being hot at night and my arms always being cold. The robe has loose, flowing sleeves so it fits easily over any pajamas. My slippers are so soft and I wear them whenever possible. They have grips on the bottom to prevent you from slipping and they are perfect for slipping into after a long day of working. I strongly encourage you to treat yourself to a comfy, matching pajama set and I can promise that you will feel much more glamorous as you take care of those household chores!

Pajamas | Robe | Slippers



Netflix and Chill

When this phrase first started I was not exactly sure what it meant, and still don’t really, but for me, it means exactly what it says. I watch a whole lot of Netflix and do not do much of anything else. When I have the time. I love taking the day to watch an entire series on repeat. I will sit in the same spot for hours watching episode after episode of all the shows that I have missed while going non-stop. It is so nice to do absolutely nothing. My mind can shut off and travel to a different place. I can be in the ER with Meredith Grey, saving Storybrooke with Emma Swan, or fighting the bad guys with Eleven, all from the comfort of my very comfy couch. I do not do it often, but when I am able, it is so nice to sit their all day, eating my snacks, sipping my wine, and informing Netflix multiple times, “Yes! I am still watching!” Here are my Top 5 Favorite shows to binge currently on Netflix:

1. Grey’s Anatomy

2. Pretty Little Liars

3. Stranger Things

4. Fuller House

5. Once Upon a Time



Indulge in a Little Retail Therapy

While I cannot do it as much as I like, my absolute favorite way to relax and unwind is with a little retail therapy. If you have been following my blog for a while then you know that I absolutely love shopping! I don’t care if it is shopping online or shopping at the mall. I love it all. I love the smell of new shoes, the crinkle of shopping bags, and the way it feels to pop a tag off of a new shirt. Add in an ice, cold Starbucks to sip and enjoy as I shop and you have one very happy, relaxed Megan! It is so nice to be able to treat myself to something new. I work hard and I feel like I should be able to spurge every now and then. But it is not just for myself. Since I have a daughter, I love buying her new things as well. The little girl clothes are so cute and she gets just as excited about new clothes. I also love all the fun little toys that she likes. She and I both love opening up a new pack a Shopkins and seeing what is inside! Seriously though, this is definitely not a way to relax that I encourage frequently but, I do think you should treat yourself every once and a while!

I hope that this post encourages you to take some time for yourself. Self care is so important and it is definitely something that everyone should take them time to do. We all work so hard so it is important that we reward our hard work. This allows us to refocus and become even more successful in our endeavors. Let me know how you unwind in the comments below! I always love to hear from you!



 Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post and I may receive a small commission. I also received these products from Marley Lilly to promote on my social media channels. All opinions are my own.

Weight Loss: Getting Down to the DNA

Like every girl, I may not like to admit it, but I am constantly worrying about my weight. While I recently lost 35 pounds, I still have about 10 pounds hanging around my middle and my thighs that need to be gone. I have continued to eat healthy and do a light workout, but the pounds have not budged. I did not know what else I could do to get them gone.


I was at a loss until I found out about the Home DNA Healthy Weight Kit. Loosing weight has a lot to do with your genetic makeup, more so that you probably realize. Just like each of our metabolisms function differently, our ability to lose weight also varies. How often we need to exercise, what exercises we need to do, and even what foods we need to eat varies from person to person. The Home DNA Healthy Weight Kit has found a way to analyze your DNA and determine what exactly that your body needs, as well as what you need to do, to make sure that you can successfully lose weight.



The process is simple. Just swab the inside of your mouth with the enclosed swabs and place in the back in their package. Then, fill out the mailing slip and slide into the pre-paid envelope. Super simple! The hardest part is waiting for your results. You will also need to create and account with Home DNA. This is how you can track your package. They will notify you when they ship your swabs, once they have received your swabs, and when your results are ready. When your results are ready, just go back to your account to view. You can view online or you can print out for easier viewing. I chose to print it out so I could easily refer to my results as needed.




