Weight Loss: Getting Down to the DNA

Like every girl, I may not like to admit it, but I am constantly worrying about my weight. While I recently lost 35 pounds, I still have about 10 pounds hanging around my middle and my thighs that need to be gone. I have continued to eat healthy and do a light workout, but the pounds have not budged. I did not know what else I could do to get them gone.


I was at a loss until I found out about the Home DNA Healthy Weight Kit. Loosing weight has a lot to do with your genetic makeup, more so that you probably realize. Just like each of our metabolisms function differently, our ability to lose weight also varies. How often we need to exercise, what exercises we need to do, and even what foods we need to eat varies from person to person. The Home DNA Healthy Weight Kit has found a way to analyze your DNA and determine what exactly that your body needs, as well as what you need to do, to make sure that you can successfully lose weight.



The process is simple. Just swab the inside of your mouth with the enclosed swabs and place in the back in their package. Then, fill out the mailing slip and slide into the pre-paid envelope. Super simple! The hardest part is waiting for your results. You will also need to create and account with Home DNA. This is how you can track your package. They will notify you when they ship your swabs, once they have received your swabs, and when your results are ready. When your results are ready, just go back to your account to view. You can view online or you can print out for easier viewing. I chose to print it out so I could easily refer to my results as needed.




The results are very thorough. You will receive almost 75 pages of information to help you on your weight loss journey. It will break down all sorts of information about your genetic makeup and then use that information to inform you of your body’s response to different exercises. It then creates a custom exercise plan for you to make sure that you are doing the best possible exercises for you body to lose weight. It will also create a custom meal plan for you, perfectly tailored to your body’s specific needs. I love that the meal plan gives you tons of options and lays out your meal for the entire day, including snacks. The Home DNA Healthy Weight Kit is a great tool that has really aided me in bettering my weight loss journey




The company has created a quick, informative YouTube video to provide additional information about the Home DNA Weight Loss Kit. I encourage you to take the time to view the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzipxL6WWaQ.

I also wanted to let you know that the company is offering a special just for my readers! Until April 30th, you can save $50 on your Healthy Weight Kit! This makes the kit only $69! It is such a great deal and is definitely worth that amazing price considering all of the information that you will receive. Just enter code HW50 at checkout to ensure that you receive your discount.

I definitely encourage you to consider this service and I am more than happy to help you by answering any questions that you may have. I am also pleased to inform you that I have lost an additional 5 pounds thanks to the recommendations of the Home DNA Healthy Weight Loss Kit!




Good Luck and Cheers to a Successful Weight Loss Journey!


Disclaimer: I received this product and services free for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.


Tips and Tricks for Shopping with SHEIN and ROMWE

Two of my favorite places to shop when I am on a budge is SHEIN and ROMWE. These are both amazing sites that have great deals, super cute clothes, and fun, unique pieces. The biggest thing about these two sites is that most of the clothes are made in China. Because of this, people are often asking me about sizing and quality. To help you out, I am putting together a post of all of my tips and tricks to help you shop these websites like a pro!



My first piece of advice would be to remember where you are shopping from. This is not a place that I would recommend buying basics that you think are going to last. To be able to sell these pieces at the prices that they do, the material is usually not a super high quality. I would not recommend buying your business suits or evening gowns. This is definitely a place to buy trendy items that are usually only in-style for a season. With their amazing prices, even if I only wear an item once or twice, I don’t feel bad because I did not break the bank!



My next piece of advice would be to always check the size charts. Both sites are great at giving you very in-depth measurements. Because of the way the items are made, a size is not going to be generic across the platform. You may need a large in one top and a medium in another. I always check the charts before I even consider ordering a piece. Some things just will not work for me and, while I am alright with that, I definitely want to know before I order. If any of the measurements seem like they will be tight, I will order one to two sizes larger. Chinese sizes typically run a lot smaller so do not let it discourage you if you need a bigger size. This is true for most people!



Along with the size charts, I would also recommend reading reviews on the item your are hoping to purchase. There are usually quite a few reviews on every item so your take time and read through what people have to say about the item. A lot of people add pictures and this is great because you can see how the item will fit on an actual person and not just a model. Most everything looks good on a size 00 model so I definitely prefer to see the item on someone who is an actual size. If an item does not have any reviews it is mostly likely because the item is brand new. Unless you absolutely are in love with the item, I would not recommend purchasing without first reading a review. The reviews tell you about fit, quality, material and overall appearance of the item and people are usually very honest.



