Mrs. New Bootie

Every season, I pick a few of the must-have trends that I need to add to my wardrobe. This fall, one of those trends was the over-the-knee boot.


While I own a lot of boots, I have been loving the boots that cinch over-the-knee for a more fitted look. I looked at quite a few stores, dragging my husband around to get his opinion. I really wanted a good neutral color that I could wear with a lot of different options. Luckily, when I walked into my local DSW, these grey stunners caught my eye. I tried them on and I was sold. My husband even liked them!

After wearing them for a full day I can tell you that they stayed tied and cinched and I had very little problem with them slipping. While it did not slip somewhat throughout the day, I was very pleased with how well they stayed up on my leg.




Since I really wanted the boots to be the highlight of my outfit, I opted for this adorable skirt. While this skirt is from last year, I found an almost identical option for a steal that I will link for you below. I sized up in the skirt so it would sit lower on my waist and be a little longer. My legs are very long and the super mini does not work when you are chasing around a very active toddler. I finished off my look with a basic white button-up and one of my favorite blazers from my local Goodwill. If you have not checked out my blog post for shopping for blazers at Goodwill then you are missing out! This is one of my favorite items to shop at Goodwill for and I love that I am adding a staple to my wardrobe while helping my community.



I firmly believe that accessories can make an outfit and my accessories are definitely not an exception to this rule. While my belt and bag both look like they could be more expensive, they are actually amazing dupes! I will admit that I absolutely love a good designer find. I have a bucket list of designer items that I hope to own one day. Until I am able, though, I love finding items that look more expensive but are well within my budget. I will link my belt and bag and you definitely need to snag them while they are still available.




What trends are you loving this fall? Anything that you are hoping to add to your wardrobe? I have a few more exciting pieces to share with  you over the coming weeks so definitely check back! And leave me a comment! I love hearing from you!

Shop my look with exact and similar styles below!

Button-Up | Skirt | Blazer | Boots | Handbag | Belt | Sunglasses



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Can You See Me?

I am camouflaged! Can you see me?


I have had these camo skinnies for years, and lately, I have been wearing them non-stop. I love seeing all of the different ways that I can mix them up and just how many outfits that I can make out of them. It is fun to create something completely new out of a very distinct pair of pants. I have to say that this pairing is one of my absolute favorites. It has such rich, vibrant colors that it is hard not to love this outfit.



My mustard sweater was a steal at my local H&M and I love the oversized fit. I paired it with a darker wash chambray to really play up the richness of the colors in this outfit and I love the result. Pieces like this are definite neutrals in my closet because they truly do go with so many things. I have at least 5 chambrays of varying colors in my closet because, for me, I would much rather where that on days that I don’t know what to wear, instead of a t-shirt. As for oversized sweaters, I tend to gravitate towards the ones that are made of thinner fabrics. Living in South Georgia means that I really don’t get a Winter so their is really no need for something thick and bulky. The thinner sweaters can easily be paired with shorts in the Spring to give me more bang for my buck and a wider variety in my wardrobe.



I keep my accessories on the neutral side since I had gone with vibrancy in my clothing choices. You can’t beat a great nude pump and I love the heel height on this pair. As a teacher, I am constantly on my feet so I really need comfort when trying on a pair of shoes. I tend to wear flats most often but, lately, I have been trying to add some great heels into the mix. A kitten heel is perfect for giving me a little extra height while also keeping my feet happy! My clutch was purchase at a J. Crew Clearance store a few years ago and it was less than $10! Did I mention it is real leather?! Also, if you have never had the chance to go to a J. Crew Clearance store then you are missing out! They have amazing prices. Like an outlet on steroids! The one we went to was right outside Asheville in North Carolina and I will definitely be visiting it again this Summer!



My jewelry is, of course, Kendra Scott. If you haven’t guessed already, I am a little obsessed with the collection. My necklace was from the Winter launch and my ring was from the Spring launch. Next week, the Summer collection hits stores and I am beyond excited! Vibrant colors, bead and tassels are just a few things to be featured on the new pieces so stay tuned! I am so excited to go check it out and I will definitely be featuring all of my faves on the blog!



How are your favorite ways to wear camo? Let me know in the comments! I love to hear from you!

