Making Memories: 4 Ways to Prioritize What is Important to You

Every single day is a new opportunity to grow, learn new things, and improve how we feel about our lives and the situations we are in. Each day is a chance to prioritize the things that are really important to us. Although each day is completely different – some will be more productive than others and some days will be ones where you do not get anything done – each day nonetheless is still a chance to make lasting memories.

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Life is too short to go through each day, month, and year, and not have great memories with family and friends. It’s also too short to be unhappy. This is why I believe that it is truly important to focus on what is ultimately important to you, at the end of the day. Here are a few ways to prioritize what is important to you so that you can focus on being happy and making lasting memories:

Savannah Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler, Making Memories, Prioritizing What is Important, Chapes-JPL, Boho Style, Women's Fashion, Modest Style, Teacher Outfit

Savannah Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler, Making Memories, Prioritizing What is Important, Chapes-JPL, Boho Style, Women's Fashion, Modest Style, Teacher Outfit (2)

Find Out What’s Really Important To You

Being immersed in activities that do not add any value to your life can make you lose sight of what is really important, so sit down with no distractions and really think about what it is that you want out of life. Start by making a list of the things you enjoy. How can you do the things you love each and everyday? You could also make a list of things that you want to try. Maybe this is traveling to Greece with your family, skydiving, or something as simple as singing karaoke. No matter what it is, write it down and then make it happen. The only way that you are going to be happy, make lasting memories, and prioritize what is important to you is if you make time for the things that you want to do.

Savannah Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler, Making Memories, Prioritizing What is Important, Chapes-JPL, Boho Style, Women's Fashion, Modest Style, Teacher Outfit (3)

Savannah Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler, Making Memories, Prioritizing What is Important, Chapes-JPL, Boho Style, Women's Fashion, Modest Style, Teacher Outfit (4)

Prioritize Yourself

A lot of the time, when we limit ourselves from doing the things that we love, we are the only ones holding ourselves back. Maybe you blame it on work, family problems, or household tasks, but when it comes down to it, you are the only person stopping yourself from being happy and making memories. To break free from this, you need to focus on your mental and physical health. Prioritizing this will make you a happier (and healthier) person, which will in turn, lead you to want to do things that are better for you. So, instead of sitting in front of the TV, maybe next time, you choose to go out to dinner with a friend! 

Savannah Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler, Making Memories, Prioritizing What is Important, Chapes-JPL, Boho Style, Women's Fashion, Modest Style, Teacher Outfit (5)

Savannah Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler, Making Memories, Prioritizing What is Important, Chapes-JPL, Boho Style, Women's Fashion, Modest Style, Teacher Outfit (6)


We have become a society that is so obsessed with things. Jewelry, clothes, cars, technology, STUFF. It’s time to say no to these unnecessary things and instead, start spending your money on things such as trips and experiences, that will create lasting memories. In order to do this, you have to start getting rid of your items that you do not need. Declutter your home and figure out what you do and do not need. With the things you don’t need, get rid of them! For example, if you have extra jewelry that is not benefitting your life at all, sell it to Chapes-JPL, the Nation’s premier jewelry lender. Chapes-JPL is not your typical pawn shop, though, so do not get confused. Unlike a typical pawn shop who lends at extremely high rates, Chapes-JPL provide asset loans on items such as jewelry, gold, diamonds, watches, and other assets, at a low rate and a fair value. They have been doing this for over 38 years and offer loans as low as $100 to 5 million dollars. Chapes-JPL operates out of private financial offices and only schedules private appointments for their clients, which makes your time doing business with them easy and very discreet.

Chapes-JPL, Jewelry Lender, Atlanta, Georgia

In addition to offering low-interest collateral loans, Chapes-JPL also buys your valuables from you, which is what you could do if you really do not need the item at all. Both ways selling, or getting a collateral loan in Atlanta are very fast and easy. Since Chapes-JPL buys your valuables, or offers loans strictly on collateral, they do not need to do credit checks, so it makes the process easy and quick for you

I can bet that you have many unnecessary valuables lying around your house that you do not even know about them. Get rid of them by selling them to Chapes-JPL or getting a collateral loan instead, in order to reduce your clutter, remove the stress from your life, and start focusing on making memories instead of keeping things that you do not need around your home.

