The Business of Being Busy + BALADIGALA Boots

Well, my intentions of being more routine with my blog posts has not been that successful. To say that my life is busy now would be an understatement. We just sold and moved out of our house, loaded everything into a Pod, moved the essentials into my parents, and are anxiously waiting for our house to be built. The goal is this summer so send a lot of good vibes that we stay on schedule.


All of the chaos of moving is just the tip of the iceberg. I am also swamped with meetings, appointments, collaborations, daily responsibilities, and work. It is really hard to fit in a schedule of blog posts, especially when it is not my full-time job.

I really love blogging. It is my way to unwind, to express what I am feeling, and just have a safe place in my little corner of the internet. It is my own. I built it from the ground up into what it is today and have watched it mature and grow over the last three years. It is easy to feel like I need to push out a post or stay on a schedule, especially when I have so many people who have taken the time to give me a follow.



The truth is, though, that your hobby should never feel like an obligation. Lately I have realized that I only want to publish something that I am proud to have written. Something that I am passionate about in my life. I never want to get to the point that I am just pushing out content for the sake of having a post.

We get so caught up in the business of being busy that we think that we have to fit everything on our plates, writing blog posts included! In reality we should be taking a step back, only making time for what really matters in our lives, and, most importantly, making the time to take care of ourselves. I recently wrote a blog post about taking care of ourselves and I encourage you to check it out. It has a lot of great tips on how you can show your self a little love and really allow yourself the change to relax.

Relax and Unwind



I ask that you bare with me over these next few months. I am going to try my hardest to give you all fun, quality content, but I also have a lot going on in my life. My first responsibility will always be to my family, followed by work. Not matter how much I wish this little hobby of mine could be my full-time job, I have not quite gotten to that point yet so it often will get pushed to the end of my to-do list. That is real life. Most importantly though, it is MY real life and I will continue to do whatever I can to make sure that I am always putting forth my best work and effort in all that I do!

Thank you for sticking with me and supporting me these last few years. You all help to make it so much more special and are my reason why!



Now, for something a little lighter, how gorgeous are these booties?! The color, the style, the rich, fragrant leather… I am obsessed! They are from chicest little boot company called BALADIGALA. Each boot from their collection features real leather, hand painted details, studs or crystals. They are all gorgeous and are sure to become a staple in your wardrobe. The timeless design and materials means that you will be able to enjoy them for many years. My pair is called Fika Effortless (c/o) in the burgundy color. They go with almost everything in my wardrobe. I love that the color looks good with both browns and blacks. The bootie style means that I can wear them all year long. Just think how cute they would be with a little floral dress! I encourage you to check out BALADIGALA and snag a pair for yourself!



Want to shop the rest of my look? Check out these pieces and similar styles by clicking the affiliate links below:

Romper | Jacket | Earrings | Handbag | Watch c/o

Again, thank you all so much for your love and support! I encourage you all to take a step back, focus on what is important, and make time for yourself. We are only promised today and we shouldn’t waste it getting caught up in the business of being busy.




A Taste of Italy: Kendra Scott Fall 2017

Nestled in the heart of Downtown Savannah, on the always bustling Broughton Street, sits a true jewel in our shopping community.


When I first heard that a Kendra Scott was coming to town, I was thrilled. I had always admired Kendra’s jewelry from afar but had not had the opportunity to see it in person. When the opportunity came for me to work closely with the store, I jumped at the chance, and so began my love affair with this gorgeous jewelry. Even more than the beautiful jewels, I love what this company stands for. Through “Give Back” parties, trunk shows and donations, Kendra Scott is constantly giving back to our community. Its been over a year since they brightened up our little city and I love them more today than I did when they first opened.

“Of all the cities I’ve visited in Italy, it is Florence that stole my heart. It’s a city filled with rich history and detail, and inspiration at every turn.” – Kendra Scott

Today I am thrilled to bring you a glimpse of the Fall 2017 collection. Somehow, Kendra has outdone herself, yet again, and has brought a sense of foreign richness to the collection. Inspired by her trip to Italy, each piece is sure to warm you up on those cool, fall days. Take a look through the pictures and be sure to click on the links and check out some of my favorite pieces. Better yet, make a purchase and take home a piece I know that you will love!