Sweater | Chambray | Skinnies | Heels | Necklace |Ring | Clutch | Lipstick



Photography Courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography

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Tunic 101: What, Where and How to Buy My Closet Staple


One of the questions that I get asked the most is,”Where do you buy all of your tunics?” It is no secret that I love me a great tunic so I have acquired quite the collection over the last few years.They are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing because they can be worn so many different ways. I love to wear them with leggings, jeans and even shorts. They can be worn alone, with cardis or even knotted for a completely different look. I also love that they are perfect for any body type. The loose material doesn’t hug to tightly so they are perfect for baby bumps, postpartum bellies, PMS bloat or even when you just ate one to many cupcakes. Bottom line, I am obsessed.


Honestly I search for them in every store that I shop. Target, Nordstrom, Wal-Mart, Forever 21, T.J. Maxx… you name it. Boutiques are another place to find tunics. I have found many cute ones in my favorite Insta shops! No matter where though, if it has an amazing tunic, I will find it!

But the best place that I have found to purchase tunics is Amazon. At least 80% of my tunics were bought with Amazon Prime and arrived on my doorstep in just two days! Not only this, but most were purchased for $20 or less! So I am here to share all of my tunic secrets with you! So sit back, read, and get ready to click links to shop!


The tunics that I have from Amazon come in a variety of sleeve links. I have sleeveless, short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve and long sleeve. You thought I was kidding when I told you I was obsessed! If you are looking to only purchase a few, the best option would probably be short sleeve or 3/4 sleeve. This sleeve length gives you more options of how to style the tunics. They can be worn alone in the spring or summer without getting to hot and then layer easily in the fall and winter for added warmth.

Sleeveless | Short Sleeve | 3/4 Sleeve | Long Sleeve


Another option that you have is hemline. While most of my tunics have a hem that is straight across, you also have the option of handkerchief, hi-low and even ruffle. A straight hemline will give you the most versatility because it is the most basic but sometimes it is fun to add a touch of whimsy with a little ruffle.

Straight | Hi-Low | Handkerchief | Ruffle


You final major option when purchasing a tunic is the length. Most of my tunics hid about mid-thigh. They are a true tunic and cannot be worn as a dress. I do have a few tunics that are little longer. They sit right above the knee and are great to wear in the summer with a cute pair of sandals. Because the material is thinner, make sure to wear a slip underneath if you chose to wear it as a dress. Being able to see your panties through your clothes will never be in style!

True Tunic Length | Dress Length

Here a few quick outfits that I threw together to show you just how versatile these tunics are in my closet.




Alone, with leggings or with jeans… whatever you decide, I know that these tunics will become just as much a staple for you as they have for me!

Here a few blog posts where I am wearing these tunics, or something similar, so you can see just how versatile they are in my wardrobe.

Looking Back | Bloggers FALL For Leopard | I Should Probably Just Sell LuLaRoe

Family Reunion Fashion


I also found tunics at a few other stores that I either own or am currently coveting!

Striped Tunic | Cold Shoulder Tunic | Patched Tunic | Tie Dye Tunic | Off The Shoulder | Criss Cross Tunic | Boyfriend Tunic | Poplin Tunic |  Custom Game of Thrones Tunic

I hope you all found this post informative! Remember, search for a tunics in whatever store you happen to be shopping! You never know what you might find!


Photography Courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography

Sizing Note: In all of the tunics purchased from Amazon, as well as most of the tunics that I own, I am wearing a size Large.

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Bloggers FALL For: A Look Back

I recently had the privilege to team up with some fabulous blogger babes to share some our favorite fashions for the Fall. It was so much fun! I not only got a lot of great style ideas, but I also made a lot of great new friends. I really love how the world of social media can bring people together. It is crazy to think of a time before we were blessed with this privilege. I would probably have never come into contact with these wonderful ladies! While it can be stressful at times, I love the world of social media and all it has added to my life. But, to get back on topic, here is a look back on the trends we highlighted!




We started off by sharing everyone’s favorite: plaid! Plaid is such a classic statement. You can dress it up or down and I know it will remain in style for years to come. Whether it is a shirt, scarf or even pants, everyone needs a little plaid in their lives!




I love how a braid can add a little something extra to any hairstyle. With just a few twists of your hair, you can take a basic look to a glam one. They can easily be implemented into most hairstyles and they are super easy to do! My favorite way to wear them? With my favorite messy up-do!