Savannah Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler, Making Memories, Prioritizing What is Important, Chapes-JPL, Boho Style, Women's Fashion, Modest Style, Teacher Outfit (7)

Savannah Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler, Making Memories, Prioritizing What is Important, Chapes-JPL, Boho Style, Women's Fashion, Modest Style, Teacher Outfit (9)

Put Down Your Technology

I understand wanting to take the best picture for the gram, but when you are behind a phone or a camera lens, you really are not making memories – you are just snapping pictures of other people making memories. Put down your technology and join the crowd. Immerse yourself in the culture of another town, learn about your friends and family, and laugh as much as you can.

Savannah Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler, Making Memories, Prioritizing What is Important, Chapes-JPL, Boho Style, Women's Fashion, Modest Style, Teacher Outfit (10)

At the end of the day, happiness is what matters most and prioritizing what is important to you so that you are able to make lasting memories is what you are going to remember when you are grey and old.

Hat | Dress | Boots | Earrings | Sunglasses | Handbag


Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Chapes-JPL but all opinions are my own. Affiliate links are used and I may receive a small commission.


The Business of Being Busy + BALADIGALA Boots

Well, my intentions of being more routine with my blog posts has not been that successful. To say that my life is busy now would be an understatement. We just sold and moved out of our house, loaded everything into a Pod, moved the essentials into my parents, and are anxiously waiting for our house to be built. The goal is this summer so send a lot of good vibes that we stay on schedule.


All of the chaos of moving is just the tip of the iceberg. I am also swamped with meetings, appointments, collaborations, daily responsibilities, and work. It is really hard to fit in a schedule of blog posts, especially when it is not my full-time job.

I really love blogging. It is my way to unwind, to express what I am feeling, and just have a safe place in my little corner of the internet. It is my own. I built it from the ground up into what it is today and have watched it mature and grow over the last three years. It is easy to feel like I need to push out a post or stay on a schedule, especially when I have so many people who have taken the time to give me a follow.



The truth is, though, that your hobby should never feel like an obligation. Lately I have realized that I only want to publish something that I am proud to have written. Something that I am passionate about in my life. I never want to get to the point that I am just pushing out content for the sake of having a post.

We get so caught up in the business of being busy that we think that we have to fit everything on our plates, writing blog posts included! In reality we should be taking a step back, only making time for what really matters in our lives, and, most importantly, making the time to take care of ourselves. I recently wrote a blog post about taking care of ourselves and I encourage you to check it out. It has a lot of great tips on how you can show your self a little love and really allow yourself the change to relax.

Relax and Unwind



I ask that you bare with me over these next few months. I am going to try my hardest to give you all fun, quality content, but I also have a lot going on in my life. My first responsibility will always be to my family, followed by work. Not matter how much I wish this little hobby of mine could be my full-time job, I have not quite gotten to that point yet so it often will get pushed to the end of my to-do list. That is real life. Most importantly though, it is MY real life and I will continue to do whatever I can to make sure that I am always putting forth my best work and effort in all that I do!

Thank you for sticking with me and supporting me these last few years. You all help to make it so much more special and are my reason why!



Now, for something a little lighter, how gorgeous are these booties?! The color, the style, the rich, fragrant leather… I am obsessed! They are from chicest little boot company called BALADIGALA. Each boot from their collection features real leather, hand painted details, studs or crystals. They are all gorgeous and are sure to become a staple in your wardrobe. The timeless design and materials means that you will be able to enjoy them for many years. My pair is called Fika Effortless (c/o) in the burgundy color. They go with almost everything in my wardrobe. I love that the color looks good with both browns and blacks. The bootie style means that I can wear them all year long. Just think how cute they would be with a little floral dress! I encourage you to check out BALADIGALA and snag a pair for yourself!



