Bloggers FALL For Plaid

Plaid… it is the epitome of Fall.

It is the perfect staple that everyone should have in their closet! It can be worn so many different ways with so many different styles so there is literally something for everyone!

That is way this perfect basic is the perfect way to start out a weekly fall trend linkup! I am excited to be teaming up with a group of awesome ladies to be sharing some of our favorite fall trends for the next few weeks. Each week has a different theme and we will all style that theme according to our personality. This week the perfect fall plaid is featured and I am loving everyone’s looks!


For my plaid trend, I went with the classic button-up. What is great about a button-up is that they can literally be worn by anyone. With a variety of shapes, style, material, color and patterns, there is literally something for everyone, no matter their body type.



My plaid is super affordable and was purchased from Wal-Mart for less than $13! I love the color palette because the grey is unique and unexpected. I paired my plaid with a pair of destroyed denim from American Eagle to give it an edgy vibe.



Playing on the edgy vibe of my denim, I went with a fun, stud bag and one of my favorite Kendra Scott rings. The Naomi three-finger ring says I mean business with a touch of druzy glam. My watch is Michael Kors and really stands out in this bright, blue color. My booties were purchased from TJ Maxx and I love the mule style. It is a really unexpected shoe style, especially for the fall, so I love the extra detail that it adds to my outfit. They are a beautiful grey suede making them the perfect neutral!



The great thing about all these pieces is that something similar can be found at almost any store. They are all classic pieces with a little character so they will remain in style for years to come! I love the versatility of each piece and how I can easily use them with other outfits in my closet.


Shirt (similar) | Skinnies | Booties (similar) | Handbag (similar) | Ring | Watch | Sunnies

Now that you have seen how I style my plaid, why not go check out all of these other Fab ladies! And while you are it, show them some love and give them a follow. They all have great style and I love seeing how each of them styled their plaid. It is so fun to see each of our personalities shine through and I am excited to get even more ideas from them over the next few weeks! You can also check us out on Instagram by searching the hashtag #bloggersFALLfor to see all of our pictures!

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Photography Courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography

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Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

 Guess who’s back??!!

For those of you who have been living under a rock, my hometown of Savannah was just hit by Hurricane Matthew and our beautiful season was marred by its path of destruction. Many are still without power and it is just truly devastating. I have never seen so many uprooted trees in my life. Beautiful homes were torn apart or left underwater and many lost everything. But through this all, our community has come together, united, to help those who were struck by tragedy.


Luckily, my home was spared. We lost a few trees and one came dangerously close to our bedroom, but we never lost power! Thank you underground power lines! We did, however, lose cable and internet and that is the reason for my brief hiatus. We evacuated early Thursday morning and were able to return home on Sunday. We finally got internet access back yesterday and I could not wait to catch up with all my wonderful readers!

So thank you for your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. I ask that you continue to pray for our beautiful city that I love so much, specifically for those who have lost everything. Thank you for being patient during my hiatus and for sticking with me these past few years!

Now enough of the heavy…



It is finally starting to feel like Fall in Savannah and our cooler temps have me wanting to pull out all of my favorite layering pieces. A new addition to those pieces is this fabulous olive jacket. It is made from a thicker material than your basic cardi and is just long and fabulous. Olive is such a great color for the Fall because it really is a great basic. It goes with so much so it can easily be implemented into your existing wardrobe. That is also the great thing about this jacket. It has great lines and details and was easy to add with pieces in my wardrobe. It was also at an amazing price point, which makes my wallet very happy!



Since my outfit mostly consisted of basics, I went with edgier accessories. My favorite leopard flats were necessary because leopard just makes everything so much better. My clutch is an older find from Forever 21 but I will link some similar pieces below. My necklace was c/o of Kendra Scott and I just love the gunmetal detail. It definitely takes my look to another level, going above and beyond being simply basic. My sunglasses are a few years old and are Tory Burch. I love wearing big frames because I feel like they accent my face better than something smaller. This pair of sunglasses means a lot to me because it was one of the first pair of designer sunglasses that I purchased for myself. They were also the first item that I owned by this fabulous designer.


While I do love fashion, this past week has made me realize what is really important in life. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many pairs of shoes or designer handbags that own, what matters is having family and friends beside you, supporting you and lifting you up. This hurricane had me so worried for my family friends and I am happy to say that they are all ok with little to no damage to their houses. I am so grateful that we made it all out safely on the other side of this natural disaster and I pray that it is something we never have to experience again.


Jacket (similar)Blouse (similar) | Waxed Skinnies (Similar) | Necklace | Sunnies (similar) Handbag (similar) (similar) (similar) | Flats (similar) (similar)

Until next time my sweet readers, and hopefully it is not as much time between posts!


Photography: Andrea Kinnear Photography + Design

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What’s In My Bag

Now that I am a Mom, I have noticed that contents of my handbag have drastically changed. Besides the random Cheerio or baby spoon, there are a few essentials that I have found that I always need with me!


Through 9 months of trial and error, here is what I have found works for me and usually makes it from one bag to the next!


First, to keep things organized, I use my old Ipsy bags to organize the contents of my handbags. This makes it easy to find exactly what I am looking for and it makes it easy to switch from one bag to another.


In my first bag I keep all of my lip products. My favorite everyday gloss is the Creme de’ Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm by Dior. It is super hydrating and the smell is amazing. The little pot also lasts a really long time. My favorite colored gloss is the Butter Gloss by NYX. The smell absolutely amazing and give your lips great color. The best time to buy them is when they are buy one, get one half off at Ulta! I also having been carrying around the Amuse Bouche Lipstick by Bite Beauty in the color Beetroot. It is such a great red for my skin tone! It also smells amazing!