My next piece of advice would be to use those coupon codes! Both sites always have some sort of deal happening so it is very beneficial to check those out when you place your order. I usually only order when I know that I am able to spend $50. That is usually the starting point for the best deals and it is the point that you need to spend to get free shipping. Because the prices are so low, you can usually get a few items so it is definitely worth hitting that point. Search through the earrings and handbags to help add items to your cart and really make the most of your purchase. The statement earrings are gorgeous and usually only $5 a piece and there is a ton of “inspired” handbags that are super budget friendly.



My final piece of advice would be to just have fun. Order something that you many not otherwise have bought. The prices are so good that you do not have to worry about feeling guilty. I like everything that I have ever ordered from SHEIN and ROMWE. No complaints. Almost everything is good or great quality and the pieces are just so unique that I really stand out in a crowd. I get more compliments on my pieces from this site than anything else in my wardrobe.  Many items I have had for a few years and I still continue to wear. They are fun, unique and trendy, and with a little care on my end, they have become some of my favorite items in my wardrobe.



Hopefully you found this post helpful! I can honesty tell you that I love shopping with SHEIN and ROMWE and I know you can find something you love. Just remember my tips and tricks and it is sure to be one of your favorite, trendy pieces! If you end up making a purchase, let me know in the comments below! I always love to hear from you!

Featured Items:

Floral Check Ruffle Top | Black Ruffle Hem Top | Pink Kimono

Floral Embroidered Button-Up | Floral Kimono | Fur Trimmed Utility Jacket


Disclaimer: Many of these items that are featured I received for free in exchange for a post. All opinions are my mine and I really do love shopping at both sites. Affiliate links are also used in this post so I may receive a small commission.

Photography courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography.

A Little Adventure in Matilda Jane

I have come to find that raising a tiny human is truly the most rewarding thing in the entire world.

Her imagination. Her creativity. Her thirst for life. I am amazed that I brought that tiny little miracle into the world every time that I look at her.



With an imagination that big and a smile that sweet, I just love dressing her in the cutest clothes and giving her the coolest toys to play with. Thankfully, I have found some truly amazing companies to make my life as a Mom a little easier.

First up is the adorable clothing company, Matilda Jane. I got lucky in the fact that one of my local Savannah friends is a Trunk Keeper. I love being able to see all of the new pieces as well as all of the sneak peeks of what is to come.

In this outfit, Vivi is wearing the Heartfelt Tunic. I love the fun strawberry print and the fact that the tunic can easily be layered with jeans or leggings. My child LOVES strawberries so she was so excited to wear this cute top. Instead of pants, I chose to layer the tunic with the Square Dance Overall. I cannot get over how cute these overalls are. They are so incredibly soft and the polka detail is absolutely adorable. They are adjustable so she will be able to  wear them for the next few years.




I love Matilda Jane because their fun patterns and prints really capture the essence of childhood. She looks like my baby when she wears their clothes and I love seeing her innocence and curiosity come to life.

Matilda Jane also makes clothes for teens and adults that are super cute. Every piece has a touch of whimsy. Whether it be through a ruffle or a peplum hem, you know that you are getting a special piece, perfect for every girlie-girl or those who are a child at heart.




Another one of our favorite companies is Little Adventures. I have posted about their dress up clothes previously  in another post and we still love them just as much. Feel free to check out the post and see Vivi frolicking around in the Spanish Princess Dress. These dresses are amazing, look very similar to some of our favorite characters, and they can be washed in the washing machine. There have been many days that she wears the dress all day and she loves wearing them out to run errands.

Little Adventures recently released a new product called Novelty Wings. These adorable wings velcro around the neck and have little loop holes for fingers. Once on, Vivi was able to dance around, pretending that she was a butterfly, or imagine that she was a unicorn flying high in the air. Just like their dresses, the wings are machine washable and a super great quality.



