Where Did the Summer Go?

Y’all!! Is it just me or was this like the shortest summer ever??

Brooke Roberts-1097

Tomorrow is the first day of school and I feel like I just was released for the summer. While I am excited to see all of my new students, I don’t think I am quite ready to return to the daily grind. Between vacations, projects around the house and just spending time with my family, I feel like we were constantly busy. I think that is a lot of the reason why the summer seemed to go so fast.

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As I watch my daughter grow now, more than ever, I want time to just slow down. She is getting bigger every day and gaining so much independence. I love to watch her little wheels spinning as she tries to figure out a problem. It really makes me more aware of the image that I am portraying to her.

I hope that I am someone that she aspires to be like.

I hope that I am someone she admires.

I hope that I am someone she is proud to call her Mom.

All of this makes me want to just take a step back and just enjoy life in the moment. We are only promised today so why not make the best of every possible situation. While I do wish that I was still home with Vivi enjoying my summer vacation, I am going to make the time that we do have together special. It is so easy to get caught up in the business of life that we are not really out living our lives.

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Brooke Roberts-1100

The laundry can wait for another day. Instead I am going to get outside and watch my daughter play. I don’t want to have any regrets and I don’t want to miss out on any moments. I may be going back to work but I am going to put forth an effort to really be present with my family. No matter what your job is, your family should be your main focus. If you always put them first and enjoy every minute, when next summer rolls around, maybe it won’t seem to have flown by so fast.

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A Lot of Joy for the Jill

My love of LuLaRoe is nothing new. What is new is my love for the fabulous Jill Skirt.


This gorgeous skirt was sent to me by the super sweet LuLaRoe Kaitlyn Fiedler and I have to say that I am in love. First off, I never would have picked this skirt for myself. When it comes to LuLaRoe I am very much set in my ways and very rarely will I try something new. To be honest, I didn’t even know that there was a Jill Skirt. When Kaitlyn first contacted me about modeling a Jill, I was skeptical at first but figured it could not hurt to give it a try. I am so glad that I was willing to try it out because it was so much more than I ever could have imagined.



The Jill has an elastic waistband so it will work with most body types. It is super flattering because it doesn’t hug anywhere too tightly. The length also allows your to wear it different ways. It can be worn at the waist for a cute skirt that hits at your calves or it can be worn high-waisted for a completely different knee-high look! Either way you wear it, they are both modest which is perfect for work or play. While you may not be able to find my specific pattern, I have seen so many beautiful colors and patterns so I am sure that you will be able to find something to fit your style!



I loved the bright, colorful vibe that the skirt gives off so I played that up with this gorgeous mustard colored Sarah. The Sarah is also a fun piece from LuLaRoe that you seriously need to consider adding to your wardrobe. The fun mustard color really paired nicely with the blue in the Jill skirt and, together, the colors remind me of my Alma Mater, Georgia Southern!



My shoes are a dupe of the seasons must have shoes. I found them for a steal of the original price and I will link them below. I also had the perfect Kendra Scott to pair with the skirt. The colors go so well together that it was almost like they were made for one another. This necklace is from their winter line but I will link some similar style below.



So now that I have introduced you to another fun piece from LuLaRoe, how about a GIVEAWAY??!! Head on over to my Instagram because together with the fabulous LuLaRoe Kaitlyn Fiedler, we are going away a coveted pair of BLACK LEGGINGS!! Say What?? Black LuLaRoe leggings are on every girls wishlist and we are giving away a pair for free! If that wasn’t enough, I am even throwing in a Starbucks gift card, because nothing says basic like Starbucks and leggings! Head on over to my Instagram (@beingmrsfowler ) for all the details on how to enter! Giveaway starts tomorrow, March 7, 2017 and will run until Friday, March 10, 2017. Good Luck!


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Happy 2nd Birthday Being Mrs. Fowler!

Happy Birthday Being Mrs. Fowler! It’s my 2 year Blogaversary!

My sweet little blog just turned two years old and that is a cause for celebration!


I say “Just” but the truth is that it turned 2 on January 1st. Let’s get real though, sometimes life just happens! While I may plan things out a certain way, things rarely go as planned. You know what though, that is totally ok! When I started this blog it was about having fun and doing something that I was passionate about. Fashion has always been a big part of my life and I love having a way that I can share that passion with others. On my little piece of the web, I can be myself, talk about whatever I choose and just generally have a good time.