The next bag includes all of my handbag must-haves. I also have to Instant Hand Sanitizer with me. I am allergic to a preservative that is in a lot of products, specifically hand soap, so if I cannot read the ingredients list then I cannot use the product. I also keep two products from the company Solemates in my bag. The first is Sole Serum. This little serum is like tylenol for your feet. If your feet are hurting then just rub it on and you will be pain free! I also have the Blister Blocker. I just rub a little of this on my feet and it keeps my shoes from rubbing and causing blisters. I also keep eye drops, perfume, nail polish and hand creme, because you never know if you are going to have a mishap or need a little pick-me-up!


Since Mom Life is now my current life, I also keep things to make my day a little easier. The first is my Mama and Little Teething Necklace. This necklace keeps my jewels out of my sweet girl’s mouth and it really helps to soothe her aching gums. The unique design also means that it will not hit the floor and become covered with germs! I also usually have a teething toy of some sort in my bag. This teether is shaped like a waffel and is from a company called Little Toader. They have a whole line of teethers shaped like food called AppeTEETHERS! I also try to keep snacks with me to prevent a melt-down. I love keeping snacks in my Itzy Ritzy Snack Happens Reusable Bags becuase it prevents waste and easily wipes clean!


I also always have to have a cute wallet! I love the wallets from Target becuase they are constantly getting new styles with pretty pints or fun sayings. This particular wallet is a card wallet and, of course, it is full of gift cards and coupons to my favorite stores!

And that makes up the basics of my handbag essentials! Of course, I also have things like keys, cellphone and sunglasses, but everybody has those things! What do you keep in your handbag? Any essentials that you cannot live without? I would love to know in the comments below!


Mrs. Fowler

Styling my Bump

As I mentioned in a previous post… I am EXPECTING!!

It has been super exciting watching my baby grow and the place that I have seen that growth the most is in my belly. It has been quite frustrating at times when getting dressed in the morning because I am really at a stage between my regular clothes and maternity clothes. Some mornings I can button my pants just fine, but here lately, I find myself stretching a ponytail holder or rubber band through my button hole to its limit.

Photo retrieved from

No matter how frustrating it may be, though, my belly is only going to get bigger so I have a few tips that I have learned to share with you!!

1. When in Doubt, Oversize it!!

I have always been drawn to oversized tops and cardigans. I love the mix of baggy with fitted and since my pants of choice are usually skinnies, it is my tops that become baggy. This has become very useful in my pregnancy because I have many tops already in my wardrobe that work, not only now, but further into my pregnancy. Here are a few examples of some of my larger tops and cardis and how I have styled them with my new accessory: a baby bump!!

IMG_0217  IMG_0012  IMG_0206

2. Buy a Size Larger!!

This is tip that I have discovered that really only works with tops. Pants either fit, or they don’t which is why I have already invested in a few pair of maternity pants. I find that if I am comfortable with my pants then I feel a little more put together and not so disheveled. Tops, however, are a different story. As a girl who loves to shop I have not been able to stop, even though I am pregnant. Instead I have found myself buying one size larger. Since I am purchasing regular tops instead of maternity tops, I will be able to wear them after my pregnancy. They also will fit perfectly with my belief in oversized items!! Remember my motto… “When it Doubt, Oversize it!!” Here are a few examples of tops that I have recently purchased in a larger size.

IMG_0062  IMG_0039

3. Don’t be Afraid of Fit! Show Off That Bump!

When I was keeping my pregnancy a secret I tried to steer clear of my tops that were more fitted. I started showing early so I wore my bigger clothes for a while. Now that everyone is aware of my pregnancy, I am taking full advantage of my tees and showing off my little bump!! I am finally too a point where I don’t feel sick all of the time and I can feel my little bundle moving around. I feel great so why not show off this huge blessing??!! Don’t be scared of what people will say or how you look! Know that you look fabulous and that you are just showing off your superpower… growing a new life!! Here are a few of my fitted tee looks.

IMG_0139  IMG_0129

4. Accessorize!!

Nothing shows off your new bump better than accessories!! I have found myself drawn to accessories even more than usual during my pregnancy. I love how scarves frame my little bundle and a lot of my necklaces hit at just the right spot on my belly. I have even made a necklace to show when I am due (pictured with the orange top)! Accessories have always made me feel great, so on a day when I am even more tired than usual they are a perfect, easy pick-me-up! Check out my accessories in these outfits!

IMG_0075  IMG_0145

5. Add a Jacket or Cardi

I am absolutely loving jacket and cardigans this pregnancy because they fit my belly!! I have never been one to button up a jacket or cardigan so it doesn’t really matter than my belly (and my boobs) have gotten bigger. My cardis still fit and are a great way to add some life to an outfit. Luckily, I have only gained weight in my belly so I have not had to worry about bigger arms. I am hoping (fingers-crossed!!) that I will remain this lucky so I can keep on dressing up my outfits with all my cute cardis. Check out the cardis in these outfits!

IMG_0136  IMG_0181  IMG_0224

I hope that you have enjoyed these tips!! Remember that these are only my tips and suggestions and if they don’t work for you, then try to find something that does. Just like ever regular body type, every pregnant body type is different. I struggles for weeks, and even still struggle, with days of exhaustion, frustration and a feeling of being disheveled, but these few pointers at least helped me to get to work in one piece!! Please feel free to leave me any questions or comments below and I also would love to hear your tips!!

Thanks for Being So Fabulous!!


Mrs. Fowler