Willow Choker Necklace


Libby Statement Earrings


Lyn Drop Earrings


Athena Long Pendant Necklace


Marlowe Long Pendant Necklace


Honor Stud Earrings


Violette Stackable Ring Set


Arleen Pendant Necklace


Blithe Cocktail Ring


Saylor Long Pendant Necklace


Collin Cocktail Ring


Daria Statement Earrings


Lucielle Y Necklace


Dree Long Necklace


Misty Hinge Bracelet


Clarissa Ear Climbers


Zosia Long Pendant Necklace


Iris Statement Bracelet


I hope you love the new collection just as much as I do. I have already purchase a few pieces and I cannot wait to add more to my collection! Which piece is your favorite? I always love hearing from you!


Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post and I may receive a small commission.

Got A Secret. Can You Keep It?

I don’t know about you, but now that it is April, this girl over here is beyond excited for the new season of Pretty Little Liars. I have to be honest. I was not a follower from day one. I didn’t even start watching until this past Christmas on my break from teaching. Thanks to Netflix, the obsession literally grew overnight to the Pretty Little Liars fan that I am now. I watched every single episode in a month. That is dedication!


To get you all even more excited, I have teamed up with my sweet friend Amy of Magically Made Tees to share some super fun shirts, just in time for the April 18th premiere. There is quite a few shirts in the collection but I am going to share with you my two favorites today. The first is one that I actually helped Amy design! The front of the shirt says, “I Run on Lipstick and Lies,” while the back of the shirt of the shirt says, “Kisses -A.” I am so excited with how the shirt turned out and I have to say that it makes me even more anxious for the premiere! I can’t wait to finally find out who Uber A is and see if the Liars triumph!




The next shirt supports my favorite on screen couple: Aria and Ezra! Any other Ezria fans out there?! I am hoping that finding Nicole alive does nothing to hurt their future together! He proposed! They were engaged! Surely that has to count for something! I am holding on to hope that this couple will be saying their “I Do’s” before the final season is over. Until then, I will just support them through my Team Ezria shirt. I love how Amy made the A in team look like the A from the show. It is such a fun detail that really helps the shirt to stand out. Not a Team Ezria fan? No problem! She also has Team Spoby and Team Haleb!




Even if you are not a Pretty Little Liars fan, I encourage you to check out her shop! She has so many cute Disney shirts and even a few Mom shirts! Also, be sure to head to my Instagram, BeingMrsFowler, because I am doing a fun giveaway to celebrate the Pretty Little Liars premiere! Amy and I are teaming up to give away a shirt and a Lipsense Starter Kit! If you really do run on Lipstick & Lies, then this is the perfect giveaway for you!


Photography Courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography

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Goodwill’s Hidden Gem: Blazers

You may not realize it, but you probably have a clothing gold mine within your city limits. I am not talking about a department store or a boutique. I am talking about Goodwill.


If you are not familiar with this company, “Goodwill works to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families by strengthening communities, eliminating barriers to opportunity, and helping people in need reach their full potential through learning and the power of work.” How they are able to do this is through donations within the community. People donate old clothes, housewares, furniture and even cars to be sold in Goodwill retail stores. The money made is then used to fulfill their mission.



I love shopping at Goodwill for clothes because you never know what you are going to find. In college, I would go a search the racks for hours. I would examine tags, try things on and really try to find a hidden gem. In my searches I have found an Oscar De La Renta button-up, a two piece Escada suit and Missoni blouse. Now that I am older, and a lot busier, I don’t really have the time to search through every rack so I try to make the most of my visits. Now, my favorite thing to search for is blazers.



Goodwill is a great place to search for blazers because they are at such a good price point. No matter the size or the brand, they are less that $7! Where else can you find a well made blazer for that cheap? I will say that these blazer work for me because I am not wearing a suit to work everyday. There is no need for my blazer to be tailored to perfectly fit me in my profession and that is why these work for me. I always try them on because you never know how they are going to fit. The person that donated them may have had them tailored to fit so the size on the tag can be deceiving. I also try to try them on over a shirt or blouse to make sure that I have room to layer. I need to be able to move my arms, stretch and bend or the blazer will not work for me.



Another thing that I try to think about is how versatile the blazer will be in my wardrobe. I don’t care how little you pay for something. If you are not going to wear it, then it is not worth the price. My blazers have to be worn with many different outfits to make it home to my closet. They are perfect for dressing up jeans, adding structure to a dress or just making any outfit a little more polished. All of the blazers pictured in this post were purchased from Goodwill and, as you can see, have been worn many different ways. They are also great brands! The khaki colored blazer is The Limited and the black blazer is Casual Corner. I encourage you to take the time and search your local Goodwill. If you don’t have much time, at least check out their blazer section. You never know what hidden gem you might find in the racks!