To celebrate this product release, I am hosting a little giveaway over on my Instagram account! Want to earn an extra entry, just leave a comment below and tell me your favorite thing to do with your kids or grandkids! Also make sure that you are subscribed to my blog so you don’t miss out on a single post. If you can’t wait and want to go ahead and order something adorable, just enter code MRSFOWLER15%​ at checkout to save 15% off your entire purchase. The dresses and wings are super affordable so you can get a really good deal on an adorable outfit with the code! They also always offer FREE SHIPPING in the USA. This would be perfect to add to an Easter basket, or just surprise your little prince or princess!

I can’t wait to see what you get! Let me know or tag me in your pictures on Instagram! I always love hearing from you!




Spring has Sprung

I am loving that it is starting to warm up here in Georgia. We have had some exceptionally cold days and, while I do love the cold, too much starts to freeze my Southern blood. Here recently, on a very nice day, I was able to style some outfits for spring. It was so nice to be able to pull out my lighter layers and some of my favorite spring accessories.





The first look features the cutest light-weight thermal from Tobi. To add a little extra style to the top, I left the two bottom buttons unbuttoned and added a knot. I love the added detail and it makes the top that much more special. The material is super light weight so I know that I will easily be able to style the top with white skinnies or a cute pair of shorts in the coming warmer months.

For this look, I opted for a great pair of destroyed denim. This pair runs large and long! They are absolutely amazing but I had to order one size down and order a short! That never happens with my long legs! I also added some super cute accessories that I plan on styling on season long. I cannot say enough about the earrings. They are even cuter in person and have some really amazing details. I have already worn the shoes more times than I care to admit. They are super comfortable and go with almost anything. The handbag doubles as a backpack so it is perfect for keeping my hands free to chase my super fast toddler.

Thermal | Skinnies | Shoes | Handbag | Earrings



DL2A2650 copy


For my next look, I piled on all of the layers to create the cutest “weekend-ready” look! The star of this look is this super comfortable black shift dress from Tobi. The material is so soft and it has the best fit. I paired it with a great fitting chambray to give it a more casual look. I knotted the chambray for extra detail.

The accessories really stand out in this outfit as well. Instead of using a necklace or pair of earrings, I opted for a bandanna. This helped to up my casual vibe and really gave the outfit an unexpected look. I also love that the knot in the chambray mimics the knot in the bandanna. For shoes, I threw on my favorite tennis shoes, so I could really keep up with my active toddler. I swear, she runs faster that I do most days! To cover up my un-washed locks (#momlife) I decided to go with a hat. This one is so cute and has the perfect sized brim. It is great for everyday wear and beyond affordable. I finished the look with the cutest Kate Spade Camel bag and an adorable pair of heart-shaped sunnies!

Dress | Chambray | Shoes | Handbag | Bandanna | Sunglasses | Hat



DL2A2729 copy


For my last look, I pulled out my absolute favorite spring shoes and handbag and decided to mix up the seasons. This Tobi bell-sleeve top has the best velvet detail down the side. It features a thick, black stripe, paired with a smaller blue stripe by the wrist. I really feel like it was an unexpected detail for the top and I love how well it paired with my spring accessories. But the details don’t stop there on the top! There is definitively a party in the back when you turn around and reveal a cute knot detail, that shows just a hint of skin. It is such a fun addition and will really help to carry this top over to the summer.

To add even more detail, these jeans have a great button fly. I actually did not own a pair of button-fly jeans so I am happy to now have a pair in my collection. I also added a great pair of monogrammed sunglasses and a fun pair of tassel earrings. There are so many great tassel earrings in stores right now and most of them are super affordable. I love that the statement earring trend is carrying over into the spring because it was my favorite trend from the fall and winter months!

Top | Skinnies | Shoes (similar) | Handbag | Sunglasses | Earrings

Hopefully all of these looks give you some inspiration for spring. I am definitely looking forward to the warmer months and cannot wait to put even more outfits together!


Photography courtesy of Hilary Hull Photography.

Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post and I may receive a small commission.

Southern Motherhood: A Mom’s Night Out

Through this little world of blogging, I have been privileged to work with so many amazing companies and brands. What is the best is when you get to connect with even more amazing people.



That is exactly what happened when I received an invitation to attend a Mommy Blogger Dinner. A beautiful calligraphy addressed invitation, done by One Nine Design Co., arrived in my mailbox and that was just the first sweet surprise. I was thrilled at the chance for a night out and even more thrilled for a chance to connect with other Mom Bloggers. It is always great to find a group of women that you can connect with on so many different levels.