Leopard is probably one of my all-time favorite prints to wear. I am constantly looking for ways to implement it into my outfits. I truly believe that leopard is a neutral so why not wear it as much as I can?! These leggings are so fun to wear and they really made a statement with this outfit.

Long Cardi



The long cardi is probably my favorite newer trend. They have been around for a few years now but have really been popping up everywhere this season. I love how they pull an outfit together making it more polished and put-together. Plus, they are like walking around in a comfy bathrobe!

Bold Lips



This trend is something that is pretty new for me. I have always been scared of a darker lip because I felt that it washed me out. After trying a few different reds though, I realized that there really is a red for every skin tone. I love the statement that it makes and how it accents one of my best features: my smile!

Want to check out the original blog posts? I have linked them about each set of pictures! Also, be sure to check out the blogs of the other fabulous ladies! I know they would love your support!

Simply Pett //  Stripes In Bloom // Hometown Heels // Heathered Hearts // Middle of Somewhere // Finding Alexandra // Hello Pretties // Everyday Ellis // Fashion Style Foodie

Want to shop some of my favorite items from these trends? Just click the links below!

Plaid Button-Up 1 || Plaid Button-Up 2 || Plaid Vest || Leopard Leggings || Leopard Flats  || Leopard Handbag || Long Fringe Cardigan || Long Chunky Cardigan || Fave Dark Lipstick


Photography Courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography

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Bloggers FALL For Leopard

One of my favorite patterns to wear is, hands down, leopard print. When I found out this was one of the trends that we were focusing on for our Bloggers FALL For link up I was thrilled! I  love finding new was to wear this versatile pattern so I could not wait to see how all the other Blogger Babes styled this wild print!


For my splash of leopard I went with this adorable leggings from Target. I got them last year but I will find some similar pairs and link them below. I really wanted the leggings to stand out do I paired them with the cozy white tunic. I got it from my local Wal-Mart for less than $14! That is comfort that anyone can afford!




I knew my outfit needed a little something extra so I decided to brighten it up with a bright blue color. I have had these heels since my days of working at Nine West when I was in college and they are still some of my favorites. They are the prettiest blue suede color and are actually pretty comfortable with their platform. They have just the perfect amount of peep-toe and definitely dress up any outfit. I have also had my necklace for a while and I love how the blue matches perfectly with shoes. The necklace is Vince Camuto and I purchased it my local Belk. Belk has a great clearance jewelry section so if you have one in your area, you definitely need to it out!




This is such a fun pattern to style because leopard truly is a neutral print. It matches with almost everything and really gives an outfit a little something extra. I have this print in shirts, shoes, handbags, jewelry and sweaters. Leopard print truly is a classic and has remained in style for years. It looks great on everyone and can easily be implemented into an outfit. Want some other ideas for how to style this wild pattern? Be sure to check out the other fabulous Blogger Babes by clicking their links below!


Tunic (similar) (similar) (similar) | Leggings (similar) | Heels (similar) | Necklace (similar)  Handbag

Heather of Heathered Hearts // Megan of Being Mrs. Fowler // Jensyn of Stripes in Bloom // 

Lindsay of Middle of Somewhere

Candice of Hello Pretties // Alexandra of Finding Alexandra // Chelsea of Simply Pett // Paige of Hometown Heels

Photography Courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography
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Bloggers FALL For Braids

As a Mom, I am constantly looking for ways to make my life a little easier. There is definitely no exception to that when it comes to my hair. I am not even going to lie, sometimes I go days without washing my locks! But how do I keep it looking fresh and not like a grease pit?? Enter the braid…


A braid is a quick and easy way to add some life to my hair while still looking polished and put together. It helps to hide my unclean hair and keeps fly-aways out of my face. It is such a versatile hair style that I can constantly mix it up, giving me a variety of different looks.


To start my look, I gave my roots a healthy dose of dry shampoo. This absorbed any oil and it gave my hair texture. For my braid, I parted my hair on the side and gathered a large chunk. I then proceeded to braid the chunk tightly and tie at the bottom. Once the braid was securely tied, I pulled on different sections to give a loose, messy vibe. After my braid looked the way that I wanted, I gathered all of my hair on the side of my head and pulled it into a messy, side bun. I pinned down any loose pieces with bobby pins and sprayed with hair spray to finish!