Want to shop the rest of my look? Check out these pieces and similar styles by clicking the affiliate links below:

Romper | Jacket | Earrings | Handbag | Watch c/o

Again, thank you all so much for your love and support! I encourage you all to take a step back, focus on what is important, and make time for yourself. We are only promised today and we shouldn’t waste it getting caught up in the business of being busy.



Relax and Unwind

Let’s be honest. Most weeks I go non-stop and have little to no time to stop. I wake up at 5:30am, pack lunches, pack bags, load Vivi in the car, head to work, teach all day, attend staff meetings, write lesson plans, grade papers, tutor after school, squeeze in doctor’s appointments, attend blogger events, schedule playdates, grocery shop, cook dinner, wash dishes, wash clothes, clean house, take care of Vivi, write blog posts, have pictures taken, edit photos, post on social media, respond to comments on social media and FINALLY get to bed only to do it all over again… Are you tired from reading that because I know I am worn out from living that life!


In the world of blogging, especially when it is not your full time job, we are notorious for stretching ourselves thin. We try to find a healthy balance but we still are often times squeezing more than we should on our plates. It is natural for things to fall off the edges. I don’t know if you noticed, but in my incredibly long list of weekly activities, I made no mention of personal care or “me time.” This is because that is usually the first thing to be cut off my overflowing plate. When prioritizing, I generally put myself last, which really is not good for my life, my health, or my sanity. Here lately I am realizing the importance of self-care and taking just a little time to do something for myself. When I take that time I am more rested, in a better mood, and more productive. It makes for a much happier Megan who is much more pleasant to be around. I get more things than done and definitely am better with time management.

So how am I taking more time for myself? It is little things here and there that I want to share with you all and encourage you to implement into your own life. I can promise that with a little self-care, you will feel like a new woman (or man!) and be a much more productive version of yourself!



Make Time for a Little Pampering

Sometimes it is nice to just sit back and let someone else take care of you. Whether you are getting a manicure and pedicure, indulging in a massage, or just getting a much needed hair cut, a little pamper session can do wonders. For me, especially now that it is warmer, I take the time to go and get pedicures. I usually grab one of my besties, drop Vivi off with one of her Grandparents, pick up a Starbucks and just sit back and relax. I pay extra for the longer foot massage and hot towels because my busy feet deserve the break. I gossip about life events, scroll through social media, and just focus on anything but my busy schedule. It is so nice to just be able to turn off my running my mind for an hour. I try to go every two weeks but if that is not possible then I definitely go once a month. It also has the bonus of giving me super cute toes all through sandal season.

I also am a member of the Southern Sugaring Sugar Society. With this monthly membership I am able to go get a Brazilian and an eye brow wax every month. It may be TMI but it is so nice to not have to worry about that little detail. I consider the girls at the salon my friends and I love drinking my wine, catching up with them, and taking care of all that unwanted hair! If you are local to the Savannah area I highly encourage you booking an appointment with Tiffani or Jessica. They are both fabulous, wonderful ladies who I love! Make sure to tell them that Being Mrs. Fowler sent you!



Lounge Around in Cute Jammies

If I am going to be spending a Saturday catching up on laundry, meal planning, and cleaning my house then I might as well be doing it in adorable jammies. Luckily I have Marley Lilly to keep me cute and comfy, complete with a perfect monogram. When my pajamas match, it just makes me feel like I have my life together. It may seem silly but I feel so much more efficient when I am doing household chores in an adorable pajama set. This set has long-sleeves with shorts which I love. It helps with my legs always being hot at night and my arms always being cold. The robe has loose, flowing sleeves so it fits easily over any pajamas. My slippers are so soft and I wear them whenever possible. They have grips on the bottom to prevent you from slipping and they are perfect for slipping into after a long day of working. I strongly encourage you to treat yourself to a comfy, matching pajama set and I can promise that you will feel much more glamorous as you take care of those household chores!