Outfit 1: Top | Leggings | Booties | Handbag | Necklace

Outfit 2: Blouse | Pants | Booties | Handbag | Necklace

Outfit 3: Tee | Denim | Heels | Handbag | Necklace


Photography Courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography and J.Hillis Photography

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Good Basics and an Even Better Rule to Live By

The older that I get, the more I fall in love with some really good basics. Just because something is considered a basic, though, doesn’t mean that it can’t also be fun.


For me, a great pair of skinnies will always be a basic in my closet. I feel like the fit looks best on my body. They slim, elongate and just make me feel better. Even when I feel my heaviest I can throw on a great pair of skinny jeans and instantly feel about 10 pounds lighter. The key with any skinny jean, and really any pair of pants, is getting your actual size. It is very easy to want to buy a smaller size, hoping they might fit, but I can tell you from experience that a pair of pants that is too small will actually make you look larger. I try hard not to focus on the number on a pair of pants and more so on how they make me look and feel. Another thing that is so important is that all pants are made differently. I size 6 at one store my actually be a size 10 at another. It is so important to try on pants at the store and get the size of pants that fit you the best. Dressing for the body that you have and not the body that you wish you had is the best way to make sure you look your absolute best.



My peplum is so soft and was a steal at Target. It never fails that I go into Target for milk and diapers and come out with a new necklace, a complete outfit and no milk. I swear, I think that store releases hormones that attract women inside. Seriously though, Target is a great place to shop for basics at a very affordable price. Everything that I have ever bought has always held up very well, even after multiple washes. This peplum is great because it a great neutral color but it has a fun surprise in the back. It is from the junior department so I would suggest going up a size, especially if you like a roomier fit.



A great flat shoe is another must-have basic in my closet. As a busy mom and teacher, I need something comfortable on my feet. I am always on the go and I feel like some days I don’t stop until my head hits the pillow. I love this pair of flats because they have some great details. First off, the color is so rich and vibrant. They really stand out and bring some life to my outfit. Next, they have the cutest lace-up’s making them way more fun than your basic slip-on flat. Finally, they are suede so it really adds a contrast of textures to my outfit. These were a Christmas gift from my sweet Mommy but I will link some similar pairs below.




For my accessories I went with one of my favorite Kendra Scott necklaces. I love how this color paired with the flats and really brought everything in the outfit together. This necklace is from their Winter collection but is still available online on some sites! I would definitely scoop it up while it is still available! My sunglasses are just a classic pair of aviators. While I do have nice sunglasses, most of mine are cheap from places like eBay or Amazon. Vivi is constantly playing with them and I am terrible about throwing them in the bottom of my purse without a case. The ones that I have bought are great quality and if they get a little scratched I don’t feel bad because I know that I did not spend much money on them.



My best advice that I can give you is to get what works for you. Every single person in the world is built differently so you can’t compare yourself to everyone else. Your list of basics may be different from mine, but the important thing is that they work for you and your life. Whatever your lists includes, though, make sure that they fit the body that you have. Don’t be afraid to go up a size! No one can see that little size tag but you and I can promise that if it fits great, you are going to look great.


Peplum | Skinnies (similar) | Flats (similar) | Necklace | Sunglasses


Photography Courtesy of Sara Dasher Photography.

Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post and I may receive a small commission.

Mommy + Me

I started my little blog in January 2015 and not even two weeks later, I found out that I was pregnant with my little V. While my dreams of having a fashion blog were put on hiatus to talk about the little miracle growing in my belly, in the back of my mind I was so excited to be able to blog posts with what I hoped, was a daughter.


I think that every Mom that hope for a daughter is excited about the idea of dressing them like you. They are your little Mini Me and twining with them is so much fun. Lucky for me, we were blessed with a daughter so my dreams of twinning and Mommy and Me blog posts were going to come true. Now here we are, a year and a half later, and my sweet little daughter is co-starring in her very first, Mommy and Me blog post!


My utility jacket has been a favorite in my closet for a few years now. I love its versatility and how it can be paired with almost anything. It is true a staple piece in my wardrobe and I treat it as a neutral. When I walked into Carter’s over Winter Break and so a utility jacket in Vivi’s size, there was not even a question of if I needed to get it for her. I knew right away that it was coming home with us so Vivi could match her Mommy.