This is one of my favorite ways to wear my hair because it always looks different. It is fun and unexpected and it keeps my hair out of my face! As a busy Mom and a Kindergarten teacher the last thing I need is my hair hanging in my eyes, especially on days when I am already dragging.


Now for a little information on my outfit… But before I begin, I apologize for the quality of my pictures. Things have been just a little hectic lately and iPhone pictures in my backyard was the best that I could manage. I promise that my next outfit post will be back to your regularly scheduled professional images!

It is finally cooler in Savannah so I have been making up for lost time with lots of layers and knee-high boots! My boots are very old. I got them from Aldo years ago but they are just so perfect I have not found a replacement that is good enough to completely get rid of them! I will link some similar pairs below! My tunic is from one of the cutest boutiques, Lucy and Lyla, that have the BEST price points! My sweater is from Target and is the perfect pumpkin spice color! Who can say no to pumpkin spice?! Finally I threw on leggings, a cute necklace and sunnies and I am set! This is an easy fall look that is quick, comfy and stylish!

Sweater | Tunic (similar) (similar) (similar) | Boots (similar) (similar) (similar) (similar) | Leggings | Necklace | Sunnies

Now if you remember from last weeks post, I have teamed up with a fabulous group of Blogger Babes to bring you a weekly link-up of some of our favorite fall trends! This week was braids so be sure to click their links and check out how they wear this trendy style!

Lindsay of Middle of Somewhere // Karli of Everyday Ellis // Paige of Hometown Heels 
Chelsea of Simply Pett // Megan of Being Mrs Fowler // Candice of Hello Pretties 



Jensyn of Stripes in Bloom // Heather of Heathered Hearts // Alexandra of Finding Alexandra 
You can also check us out on Instagram by searching the hashtag #bloggersFALLfor! Everyone has the cutest style so be sure to give them a follow and show them some love!
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Floral Frenzy

There is something about a good floral dress that just makes you feel girlie. Put those florals in perfect shades of teal and olive and you have the perfect dress to add to your fall wardrobe. That was exactly how I felt when I first spotted this dress.


I had seen this floral drop-waist dress on a few of my Instagram friends so when I walked into my local Target and saw it hanging on the rack, I knew I had to join the club. The colors were even more beautiful in person so it was definitely coming home with me. The only problem was they did not have my size. Luckily, I tend to like my clothes a little baggy so I just go the next size up. The drop waist style of the dress allows for an easier movement between sizes and still provides a flattering fit. As a new Mommy who is still working on getting rid of that those last ten pound, a baggier fit makes me feel more confident and confidence is truly the best accessory that anyone can wear!




 With fall finally here and a touch or crispness in the air, I decided to play up that vibe in my acessories. A floppy hat was my first choice and I love what it adds to the outfit. It is such a fun accessory and really makes me feel like I presenting a polished vibe. Not to mention, it is perfect for hiding tired Mom eyes and unwashed hair! Booties are my go-to shoes for the fall and this look was no exception.



While I did purchase my booties last fall, I found an identical pair that I will link for you below. They are the perfect color so I can wear them with literally everything. If you have been following me for a while you will definitely recognize them because I think I wear them at least once a week! They also have a chunky heel which makes them easy on my feet and comfortable to wear. This is very important to me because my 1 year old is constantly on the go! Sometimes I can’t believe how fast those little legs can scoot across the floor!



For the rest of my accessories I decided to go with the same browns to really play up the fall vibe. The choker trend is all the rage this season and I have to say that makes me so happy! I feel like I am back at my middle school lunch table hanging out with my friends. The leather of the choker really gives everything an earthy feel and looks really good laying against the floral of the dress. My clutch was purchased from Amazon and I chose this color because it literally matches everything. And would I be a true Southern girl if I didn’t have something with my monogram?! I just took the clutch to a local friend who had it monogrammed by the end of the week!


Needles to say, I am obsessed with everything in this look so expect to see it on major repeat this fall! And in the mean time, why not shop the look for yourself!

Dress | Hat | Booties | Clutch | Choker | Watch


Photographer : Andrea Kinnear Photography + Design

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