Relax and Unwind

Let’s be honest. Most weeks I go non-stop and have little to no time to stop. I wake up at 5:30am, pack lunches, pack bags, load Vivi in the car, head to work, teach all day, attend staff meetings, write lesson plans, grade papers, tutor after school, squeeze in doctor’s appointments, attend blogger events, schedule playdates, grocery shop, cook dinner, wash dishes, wash clothes, clean house, take care of Vivi, write blog posts, have pictures taken, edit photos, post on social media, respond to comments on social media and FINALLY get to bed only to do it all over again… Are you tired from reading that because I know I am worn out from living that life!


In the world of blogging, especially when it is not your full time job, we are notorious for stretching ourselves thin. We try to find a healthy balance but we still are often times squeezing more than we should on our plates. It is natural for things to fall off the edges. I don’t know if you noticed, but in my incredibly long list of weekly activities, I made no mention of personal care or “me time.” This is because that is usually the first thing to be cut off my overflowing plate. When prioritizing, I generally put myself last, which really is not good for my life, my health, or my sanity. Here lately I am realizing the importance of self-care and taking just a little time to do something for myself. When I take that time I am more rested, in a better mood, and more productive. It makes for a much happier Megan who is much more pleasant to be around. I get more things than done and definitely am better with time management.

So how am I taking more time for myself? It is little things here and there that I want to share with you all and encourage you to implement into your own life. I can promise that with a little self-care, you will feel like a new woman (or man!) and be a much more productive version of yourself!



Make Time for a Little Pampering

Sometimes it is nice to just sit back and let someone else take care of you. Whether you are getting a manicure and pedicure, indulging in a massage, or just getting a much needed hair cut, a little pamper session can do wonders. For me, especially now that it is warmer, I take the time to go and get pedicures. I usually grab one of my besties, drop Vivi off with one of her Grandparents, pick up a Starbucks and just sit back and relax. I pay extra for the longer foot massage and hot towels because my busy feet deserve the break. I gossip about life events, scroll through social media, and just focus on anything but my busy schedule. It is so nice to just be able to turn off my running my mind for an hour. I try to go every two weeks but if that is not possible then I definitely go once a month. It also has the bonus of giving me super cute toes all through sandal season.

I also am a member of the Southern Sugaring Sugar Society. With this monthly membership I am able to go get a Brazilian and an eye brow wax every month. It may be TMI but it is so nice to not have to worry about that little detail. I consider the girls at the salon my friends and I love drinking my wine, catching up with them, and taking care of all that unwanted hair! If you are local to the Savannah area I highly encourage you booking an appointment with Tiffani or Jessica. They are both fabulous, wonderful ladies who I love! Make sure to tell them that Being Mrs. Fowler sent you!



Lounge Around in Cute Jammies

If I am going to be spending a Saturday catching up on laundry, meal planning, and cleaning my house then I might as well be doing it in adorable jammies. Luckily I have Marley Lilly to keep me cute and comfy, complete with a perfect monogram. When my pajamas match, it just makes me feel like I have my life together. It may seem silly but I feel so much more efficient when I am doing household chores in an adorable pajama set. This set has long-sleeves with shorts which I love. It helps with my legs always being hot at night and my arms always being cold. The robe has loose, flowing sleeves so it fits easily over any pajamas. My slippers are so soft and I wear them whenever possible. They have grips on the bottom to prevent you from slipping and they are perfect for slipping into after a long day of working. I strongly encourage you to treat yourself to a comfy, matching pajama set and I can promise that you will feel much more glamorous as you take care of those household chores!

Pajamas | Robe | Slippers



Netflix and Chill

When this phrase first started I was not exactly sure what it meant, and still don’t really, but for me, it means exactly what it says. I watch a whole lot of Netflix and do not do much of anything else. When I have the time. I love taking the day to watch an entire series on repeat. I will sit in the same spot for hours watching episode after episode of all the shows that I have missed while going non-stop. It is so nice to do absolutely nothing. My mind can shut off and travel to a different place. I can be in the ER with Meredith Grey, saving Storybrooke with Emma Swan, or fighting the bad guys with Eleven, all from the comfort of my very comfy couch. I do not do it often, but when I am able, it is so nice to sit their all day, eating my snacks, sipping my wine, and informing Netflix multiple times, “Yes! I am still watching!” Here are my Top 5 Favorite shows to binge currently on Netflix:

1. Grey’s Anatomy

2. Pretty Little Liars

3. Stranger Things

4. Fuller House

5. Once Upon a Time



Indulge in a Little Retail Therapy

While I cannot do it as much as I like, my absolute favorite way to relax and unwind is with a little retail therapy. If you have been following my blog for a while then you know that I absolutely love shopping! I don’t care if it is shopping online or shopping at the mall. I love it all. I love the smell of new shoes, the crinkle of shopping bags, and the way it feels to pop a tag off of a new shirt. Add in an ice, cold Starbucks to sip and enjoy as I shop and you have one very happy, relaxed Megan! It is so nice to be able to treat myself to something new. I work hard and I feel like I should be able to spurge every now and then. But it is not just for myself. Since I have a daughter, I love buying her new things as well. The little girl clothes are so cute and she gets just as excited about new clothes. I also love all the fun little toys that she likes. She and I both love opening up a new pack a Shopkins and seeing what is inside! Seriously though, this is definitely not a way to relax that I encourage frequently but, I do think you should treat yourself every once and a while!

I hope that this post encourages you to take some time for yourself. Self care is so important and it is definitely something that everyone should take them time to do. We all work so hard so it is important that we reward our hard work. This allows us to refocus and become even more successful in our endeavors. Let me know how you unwind in the comments below! I always love to hear from you!



 Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post and I may receive a small commission. I also received these products from Marley Lilly to promote on my social media channels. All opinions are my own.


2017: A Year in Review

Wow! 2017 was definitely one for the books! As I think back on this year, I can’t help but be proud of all that I accomplished! I had so many great opportunities, collaborated with some amazing companies and really built my brand. I grew so much as a person and really learned a lot about who I was and what I wanted for my life. I just wanted to share a few amazing highlights with you!


Goodwill Week

Throughout 2017, I really built a partnership with my local Goodwill. I think that it is so important to shop small. What makes Goodwill even better is that the money goes right back into the community. Not only this, but they provide jobs and resources to the community to help find jobs, teach business skills, and even dress for an interview. While I was able to work with them on many different things, one of my favorite things that I was able to do was dress Renee LaSalle for an entire week. Renee was an anchor at one of our local news stations on the show The Bridge. Every day on air she wore a different outfit picked out by me from Goodwill. I was even an air with her the first day of Goodwill Week to help kick off all of the fun and bring awareness to such an amazing week. We also hosted a Kendra Gives Back party at our local Kendra Scott! Here is a look back on some of the photos from that week:






BeYOUtiful Girls Event with Goody’s 

Another amazing event that I was able to be a part of was the BeYOUtiful Girls Event with my local Goody’s, a part of the Stage Stores family. A few weeks before the event I hosted a round of giveaways to get people excited and raise awareness for the event. On the day of the event, I was able to give a beauty demonstration on my everyday makeup routine and share my personal style with all attendees. The best part about this event was that a portion of all proceeds went to Safe Shelter, a local shelter that helps women who have been victim of domestic violence. I was also able to connect with two other amazing bloggers, City Peach and Awed by Monica, who I have stayed in touch with a now consider a friend. Here are a few photos from that fun event:

Being Mrs. Fowler BeYOUtiful Girls Event with Stage Stores

Being Mrs. Fowler and Friends BeYOUtiful Girls Event with Stage Stores 2

Being Mrs. Fowler BeYOUtiful Girls Event with Stage Stores Demo

Being Mrs. Fowler and Friends BeYOUtiful Girls Event with Stage Stores


Marley Lilly

Another amazing opportunity that I was blessed with this year was the chance to work with Marley Lilly. As a true Southern girl, I firmly believe that everything looks better with a monogram. As a long-time shopper of this adorable brand, I was thrilled when they reached out to me to collaborate. They truly are the sweetest company and allow you to style their products to fit your personality. At Christmas, I was even able to do a Marley Lilly Gift Guide, where I was able to share my favorite items, perfect for gifting! I was even able to give a few of them as gifts! Be sure to check out both blog posts, my gift guide and some fall favorites, that I wrote in collaboration with Marley Lilly and check out a few of my favorite products from our collabs:





Fashion at your PACE

I was beyond excited when a local lighting company, Pace Lighting, reached out to me with an idea to host a shopping event hosted by yours truly. Working together, we were able to get many local Savannah businesses on board to set up pop-up shops and allow people to shop, be pampered and enjoy good food and even better company. At this event we were also able to do some good and a portion of all proceeds were donated to Safe Shelter. I loved seeing all of our hard work come together to support such an amazing cause. It was so nice to not only support local Savannah businesses, but also support and amazing organization that is doing so much good in our community. You can check out some photos from the event by checking out Spotted by Savannah Now. Here are a few of my favorite photos that I was able to snap that night:

Fashion at Your Pace Hosts

Fashion at Your Pace Invitation

Savannah Influences at Fashion at Your Pace

Being Mrs. Fowler at Fashion at Your Pace


Savannah Influencers

I can’t close out 2017 without talking about my love for a little group called Savannah Influencers. If you have been following my blog for a while, you know just how special this group of ladies has become to me. With 2017 being our first full year in existence, we have accomplished more than we ever thought possible. Our main focus this year was Safe Shelter so everything that we did, whether it was individual projects or a group effort, was focused on giving back to this amazing organization. We had community yoga nights and a spin class with The HUB, my event with Pace Lighting and a huge event that just took place called Savannah Influencers Night Out, all to raise money for Safe Shelter. But besides all of the good, what I love most is the love and support we had for one another. When women come together and truly lift one another up, magic happens. I can’t imagine my life without any of these spectacular ladies and I am so excited see what 2018 has in store for us all. Here is a look back on some of my favorite memories of the year:

Savannah Influencers

Savannah Influencers at Fashion at Your Pace




It is safe to say that 2017 was one for the books. I cannot believe all of the opportunities that I have been given. It is crazy to think that my little blog has become what it is today. None of this would be possible without each and every one of my beautiful readers. You all are my Why and the reason why I keep on pushing through, even if it gets hard. I am so thankful for you taking part in this journey with me. I am so excited for 2018! I know that it is going to be an amazing year and I hope you will continue to tune in for the ride!


Disclaimer: Some photography is courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography and others were retrieved on the social media pages of the events. Affiliate links may be used in the post so I may receive a small commission.

Making a List and Checking it Twice with Marley Lilly

It is no secret that this Southern Girl loves a good monogram. There is just something about the flowy script of your initials on a shirt or bag that makes it so much more appealing. Lucky for me, all of the ladies in my family feel exactly the same way!

Marley Lilly has become a one-stop shop for me during the holidays because I know that I will be able to find something for all of the ladies in my family that they will love. I know that many women, not just Southern, feel exactly the same way, so I teamed up with Marley Lilly to present to you my Gifting Essentials! All of these goodies will be perfect for someone on your list and, they are such great deals, you can afford to throw something in for yourself!


Monogrammed Reversible Sherpa Pullover

Fall is all about layers and dressing cute, and this pullover definitely helps to keep you warm and stylish. I cannot even begin to express how soft the sherpa is on this pullover and the picture truly does not do this item justice. The plaid is the perfect balance of color and I love that you have the reversible option. This is perfect for you sister who is always cold, or maybe your girlfriend to wear as she runs to class. It is definite must have for the fall!


Monogrammed Plaid Tote Bag

As a busy mom, I am constantly on the lookout for bags that are both functional and stylish. Luckily, this bag has both. It is roomy enough on the inside that I can easily carry my essentials, as well as my daughters, and the cute plaid print keeps me looking cute and put together. This bag would be the perfect gift for anyone who always needs to carry a lot of stuff! It can double as a diaper bag or school bag, or just be an exceptionally spacious handbag!


Tortoise and Gold Hollywood Monogrammed Sunglasses

If you are like me, you never leave the house without sunglasses. I believe that they can add so much to an outfit. If you have been following my blog for a while now, you can probably tell that sunglasses are a staple in my wardrobe. I always have a pair on, and I own multiple pairs. I love that Marley Lilly offers sunglasses because even when I am hiding my darkest under eye circles, I am still looking chic with monogram. These would be perfect for anyone on your list! They have a variety of styles and options so you can pick a pair to best suit their, or your, style!


Monogrammed Rhinestone Ring Stack

When you find good jewelry at the right price, that is always a good gift option. Add on a complimentary monogram and your gift just went to the next level. The great thing about jewelry is that it is almost always going to fit. No matter how your weight fluctuates, jewelry will remain the same. It remains a classic that you can use throughout the years, no matter how the styles or trends change. I love the stack-able monogram ring because you get so many options. Wear the monogram alone, stack it with all of the rings or only a few, however you decide, it is a timeless choice that you can wear for years to come. The best part about this set is that it comes with both silver and gold rings so it can easily be worn with any jewelry.


Monogrammed Hair Bow

While the holidays can be fun for us adults, it really is all about the kids. I love that Marley Lilly has great options for kids of all ages. If your daughter is like mine, she has more toys than she knows what to do with. While she is still young, I like getting her practical gifts that she can actually use. I love the monogrammed bow option because this is something that share can wear now and in the years to come. While I went with classic black, their is a variety of bow colors as well as font colors. And it is not just for little kids either! Sometimes I love finishing off my perfect, preppy ponytail with a bow and I can not imagine a better bow than one that includes my monogram. This really is a great stocking stuffer for so many of the girls in your life!


Monogrammed Cosmetic Bag

Sometimes, a practical gift is best. While I love searching for the perfect gift for every person on my list, sometimes I am stumped and just don’t know what to buy. When that happens, I love ordering these monogrammed cosmetic bags. At some point, everyone is going to travel. When I pack my belongings I love for everything to be in cute, spacious bags. Nothing throws off your good travel vibes than having to throw everything into a plastic bag. The great thing about these cosmetic bags is that they are roomie enough for so much more than just cosmetics. Travel toiletries, toothbrushes and razors can easily fit into this bag making packing a stylish breeze!


Monogrammed Tassel Scarf

Another great option for when you just don’t know what to buy someone is a scarf. A scarf is another one of those great pieces that remains timeless and can be worn no matter how your weight fluctuates. If it is the right material, it can be worn year round, making it one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe. I love getting cute scarfs to put with a gift as an extra surprise. It is a fun, inexpensive way to give my loved ones a little somethings extra.  Marley Lilly has lots of great scarf options but I loved the cute little tassels on this option. It is actually for a gift so hopefully she likes it as much as I do!


Monogrammed Tassel Keychain

As we grow older, something that we all have to have is a key ring. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be a cute key ring! Marley Lilly has so many different monogrammed options that would be the perfect gift for any lady in your life. It is another one of those practical but cute gifts that anyone is sure to love. I love these tassels keychains because I really feel like the tassel adds something extra. It also makes finding your keys in the bottom of your bag just a little bit easier!


Hopefully some of these items will be perfect for some of the ladies on your list. I know that I would have loved to receive any of these things! Let me know what you decide to order! I always love hearing from you!


Disclaimer: I received these items c/o Marley Lilly to style and feature in my Holiday Gift Guide. Affiliate Links are used so I may receive a small commission.


If It’s Not Moving, Monogram It!

Hello November!

Welcome to the month of good food, good family, good friends and good clothes!

Good clothes? Heck yes!



Here in South Georgia, it is pretty much hot all year long. Luckily, once November finally roles around, we get a break in the heat. It may only be for a day or two, but we embrace those days with cozy sweaters, warm scarves and cute boots! One of my favorite places to shop for all of these cold weather basics is Marley Lilly.

As a true Southern Girl, I firmly stand behind Reese Witherspoon’s motto, My rule is, if it’s not movingmonogram it! Marley Lilly also stand firm on this motto and offers an entire website of monorammable goodies. Whether you are looking for a cozy sweater, a warm scarf, or cute boots, they have everything for your cold weather needs.




On a recent trip to the mountains of North Carolina, I was grateful to have my Marley Lilly goodies to wear to keep warm. My current favorite is this amazing Monogrammed Boyfriend Sweater. It is so cozy and I love the oversized feel. It was perfect to wear with my favorite leggings and a basic tank. It would also be adorable with a pair of skinny jeans and boots. To stay with my monogrammed theme, I paired my sweater with my Monogrammed Duck Boots. They were beyond comfortable and looked super cute with a pair of thick knee socks pushed down.




I encourage you to check out their site and see what other mongrammed beauties they have to offer! I already have a cart full of goodies that I cannot wait to order! This Mom is going to be monogrammed and ready for any cool weather that comes our way! I have linked a few of my favorites for you to check out:

Reversible Sherpa Pullover | Loafers | Plaid Tote Bag | Rhinestone Ring Stack




Photography Courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography.

Disclaimer: I received these items courtesy of Marley Lilly to style on my blog. I have also used affiliate links and may receive a small commission.