We all met at the sweetest little house that was rented through Savannah Air BnB. It was quaint and had so much charm, just like the streets of our gorgeous city. I was greeted by some truly gorgeous ladies, a beautiful tablescape designed by our hostesses, Faythe and Kate, and a chilled glass of Barefoot Wine & Bubbly Rose‘. These lovely ladies are both editors over at Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy Magazine. The blooms for the table were provided by Ivory and Beau and they were simply stunning.




We spent some time chatting before we were treated to a yummy meal prepared by Faythe. We enjoyed a fresh Strawberry Salad, followed by Deconstructed Smoked Salmon & Potato Soup. There was also lots of crusty Italian Bread, great for dipping!

The best part of the night came with dessert. It was a decadent Chocolate and Strawberry Cake by Vintage Soul Cakes. It was a masterpiece to look at and a true delight for your taste buds. I was given a very large piece and I have to say that I definitely ate it all.




It truly was an amazing night and it was so nice to be pampered and just relax for an evening. As a Mom, I don’t often get moments like that to myself so it was nice to be able to sit back and enjoy every minute. Each of the ladies that I was privileged to spend the evening with is just a remarkable woman who is really tackling Motherhood like a boss. None of us claims to be perfect, but we all just try to do the best we can it whatever circumstances we are given. We have so many different backgrounds but we were able to connect over the fact that we are Moms. That right there is a unique tribe of women who can tackle whatever life throws at them.



I encourage you to check out each of their blogs and Instagrams. I am constantly inspired by each of them and count myself lucky to call them my friends.

Kelsey from Pardon My French | Instagram

Kailey from Little.Miss.Payne | Instagram

Tori from Life After a Little | Instagram

Julia from Glitter & Juls | Instagram

If you want to check out more about the night, make sure to check out the original post over at BL Mommy! Also, these gorgeous photographs were taken by our host, a fellow Mommy, Kate of Kate Laraine Photography. If you are local to Savannah, I highly encourage you book her to take your family photos. If not, then definitely check out her Instagram for lots of photos of her adorable children! If you are a local Mommy, stay tuned because we have a lot of other fun Mommy events planned for this year!



A Love Letter from Being Mrs. Fowler

I am going to be perfectly honest with you, today was rough.


My engagement has been terrible on Instagram, my students were a little on the wild side, and I am getting sick again. Second time losing my voice this year. I am just done.

In moments like this, it is so easy to get down, depressed and discouraged. I found myself dwelling on so many things that I really didn’t have control over. Things that, in the grand scheme of things, really don’t matter.



I don’t know why I care so much about little things like engagement on my Instagram posts or how many people comment on my pictures, but I do. I am only human and we live in a society that is literally run by social media. It is no wonder we get frustrated. I saw a quote today that really got my wheels spinning. It said, “Social media is training us to compare our lives, instead of appreciating everything we are. No wonder why everyone is depressed.”


How true is that statement?



We are comparing our lives to people’s best days. To people’s perfect pictures.

Do you really think that is how their life is the majority of the time? I can promise you that their lives are not even like that on a daily basis. They are staged, brightened, smoothed and edited. And even though I know this, I still find myself comparing my life to everyone I see. I get frustrated when I don’t have as many followers, jealous of their designer handbags, and just envious of their “perfect” lives.

The great Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

Again I will say it… Wow!

How easily we let ourselves forget this quote from just a truly inspirational leader. I can say this because I am constantly forgetting. I am constantly comparing myself to others. It is no wonder we get down and depressed.



So now I get to the love letter portion of this post. I am here to tell you that I think that you are enough. I think that your life is beautiful in all of its messy glory. I love your sink full of dishes, your pile of unfolded laundry, and your no-makeup face. And do you know why I love all of these things? Because my life is the same way!

Truth time!

I maybe wash clothes once a week but, more often than not, it is really like every two weeks. I wash my hair only once a week and only look decent because of dry shampoo. On an almost daily basis I put myself in bed at a decent time but don’t fall asleep until 11 because I am surfing the internet, and then I proceed to hit snooze 17 times the next morning because I am too tired to wake up. I never make up my bed and I put Vivi in bed with me on Saturday morning so she can watch cartoons while I sleep. It’s not bad parenting or bad adulting, it is just real life. A real life that, amidst all the mess, is beautiful because it is all mine.