Pajamas | Robe | Slippers



Netflix and Chill

When this phrase first started I was not exactly sure what it meant, and still don’t really, but for me, it means exactly what it says. I watch a whole lot of Netflix and do not do much of anything else. When I have the time. I love taking the day to watch an entire series on repeat. I will sit in the same spot for hours watching episode after episode of all the shows that I have missed while going non-stop. It is so nice to do absolutely nothing. My mind can shut off and travel to a different place. I can be in the ER with Meredith Grey, saving Storybrooke with Emma Swan, or fighting the bad guys with Eleven, all from the comfort of my very comfy couch. I do not do it often, but when I am able, it is so nice to sit their all day, eating my snacks, sipping my wine, and informing Netflix multiple times, “Yes! I am still watching!” Here are my Top 5 Favorite shows to binge currently on Netflix:

1. Grey’s Anatomy

2. Pretty Little Liars

3. Stranger Things

4. Fuller House

5. Once Upon a Time



Indulge in a Little Retail Therapy

While I cannot do it as much as I like, my absolute favorite way to relax and unwind is with a little retail therapy. If you have been following my blog for a while then you know that I absolutely love shopping! I don’t care if it is shopping online or shopping at the mall. I love it all. I love the smell of new shoes, the crinkle of shopping bags, and the way it feels to pop a tag off of a new shirt. Add in an ice, cold Starbucks to sip and enjoy as I shop and you have one very happy, relaxed Megan! It is so nice to be able to treat myself to something new. I work hard and I feel like I should be able to spurge every now and then. But it is not just for myself. Since I have a daughter, I love buying her new things as well. The little girl clothes are so cute and she gets just as excited about new clothes. I also love all the fun little toys that she likes. She and I both love opening up a new pack a Shopkins and seeing what is inside! Seriously though, this is definitely not a way to relax that I encourage frequently but, I do think you should treat yourself every once and a while!

I hope that this post encourages you to take some time for yourself. Self care is so important and it is definitely something that everyone should take them time to do. We all work so hard so it is important that we reward our hard work. This allows us to refocus and become even more successful in our endeavors. Let me know how you unwind in the comments below! I always love to hear from you!



 Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post and I may receive a small commission. I also received these products from Marley Lilly to promote on my social media channels. All opinions are my own.

A Little Adventure in Matilda Jane

I have come to find that raising a tiny human is truly the most rewarding thing in the entire world.

Her imagination. Her creativity. Her thirst for life. I am amazed that I brought that tiny little miracle into the world every time that I look at her.



With an imagination that big and a smile that sweet, I just love dressing her in the cutest clothes and giving her the coolest toys to play with. Thankfully, I have found some truly amazing companies to make my life as a Mom a little easier.

First up is the adorable clothing company, Matilda Jane. I got lucky in the fact that one of my local Savannah friends is a Trunk Keeper. I love being able to see all of the new pieces as well as all of the sneak peeks of what is to come.

In this outfit, Vivi is wearing the Heartfelt Tunic. I love the fun strawberry print and the fact that the tunic can easily be layered with jeans or leggings. My child LOVES strawberries so she was so excited to wear this cute top. Instead of pants, I chose to layer the tunic with the Square Dance Overall. I cannot get over how cute these overalls are. They are so incredibly soft and the polka detail is absolutely adorable. They are adjustable so she will be able to  wear them for the next few years.




I love Matilda Jane because their fun patterns and prints really capture the essence of childhood. She looks like my baby when she wears their clothes and I love seeing her innocence and curiosity come to life.

Matilda Jane also makes clothes for teens and adults that are super cute. Every piece has a touch of whimsy. Whether it be through a ruffle or a peplum hem, you know that you are getting a special piece, perfect for every girlie-girl or those who are a child at heart.




Another one of our favorite companies is Little Adventures. I have posted about their dress up clothes previously  in another post and we still love them just as much. Feel free to check out the post and see Vivi frolicking around in the Spanish Princess Dress. These dresses are amazing, look very similar to some of our favorite characters, and they can be washed in the washing machine. There have been many days that she wears the dress all day and she loves wearing them out to run errands.

Little Adventures recently released a new product called Novelty Wings. These adorable wings velcro around the neck and have little loop holes for fingers. Once on, Vivi was able to dance around, pretending that she was a butterfly, or imagine that she was a unicorn flying high in the air. Just like their dresses, the wings are machine washable and a super great quality.



To celebrate this product release, I am hosting a little giveaway over on my Instagram account! Want to earn an extra entry, just leave a comment below and tell me your favorite thing to do with your kids or grandkids! Also make sure that you are subscribed to my blog so you don’t miss out on a single post. If you can’t wait and want to go ahead and order something adorable, just enter code MRSFOWLER15%​ at checkout to save 15% off your entire purchase. The dresses and wings are super affordable so you can get a really good deal on an adorable outfit with the code! They also always offer FREE SHIPPING in the USA. This would be perfect to add to an Easter basket, or just surprise your little prince or princess!

I can’t wait to see what you get! Let me know or tag me in your pictures on Instagram! I always love hearing from you!




Southern Motherhood: A Mom’s Night Out

Through this little world of blogging, I have been privileged to work with so many amazing companies and brands. What is the best is when you get to connect with even more amazing people.



That is exactly what happened when I received an invitation to attend a Mommy Blogger Dinner. A beautiful calligraphy addressed invitation, done by One Nine Design Co., arrived in my mailbox and that was just the first sweet surprise. I was thrilled at the chance for a night out and even more thrilled for a chance to connect with other Mom Bloggers. It is always great to find a group of women that you can connect with on so many different levels.



We all met at the sweetest little house that was rented through Savannah Air BnB. It was quaint and had so much charm, just like the streets of our gorgeous city. I was greeted by some truly gorgeous ladies, a beautiful tablescape designed by our hostesses, Faythe and Kate, and a chilled glass of Barefoot Wine & Bubbly Rose‘. These lovely ladies are both editors over at Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy Magazine. The blooms for the table were provided by Ivory and Beau and they were simply stunning.




We spent some time chatting before we were treated to a yummy meal prepared by Faythe. We enjoyed a fresh Strawberry Salad, followed by Deconstructed Smoked Salmon & Potato Soup. There was also lots of crusty Italian Bread, great for dipping!

The best part of the night came with dessert. It was a decadent Chocolate and Strawberry Cake by Vintage Soul Cakes. It was a masterpiece to look at and a true delight for your taste buds. I was given a very large piece and I have to say that I definitely ate it all.




It truly was an amazing night and it was so nice to be pampered and just relax for an evening. As a Mom, I don’t often get moments like that to myself so it was nice to be able to sit back and enjoy every minute. Each of the ladies that I was privileged to spend the evening with is just a remarkable woman who is really tackling Motherhood like a boss. None of us claims to be perfect, but we all just try to do the best we can it whatever circumstances we are given. We have so many different backgrounds but we were able to connect over the fact that we are Moms. That right there is a unique tribe of women who can tackle whatever life throws at them.



I encourage you to check out each of their blogs and Instagrams. I am constantly inspired by each of them and count myself lucky to call them my friends.

Kelsey from Pardon My French | Instagram

Kailey from Little.Miss.Payne | Instagram

Tori from Life After a Little | Instagram

Julia from Glitter & Juls | Instagram

If you want to check out more about the night, make sure to check out the original post over at BL Mommy! Also, these gorgeous photographs were taken by our host, a fellow Mommy, Kate of Kate Laraine Photography. If you are local to Savannah, I highly encourage you book her to take your family photos. If not, then definitely check out her Instagram for lots of photos of her adorable children! If you are a local Mommy, stay tuned because we have a lot of other fun Mommy events planned for this year!



Tired Eyes No More

If you have been following me for a while, you know that my plate is beyond full. As a Kindergarten teacher by day, busy Wife and Mother at night, and blogging as much as possible in my free time, you can imagine that I am quite exhausted on a regular basis.