The results are very thorough. You will receive almost 75 pages of information to help you on your weight loss journey. It will break down all sorts of information about your genetic makeup and then use that information to inform you of your body’s response to different exercises. It then creates a custom exercise plan for you to make sure that you are doing the best possible exercises for you body to lose weight. It will also create a custom meal plan for you, perfectly tailored to your body’s specific needs. I love that the meal plan gives you tons of options and lays out your meal for the entire day, including snacks. The Home DNA Healthy Weight Kit is a great tool that has really aided me in bettering my weight loss journey




The company has created a quick, informative YouTube video to provide additional information about the Home DNA Weight Loss Kit. I encourage you to take the time to view the video:

I also wanted to let you know that the company is offering a special just for my readers! Until April 30th, you can save $50 on your Healthy Weight Kit! This makes the kit only $69! It is such a great deal and is definitely worth that amazing price considering all of the information that you will receive. Just enter code HW50 at checkout to ensure that you receive your discount.

I definitely encourage you to consider this service and I am more than happy to help you by answering any questions that you may have. I am also pleased to inform you that I have lost an additional 5 pounds thanks to the recommendations of the Home DNA Healthy Weight Loss Kit!




Good Luck and Cheers to a Successful Weight Loss Journey!


Disclaimer: I received this product and services free for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.

Tips and Tricks for Shopping with SHEIN and ROMWE

Two of my favorite places to shop when I am on a budge is SHEIN and ROMWE. These are both amazing sites that have great deals, super cute clothes, and fun, unique pieces. The biggest thing about these two sites is that most of the clothes are made in China. Because of this, people are often asking me about sizing and quality. To help you out, I am putting together a post of all of my tips and tricks to help you shop these websites like a pro!



My first piece of advice would be to remember where you are shopping from. This is not a place that I would recommend buying basics that you think are going to last. To be able to sell these pieces at the prices that they do, the material is usually not a super high quality. I would not recommend buying your business suits or evening gowns. This is definitely a place to buy trendy items that are usually only in-style for a season. With their amazing prices, even if I only wear an item once or twice, I don’t feel bad because I did not break the bank!



My next piece of advice would be to always check the size charts. Both sites are great at giving you very in-depth measurements. Because of the way the items are made, a size is not going to be generic across the platform. You may need a large in one top and a medium in another. I always check the charts before I even consider ordering a piece. Some things just will not work for me and, while I am alright with that, I definitely want to know before I order. If any of the measurements seem like they will be tight, I will order one to two sizes larger. Chinese sizes typically run a lot smaller so do not let it discourage you if you need a bigger size. This is true for most people!



Along with the size charts, I would also recommend reading reviews on the item your are hoping to purchase. There are usually quite a few reviews on every item so your take time and read through what people have to say about the item. A lot of people add pictures and this is great because you can see how the item will fit on an actual person and not just a model. Most everything looks good on a size 00 model so I definitely prefer to see the item on someone who is an actual size. If an item does not have any reviews it is mostly likely because the item is brand new. Unless you absolutely are in love with the item, I would not recommend purchasing without first reading a review. The reviews tell you about fit, quality, material and overall appearance of the item and people are usually very honest.



My next piece of advice would be to use those coupon codes! Both sites always have some sort of deal happening so it is very beneficial to check those out when you place your order. I usually only order when I know that I am able to spend $50. That is usually the starting point for the best deals and it is the point that you need to spend to get free shipping. Because the prices are so low, you can usually get a few items so it is definitely worth hitting that point. Search through the earrings and handbags to help add items to your cart and really make the most of your purchase. The statement earrings are gorgeous and usually only $5 a piece and there is a ton of “inspired” handbags that are super budget friendly.



My final piece of advice would be to just have fun. Order something that you many not otherwise have bought. The prices are so good that you do not have to worry about feeling guilty. I like everything that I have ever ordered from SHEIN and ROMWE. No complaints. Almost everything is good or great quality and the pieces are just so unique that I really stand out in a crowd. I get more compliments on my pieces from this site than anything else in my wardrobe.  Many items I have had for a few years and I still continue to wear. They are fun, unique and trendy, and with a little care on my end, they have become some of my favorite items in my wardrobe.



Hopefully you found this post helpful! I can honesty tell you that I love shopping with SHEIN and ROMWE and I know you can find something you love. Just remember my tips and tricks and it is sure to be one of your favorite, trendy pieces! If you end up making a purchase, let me know in the comments below! I always love to hear from you!

Featured Items:

Floral Check Ruffle Top | Black Ruffle Hem Top | Pink Kimono

Floral Embroidered Button-Up | Floral Kimono | Fur Trimmed Utility Jacket


Disclaimer: Many of these items that are featured I received for free in exchange for a post. All opinions are my mine and I really do love shopping at both sites. Affiliate links are also used in this post so I may receive a small commission.

Photography courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography.