On-the-Go with Cover Me Ponchos

As a busy Mom, who is constantly on the go, I am always looking for products that make my life easier. That is why I was so excited to discover Cover Me Ponchos!


Cover Me Ponchos is the maker of the most versatile nursing cover that I have ever seen or used. The design of this poncho allows you to wear it as poncho or a scarf. It can also be used as a carseat or stroller cover. Its main use, though, is as cover for when nursing your baby. Breast feeding is something that is super important to me. We are 9 months strong in our breast feeding journey so I never leave the house without this amazing poncho.

Here is just a glimpse at how much I used this one poncho on a day out with my Hubs and friends in Downtown Savannah.

Nursing Cover




Stroller Cover








These are just a few of the uses of this amazing poncho! Even if you are still just expecting, this poncho works great as top to cover your bump! I truly do use mine everyday! They also come in variety of patterns and colors so you can get more than one and match them to your outfits!

If you are a Momma-to-Be or a Nursing Momma then this is a must-have for you! I encourage you all to go order a Cover Me Poncho now and I promise that you will not be disappointed!


Mrs. Fowler

Photos by Magnolia Blossom Photography


Frolicking in Fields

When you have family pictures taken on a horse farm, you use that opportunity to take some truly incredible blog photos.

Once again, JHillis Photography has captured some truly stunning photos. He may be family, but his talent is undeniable!

For the family pictures, my Mom wanted us all to wear chambray and pearls. Other than that, we could decide how we styled our outfit. I was feeling the Spring weather and decided to go with a floral vibe. My blazer is from J.Crew Factory and it was a total steal. After the sale price, a coupon and my teacher discount, I only paid around $20! This is an amazing price for something that retailed well over $100!

I had a lot of fun with my accessories by piling on the pearls. This brought a touch of girlishness to my outfit and keep me true to my Southern roots. Southern girls love their pearls!  My clutch is real leather and is an oldie, but a goodie. It is from my days of working at Nine West in college and, thanks to a sale price and a great employee discount, I only paid around $30. I really miss that discount!


Would you believe that my chambray is maternity??!! I absolutely loved the color and length of this chambray and hated to pack it away with my maternity clothes. It may be a little big, but the blazer helped to hide the extra bulk! And if I hadn’t told you, you probably never would have known!


It was a beutiful day and Jordan really did capture some special moments between all the girls in our family. Three generations in one photo! If you want to check out all of the photos from the shoot, the head on over to his blog and see some of the pictures from the day! And while you are at it, contact him about doing your own family photo shoot!

Blazer | Chambray | Skinnies | Booties | Clutch | Pearls | Watch | Bracelet


Mrs. Fowler

Sleeping Soundly and Breathing Easy: Life with the Owlet Care Monitor

owlet 8

On September 3rd of 2015, my life changed in a way that I never thought was possible. At 10:15 in the morning I gave birth to my very first child: a little girl named Vivilyn. Coming home from the hospital I was tired and overwhelmed. I really wanted my daughter sleeping in her crib before I had to go back to work. I worked hard at getting her in a routine and sleeping on her own, and eventually the hard work paid off. Around two months of age my sweet little bundle was sleeping in her crib like a big girl. While we were both now getting more sleep, I was now introduced to a new set of worries.

owlet 3

Every night after I laid her down in her crib I would constantly go back to check on her. I would creep in her room and peek over the edge of her crib, even place a hand on her chest to see if she was breathing. If I was not sneaking a peek at her, I was studying the video monitor, looking for the rise and fall of her chest or the slightest bit of movement. I even woke her up a few times from going in to check on her! I was full of new mommy worry and I was a mess! But, just a few weeks ago, all of that changed when I was introduced to the Owlet Care Monitor.

owlet 1

The first night that we used the Owlet Care Monitor I was a bit skeptical. I was not really sure how it would work but I was very interested and ready to give it a try. After installing the app, watching all of the help videos and reading the guide, cover-to-cover, I was ready to lay Vivi down for the night. We started with the size 1 sock since she was too big for the newborn sock. It fit her securely and it did not seem to bother her. I rocked her to sleep, turned on the monitor and left the room to check the app on my phone. Since she was asleep and still, I was able to get an accurate reading and saw that her stats were not only normal, but I could see exactly what they were.

owlet 2

I was amazed. For the first time since having my daughter I was actually able to breathe a sigh of relief. Every night it is the same thing. I am able to easily check on my daughter, without disturbing her, and get a clear picture on her heart rate and oxygen levels. A few nights after I first started using the monitor I was actually woken in the middle of the night with my first alert. Vivi’s heart rate had dropped and the Owlet monitor alerted me to this potential problem. I rushed into her room, where she was sleeping soundly, but I still nursed her for fear that her blood sugar was causing the abnormality. As I nursed my sleeping angel that night I realized just how thankful I was for that tiny little sock. I am so grateful the monitor did alert me to the problem, allowing me to get to her quickly and assess the situation. I knew from that moment on that I would make sure that Vivi wore her Owlet Care Monitor every night.

owlet 4

While my new mom worry is still very present in my life, I am able to get quite a bit of relief as I strap on that little sock to her foot every night. The Owlet Care Monitor has truly changed my life as a mother. I find myself worrying less and that definitely helps me to breathe easy. If I do get worried, I simply pull up the app on my phone and check her stats. I will recommend this product to all moms whether they are a friend or a stranger, first time mom or a mom of multiple children. I cannot even begin to express just how valuable this little monitor is to my family.

owlet 6

Everyone in our family loves this little sock, even Vivilyn!!

owlet 7

I also have a discount to offer to my readers! Just click my link and you can save $25 on your purchase! No need to enter a code! Just click the link!


Mrs. Fowler


Nursing 101 with Izzy Maternity

Throughout my pregnancy I had the privilege of meeting so many people and working with so many great companies. One of my favorite companies that I met was Izzy Maternity.

Izzy Maternity is a boutique with two locations in Georgia, which are in Buckhead (Atlanta) and Alpharetta, that specializes in Maternity and Nursing products. The variety of products that they have is truly incredible and they really have something to meet all of your nursing and maternity needs. The great thing about Izzy Maternity… they have a website!!

Today I am featuring a few amazing products that I have had the privilege of trying that have made my Nursing journey just a little easier!

A Good Nursing Bra


The bra that I have been using is the Bravado Lifestyle Microfiber Nursing Bra. It is a soft cup nursing bra with a nice comfortable fit. It has, unfortunately, been discontinued, but Izzy Maternity sells many bras from the Bravado line that are all comfortable. To see their selection, just check out their website by clicking here.

IMG_3926  IMG_3927

The bra has a front snap to easily remove the cup so that nursing your baby can be easy and discreet. Having already used it a few times, I can assure that the Bravado line is easy to use and allows for easy nursing, even in public.

A Cute Nursing Top

IMG_3923  IMG_3924

When nursing, you don’t have to give up your style or fashion sense. It is easy to fall into a style rut and only wear pajamas, a bra or nothing at all. Nursing is hard work and can often take up the majority of the day. I have found that if you actually get dressed, you feel better and when the clothes are cute, it helps that much more. In the picture above I am wearing the Fedora III top by 9 Fashion. It is an extremely feminine blouse that is softly woven with decorative draping around the bosom area. Its charm is enhanced with a decorative midriff and the lining around the bosom area allows for discreet breastfeeding.


The top has short sleeves and a fit and flair look, so it fits a little looser on the belly. The fabric is a viscose/lycra blend. The fit and material make this top a great maternity top, as well, allowing for easy transition throughout your pregnancy. This is a summer top, so there are only a few left in stock. If you would like to order this top, you can call Izzy Maternity at 404-949-0222. They do, however, have many cute nursing tops perfect for Fall on their website that you can checkout by clicking here.

Yummy Snacks

In order to keep up your milk supply it is essential that you increase your caloric intake. You should constantly be snacking and eating healthy meals. There are so many snacks available that actually help to increase your milk supply, specifically snacks with oatmeal. I recently tried Milk Makers Lactation Cookies.

IMG_3921  IMG_3922

Milkmakers cookies and mixes are seriously delicious and nutritious with natural key ingredients that can help BOOST your breast milk supply. The have a wide variety of flavors that you can order as mixes or by the bag, and you can even order a monthly subscription. To purchase the cookies, just click here. Be sure and check out the Milk Makers website as well because it is full of great information to help you on your breast-feeding journey!

Baby Wearing

Baby wearing is not something that is required for nursing but I have found that it makes nursing so much easier, especially when in public. My little girl loves being up against my chest, feeling my heart beat, and being close to her food supply. There are many wraps and carriers available on the market but, thanks to Izzy Maternity, I have discovered a product that I love.

IMG_3943  IMG_3942

This is the Nuroo Pocket. The NüRoo® Pocket is a babywearing shirt that offers full coverage and mobility for moms practicing skin-to-skin contact with their baby. It also doubles as a hands free carrier! It is super easy to use!!


First, slip on the shirt and slide your baby into the pocket. The Nuroo Pocket is meant to be worn with baby only in a diaper for skin-to-skin contact, but if going out in public, baby can wear clothes.

IMG_3947  IMG_3946

Next, you pull the pocket against you and attach to the other side with the velcro patches. The opposite side then pulls all the way around to attach to more velcro patches for further security and support.