Being exhausted means that I am often left with dark circles underneath my eyes. Having naturally fair skin, they can appear quite dark causing me to look both tired and older. It really makes days without makeup not possible. Luckily, I have found an amazing solution to those tired eyes that takes little to no work on my part.

The VII Code Oxygen Eye Masks for Dark Circles is an eye mask that is designed to be worn over night without any redness or irritation. There is a cooling sensation as soon as the mask is placed on your skin that is instantly soothing for tired eyes.



The amazing ingredients located inside each eye mask works to increase blood flow to the skin, as well as improve circulation for younger looking skin. The boost of oxygen combats wrinkles and helps to correct over-pigmentation. All ingredients together leave you with plumped, smooth skin, perfect for that youthful glow. Each box comes with 6 sets of masks, which is more than enough to get your started and really fight the early signs of aging.



The first time using the masks, I only wore them for about an hour, just to see how my skin would react. I experienced no problems, which is amazing, because I have very sensitive skin. The next time I wore them over night and I woke up looking more rested than I had in a while. There was no dark circles present and the skin around my eyes appeared to be glowing. No highlighter was needed that day!



In all, I was very pleased with my results. It was a product that I enjoyed using and will definitely be using again. I love the fact that it was easy to apply and it was not something that had to be done daily. I can do it as little or as often as I like. The company also offers an eye cream that I am thinking about trying because, lets face it, I am not getting any younger!

The area around your eyes is the most sensitive, as well as the thinnest layer of skin on your body. That means that it will be the first area to show signs of aging. If you are over 18, you should definitely be using a good eye cream and once you hit 30, it is not longer recommended, but a necessity. This is the only skin we are given so we might as well take care of it so we look young as long as we possibly can!




Disclaimer: I was offered this product and compensation in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Photography Courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography.

BlogMas: A Little Champagne and a Whole Lot of Cozy

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a little sneak peek of something big that I have coming this week!

That something big is BlogMas!

A full week of giveaways for some of my favorite items from some of my favorite shops! This is something that I have been working on for a while and I am so excited to spoil my sweet readers during the most wonderful time of the year! Make sure that you check back everyday from now, until Christmas to see all that I have in store. Each giveaway lasts a quick 24 hours so you definitely do not want to miss out.


First up is a little something from one of my favorite online boutiques, Harper and Jewels. Let’s be honest, being an adult is not always easy. Add in being a Mom to a very active 2 year old and you can get someone who is a little frazzled and a little worn out. Because of this, sometimes champagne for breakfast is just a necessity. Luckily, this sweatshirt makes Champagne for Breakfast totally acceptable and very much accepted! And if you want to make it a little more acceptable, just drink it out of a coffee mug like me. No one will ever know the difference!




To spread some extra holiday cheer, and give a little something to the overworked, the worn out, the exhausted and just anyone who would love a glass, or mug, of champagne with their breakfast, I am giving away one of the comfy sweatshirts. I cannot even begin to express just how soft and cozy this sweatshirt wears. The classic design can easily be dressed up or down so I know it will quickly become a favorite in your wardrobe.

Want to know what you need to do to enter the giveaway? That’s easy! Head over to my Instagram, @beingmrsfowler, and look for the post of this sweatshirt! That post will all have all of the details to enter the main portion of the giveaway. Since this is BlogMas, I am offering and additional entry for everyone who comes to my blog post! Just comment on this post with your favorite Christmas memory and I will give you and extra entry! Super easy! In the mean time, head to Harper and Jewels and check out this super comfy sweatshirt and, if you can’t wait to see if you win, go ahead and make a purchase!




Good Luck Everyone! I can’t wait to read all of your Christmas memories. The winner of the giveaway will be announced over on my Instagram, tomorrow morning, December 18th! I hope you all survive these next few days leading up until Christmas! And if you need a little something extra to give you a boost, remember that it is perfectly acceptable to have Champagne for Breakfast!



Disclaimer: I received a complimentary sweatshirt from Harper & Jewels to promote this giveaway. All ideas and opinion are my own.