For my look, I paired my utility jacket with this gorgeous mustard blouse from Forever 21. I have been obsessed with this color for a while now. I use to feel like I couldn’t wear the color yellow because it would wash me out, but as I have gotten older, I realize that it all about finding the right shade of a certain color. For me, mustard totally smashed all of my fears of wearing yellow and now it is a color that I wear frequently. To go with the blouse, I have these amazing suede slides. I was immediately drawn to them in the store. They are so comfy and they are beyond perfect for Spring and Summer. They are also from Forever 21 but I linked a similar pair for you below. My jeans are the best pair of destroyed denim. My go-to store for destroyed denim is, hands down, American Eagle. They have the best options at a very reasonable price.




When I was picking out Vivi’s outfit, I knew that I wanted her outfit to go with mine but not necessarily be so matchy-matchy. Her utility jacket was a must so I just put her in skinnies and picked out a color top that looked good with my yellow. The little blue peplum she has on is older but I linked a similar style below. Her bow is from a subscription service called Little Poppy Co. For less than $20 a month, they send you three adorable, hand-made bows for your little girl to wear. You can choose an elastic band or an alligator clip. If you enter the code MRSFOWLER at checkout, you can save 30% off of your first month!




I hope that you enjoyed my little guest host on today’s post. Vivi is growing so much every day and I just love being her Mommy. She is such a happy little girl and is always in the best mood. She wave at everyone she meets, is constantly blowing kisses and is obsessed with Peppa the Pig. She is smart, strong and curious and is definitely going to keep me on my toes. I thank God daily for this wonderful blessing and I am so honored that he chose me to be her Mommy. You can expect to see her on many posts in the future. She is a total ham and will say cheese as soon as you pull out a camera! I don’t know what I ever did to deserve her but I am certainly trying to give her the best life possible!


Mommy: Jacket | Blouse | Skinnies | Shoes (similar) | NecklacePendant | Sunglasses

Vivi: Jacket | Top | Pants | Shoes | Bow


Photography Courtesy of Sara Dasher Photography

Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post and I may receive a small commission.

A Lot of Joy for the Jill

My love of LuLaRoe is nothing new. What is new is my love for the fabulous Jill Skirt.


This gorgeous skirt was sent to me by the super sweet LuLaRoe Kaitlyn Fiedler and I have to say that I am in love. First off, I never would have picked this skirt for myself. When it comes to LuLaRoe I am very much set in my ways and very rarely will I try something new. To be honest, I didn’t even know that there was a Jill Skirt. When Kaitlyn first contacted me about modeling a Jill, I was skeptical at first but figured it could not hurt to give it a try. I am so glad that I was willing to try it out because it was so much more than I ever could have imagined.



The Jill has an elastic waistband so it will work with most body types. It is super flattering because it doesn’t hug anywhere too tightly. The length also allows your to wear it different ways. It can be worn at the waist for a cute skirt that hits at your calves or it can be worn high-waisted for a completely different knee-high look! Either way you wear it, they are both modest which is perfect for work or play. While you may not be able to find my specific pattern, I have seen so many beautiful colors and patterns so I am sure that you will be able to find something to fit your style!



I loved the bright, colorful vibe that the skirt gives off so I played that up with this gorgeous mustard colored Sarah. The Sarah is also a fun piece from LuLaRoe that you seriously need to consider adding to your wardrobe. The fun mustard color really paired nicely with the blue in the Jill skirt and, together, the colors remind me of my Alma Mater, Georgia Southern!



My shoes are a dupe of the seasons must have shoes. I found them for a steal of the original price and I will link them below. I also had the perfect Kendra Scott to pair with the skirt. The colors go so well together that it was almost like they were made for one another. This necklace is from their winter line but I will link some similar style below.



So now that I have introduced you to another fun piece from LuLaRoe, how about a GIVEAWAY??!! Head on over to my Instagram because together with the fabulous LuLaRoe Kaitlyn Fiedler, we are going away a coveted pair of BLACK LEGGINGS!! Say What?? Black LuLaRoe leggings are on every girls wishlist and we are giving away a pair for free! If that wasn’t enough, I am even throwing in a Starbucks gift card, because nothing says basic like Starbucks and leggings! Head on over to my Instagram (@beingmrsfowler ) for all the details on how to enter! Giveaway starts tomorrow, March 7, 2017 and will run until Friday, March 10, 2017. Good Luck!


Skirt (c/o) | Shirt | Sweater | Wedges | Necklace


Photography Courtesy of Sara Dasher Photography

Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post and I may receive a small commission.