The final step is to slip on the support belt. This belt fastens around your waist, sitting right underneath baby’s bottom, to support baby even more. It easily attaches with a velcro loop.


The Nuroo Pocket also has a little hole so that baby’s foot can be easily removed. This is perfect for when in the hospital and baby needs a blood draw or skin prick. The pocket means that baby never has to become unswaddled and always remains skin-to-skin.


This is truly a great baby wearing product that my little one already loves. While it is not yet available through Izzy Maternity, you can purchase it on the Nuroo website by clicking here.

Nursing is a journey that each Mom has to figure out for herself. Some things will work for you and some things will not. The important thing to remember is to not give up and to keep trying. It may not always be easy but there are so many products available to help you in your journey. Izzy Maternity has so many great resources available at your fingertips. To help you out even further I have a discount code just for my readers! Simply enter beingmrsfowler at checkout and you will save 10% on your entire purchase from now until October 31st. They also have a super knowledgeable staff that can answer any questions that you may have if you just call the store at 404-949-0222. I hope that some of these tips work for you as well as they have for me.

Good Luck on your Nursing Journeys!!


Mrs. Fowler


Maternity Photos with Charity Miles Photography

So I have been a little behind on blogging and the reason for this is that our precious Vivilyn has made her arrival!! But before I can share her photos or my birth story, I wanted to catch up on a few things that happened leading up to that point. The first thing, my maternity photos.

I had the privilege of working with Charity Miles Photography. Charity is an amazing photographer who I always have a lot of fun with! She photographed our Engagement, Christmas Pictures and Wedding so I knew that her work would be exceptional for our Maternity session. We chose to use Tybee Island Beach as our backdrop and I could not be happier with the results!

I hope that you enjoy looking at our photos as much as we enjoyed taking them!!

View More: http://charitymilesphotography.pass.us/07162015-portraits-preganancy-megan-fowler-cmp  View More: http://charitymilesphotography.pass.us/07162015-portraits-preganancy-megan-fowler-cmp

View More: http://charitymilesphotography.pass.us/07162015-portraits-preganancy-megan-fowler-cmp

View More: http://charitymilesphotography.pass.us/07162015-portraits-preganancy-megan-fowler-cmp  View More: http://charitymilesphotography.pass.us/07162015-portraits-preganancy-megan-fowler-cmp

View More: http://charitymilesphotography.pass.us/07162015-portraits-preganancy-megan-fowler-cmp

View More: http://charitymilesphotography.pass.us/07162015-portraits-preganancy-megan-fowler-cmp  View More: http://charitymilesphotography.pass.us/07162015-portraits-preganancy-megan-fowler-cmp

View More: http://charitymilesphotography.pass.us/07162015-portraits-preganancy-megan-fowler-cmp

View More: http://charitymilesphotography.pass.us/07162015-portraits-preganancy-megan-fowler-cmp  View More: http://charitymilesphotography.pass.us/07162015-portraits-preganancy-megan-fowler-cmp

View More: http://charitymilesphotography.pass.us/07162015-portraits-preganancy-megan-fowler-cmp


Mrs. Fowler

A Nursery Fit for a Little Princess

With our precious Vivilyn about to make her arrival, I wanted to take some time now to share her nursery. I have enjoyed decorating her room more than any room in my house. I have put so much thought into each and every little piece because I feel like our little miracle deserves the best.


When I found out that I was having a girl, in my mind, there was no other option but pink! I know it is cliche but that is joy in having a little girl. We did try to tone down the girlishness with grey walls and mint accents, but you can definitely tell this room belongs to a little princess.


Her crib and bedding were the first pieces that we bought. We decided to go with white furniture so she could use it through her life. The crib is also a “grow with me” crib so we will not have to purchase a bed as she gets older. Her bedding is from Amazon by a company called Dena. The pattern is called Lily. I have linked it here if you would like to purchase for your own nursery.


Her next piece of furniture was a dresser from Target. We went with the dresser and changing pad option so that she could use the dresser as she got older. I have linked the same model here if you wish to purchase. As you can see, elephants also became a part of the nursery theme. They had such cute elephant decor at Home Goods that I could not resist!!


Her last piece of furniture was a glider that was also purchased from Target. I wanted something so that I could rock and snuggle my little bundle and I loved the soft pink cushion. This glider is super comfortable and comes with the ottoman! I have linked the same model here if you wish to purchase!!


We also purchased a small shelf with organizing cubes from Ikea. It is perfect for organizing blankets, small toys and other supplies and will be great as a toy chest as she gets older. The valence curtains were purchased from Amazon in the same print as her bedding and the panel curtains were made by my wonderful mother. One of my favorite things in her room is the large giraffe by Melissa and Doug. Giraffes are also a part of her decor and go well with the colors and the elephants. The giraffe was also purchased off Amazon.