The same can be said for you and your life. It is beautiful, in all of its messy glory, because it is all yours and nothing or no one can take that away from you. I love it and you should as well! I love everything about you and I am so thankful for your support. I love that you take time out of your busy lives to like and comment on my pictures. I love that you take the time to read my blog posts. I love that you view my Instastories. You know what? I just love you!

You are the reason why I continue to post. You are the reason why I press on. You are what makes all the hard work, time and effort so worthwhile.

This Valentine’s Day I am so thankful for you. I encourage you to show yourself a little love today because your definitely deserve it!


Outfit details and similar styles:

Button-Up | Romper (c/o) | Earrings | Sandals | Handbag


Photography courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography.

Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post and I may receive a small commission.


A Valentine’s Inspo

It seems like yesterday we were celebrating New Years and now here we are, already half way through February. February is always a busy month but one thing I am always happy to make time for is Valentine’s Day.

While I firmly believe that you don’t really need a day to show someone how much you love them, it is always nice to get dressed up and celebrate on a day just for love.

The great thing about Valentine’s Day is that it is no longer just for couples. It can be a day to spend with your best girlfriends, a day to celebrate your children, a day to show yourself some love, and, of course, a day to spend with your significant other. I have put together three different outfits to serve as some inspiration for your Valentine’s festivities and I know that one of them will work for whatever you have planned!

A Little Self Love





For my first look, I went with a casual vibe, perfect for hanging out and showing yourself a little self love. Whether you are shopping, treating yourself to a manicure, or indulging in your favorite dessert, this is the perfect cute and casual look. I decided to feature two of the biggest styles of this season, chenille and velvet. I love the mix of textures and these colors give off the girliest vibes. My favorite part of the whole look would have to be this super fun Kate Spade tote. It is so roomy! I can put all of my essentials, as well as Vivi’s, and still have room to spare. I finished off the look with my favorite pair of stud booties and the cutest little tassel earrings. This look is the perfect mix of cute and casual and will keep you both festive and comfy!

Sweater | Skirt | Handbag | Booties | Earrings

Galentine’s Day Celebration





For my next look, I went with bright colors and a fun print that would be great for a night out with your Girlfriends. Sometimes a Valentine’s Day is best spent with all of those fabulous ladies in your life. Grabbing drinks, dancing the night away and just spending time with the people that always have your back really does sound like an amazing way to spend Valentine’s Day. The print on this jumpsuit was just gorgeous. I was instantly drawn to the colors as soon as I saw it in the store. I pulled out the pink with this fun, velvet blazer. I finished off the look with my newest clutch from the Studio DIY Can’t Clutch This subscription, because everyone knows that Pizza is the real MVP on Valentine’s Day!

Blazer | Romper | Heels | Earrings 

A Night Out With My Hunny





For my final look, I went full glam, perfect for a night out with my Hubby. I was really inspired by my friend Mireille over at City Peach. She recently posted the cutest tulle cape and sequin socks and I was in love. After seeing her post I went and ordered my own cape and sequin socks. At the time, I had no idea when I would actually get to wear them but while pulling outfits for this post, I knew that would be perfect for this fun Valentine’s look. I love any excuse to dress up and these two items really gave my look the perfect finishing touch for a night out. I paired the items with the cutest little blush dress. This dress was an H&M find that I found on sale for $6! I couldn’t believe my luck. The dress had a looser fit so I cinched the waist with a cute belt. So I could wear the socks, I picked a classic pair of suede booties and then finished my look with gorgeous, blush tassel earrings. And because no look is complete without a little Megan whimsy, I added another fun Kate Spade bag. This little penguin is all dressed up and ready for his night out as well! This look was so much fun and I just loved spinning around in the little tulle cape.

Dress | Tulle Cape | Socks | Booties | Earrings | Handbag

I hope that you enjoyed all of my Valentine’s outfits! I am sure that one of these ideas will work for whatever you have planned, or at least give you some ideas for what to style from your own closet! The best thing about every piece was that I found it already in my closet! Nothing was bought for these pictures and it was so much fun, and a challenge, to put together outfits using items that I already owned! I encourage you to shop your own closet and do the same. Let me know if you go with any of my suggestions. I would love to see what you style for your Valentine festivities! I always love hearing from you!


Photography was courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography.

Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post and I may receive a small commission.