The last major thing that we did was remodel her closet. It was a double-door closet with a bar and rack across the top, but that was just not feasible for little baby clothes. I sketched out what I had in mind for her closet, took my sketch and measurements to Lowes and they helped me to purchase exactly what I need. They even cut down the racks for you to fit your measurement. This was individual pieces from the Rubbermaid system that my husband installed. It was fairly easy to install, just time consuming. The system is completely adjustable so that we can make changes as she grows. The baskets were just purchased from Wal-Mart and I customized them with a little pink ribbon to add a little girlie touch!


The last major part of Vivilyn’s nursery is her gallery wall. I love gallery walls and knew that I wanted one to be a part of the nursery. I started picking up little things and pinning things on Pinterest to get some ideas. All of the canvases are hand-painted by my super talented Mom. I would send her something that I wanted off Pinterest and she made it happen! There is also a custom giraffe and elephant taxidermy head that I purchase off Etsy from the store Misfit Menagerie. Her work is absolutely adorable and you really should check it out. There are also a few pieces that I purchased from Kirklands and a sweet shadow box from my Sister-in-Law that I cannot wait to fill with Vivilyn’s things.

IMG_3369 IMG_3373


I recently got in the mail this beautiful, custom mobile from Four Glittered Geese on Etsy. I love shopping small businesses and try to whenever possible so when I saw this mobile I knew that I needed it for the nursery. She has many mobile designs listed in her store but she can make a custom one in any color or pattern that you desire. Mine was custom made to match the colors in the nursery. Also, how cute is the onesie hanging from the frame??!! My Mom painted it to look just like a shirt that I have!!

IMG_3367  IMG_3366

The little baby bed that is holding all of her stuffed animals actually belonged to my grandmother when she was a little girl. I am truly blessed that she gave it us and think it is so special that Vivi will be able to play with it, just like her Granny Mary did when she was a little girl.


Now the only thing missing in this nursery is our little princess! I can see myself holding her in my arms and rocking her in the glider to sleep. Hopefully she makes her arrival soon and our lives with truly be complete!

Let me know if you have any questions about anything else in the room in the comments below!!


Mrs. Fowler

Maxing Out My Maxis

This summer has been hot!! Being from South Georgia means that our Summers are no joke!! Being pregnant has meant that I am even hotter than usual and just stepping outside can take my breath away. It is for this reason that I have been living in my maxi dresses!!

When I think of comfort, a maxi dress is one of the first things that come to mind. I love their breath-ability, versatility and how simple they make getting dressed in the morning. I am also to the point that not much else fits so it is nice to know that I still have those as an option.

I wanted to share a few of my maxis looks with you all. The great thing about each of these dresses is that they are not maternity. Most were purchase just a size larger so I will be able to wear them post-baby as well. I feel that it is ok for a maxi dress to be a little big so I will be able to keep these items in my wardrobe to use again next summer!

  maxi2  maxi5

This maxi dress was purchased from Target. I love how it can be dressed up or down. In the first outfit I paired it with a black blazer for my best friend’s rehearsal dinner. The second outfit was just a weekend shopping with friends. The material is so soft and it was super flattering on my bump. The white color also makes it super versatile so I was able to use a wide range of accessories!

maxi6  maxi3

This dress was also purchased at Target. It was another dress that could easily be dressed up or down! In the first picture, I paired it with a crochet shawl, clutch and loose curls for a beautiful look for my Birthday. In the second photo, I went with a denim jacket for a day of sight-seeing in Chicago.


This was a maxi dress that I had in my closet before I even got pregnant. It was purchased from Forever 21 for $10!! You should definitely check out their basics when you get the time because the prices are well worth looking through all the racks. For this look, I tried a little something different. I went with a button-up instead of a jacket or cardi and I changed it up by knotting the ends. This gave me a unique looks instead simply tying at the waist or letting hang free, and it gave my belly plenty of room! For accessories, you can never go wrong with a statement necklace!


The final maxi look was with a maxi skirt instead of a dress. This was also a piece that I already had in my closet so I am glad that I was able to put it to use. I bought it from GroopDealz and it was a steal for under $15! I paired the skirt with a fun tee for a little pattern mixing and finished the look off with my Kendra Scott necklace!

These looks are just some ideas but I hope they get your creative juices flowing for how to work your maxis. Looking nice doesn’t have to take a lot of hard work! A soft maxi is super easy to wear, comfortable and can still make you look like a million dollars! I would love to hear how you style you maxi dresses! Let me know in the comments below!


Mrs. Fowler