At first I was super stressed that I did not get this blog post completed to post right on January 1st. After sitting back and thinking I realized that I should never let something that I do to have fun stress me out. When I allow stress to enter my life during these times, it takes the fun away so what I love is no longer a hobby but a job. Don’t get me wrong, I wish that blogging could be my job, but at the end of the day, life is happening all around me and that makes it totally ok that things don’t always go as planned. I would much rather miss out on a supposed “deadline” that I created for myself than miss out on my daughter’s excitement watching fireworks or enjoying Happy Meal for the first time. (And I know, total Mom of the Year over here, but I ate plenty of Happy Meals growing up and I turned out just fine!)



What I do want to focus on instead is the joy that I have experienced from writing this little blog of mine. I never imagined that I would form some truly amazing friendships just by writing about what I am wearing. I also never imagined some of the partnerships that I would have made with some truly amazing businesses. From bonus room boutiques to thriving small businesses, I am honored by the amount of people who I have been able to work with and that want to work with me! It is surreal in so many ways because I am out their making this little dream of mine into a reality. It is not always perfect and sometimes it is not even pretty, but it is all mine.



Before I go I want to remind you that just as you are reading this and supporting me, please try to do the same and support some other small businesses. Shopping small is so important and, just as you have heard me say numerous times, I try to shop small whenever possible. Knowing that you are putting food on tables and sending little girls to dance is so much more important that putting another dollar into the pocket of a big box business. We are all on this road of life just trying to do the best we can so why not help each other out and make the journey a little easier?!



But enough of the heavy, some of you may just be here for the clothes! My romper is from Target and is absolutely amazing. It is shiny, soft and just makes me feel fabulous. My sequin blazer is a few years old and it is from Urban Outfitters. I actually got it in the clearance section for less than $20! Never be ashamed to shop clearance! You can get some truly amazing deals and have more money to spend on even more fun pieces! My shoes are last season and they are from Ross Dress for Less. Places like Ross and TJ Maxx are great because you can get things significantly below retail. My shoes are Steve Madden and I only paid $14.99 for them. The big-ticket item in this outfit is my Eiffel Tower handbag by designer Timmy Woods. If you think it looks familiar then you are right! Carrie has the same bag (although hers is covered in crystals) in the Sex and the City Movie. I saw it and immediately fell in love. I wasted no time finding one of my own to add to my collection! I will link similar items below so you can re-create my look or just incorporate them into your own wardrobe!

Romper | Blazer | Shoes | Belt | Watch | Earrings | Ring | Lipstick

Fun Handbags: Ice Cream | Camera | Fish | Milk | Rooster | Dog | PizzaBirthday Cake


Before I close out this post I just want to give out a HUGE thank you to you, my loyal readers. Whether you are new to my blog or have been with me since day 1, I am so appreciative of your support. Without all of you this dream would not be a possibility and I thank God daily for allowing me to partake on this journey with all of you! Here is to bigger, brighter and better things in the New Year!


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Valentine’s Inspiration: Galentine’s with Girlfriends

Continuing with my Valentine’s inspiration, I am back with a fun Galentine’s look, perfect for spending the day with a great group of gal pals!


I really think that Valentine’s day is so much more than just being with a significant other. I have been blessed with so many absolutely amazing women in my life that I love to celebrate them on this day as well! I am looking forward to a planned get together with some fabulous woman and I know that this look will be perfect! It is flirty, fun and filled with my favorite color, pink! And you never go empty handed to a Galentine’s get together so Kendra Scott is the perfect way to spoil my friends! What’s in the box? Well that is a surprise giveaway that will be going live on my Instagram on Valentine’s day! Stay tuned!



Blush is one of my absolute favorite colors of the moment so I really wanted that color to be the main focus of my outfit. It is so soft a feminine and I really think it is the perfect color for celebrating the women in your life. I went with the cutest blush skinnies and paired them with this floral tunic. Technically I think it is a dress but it was a little short for my modest taste. I threw on my favorite cardigan that is both cute and comfy. Looking fabulous doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable. If an item is both cute and cozy then that is a definite must in my life.



I used my accessories to pull the rich cranberry color out of the dress. My pumps are velvet and were an absolute steal at Old Navy over Christmas break. They were an online return that just happened to be in my size. They also just happened to be $12 so there was no way I was leaving them behind. They are surprisingly comfortable and that makes me just a little bit obsessed. I also wore one of my fave Kendra Scott necklaces that echoed that same cranberry color.



My handbag was the perfect shade to match the outfit. It is both leather and suede so it has some really fun textures. It is from the Kate Spade outlet not far from my house and was on super sale. If you have a Kate Spade outlet near your house I encourage you to check it frequently. They are always having major sales and most of them can be found in the back of the store. In the back of the store bags are marked down and then have an additional discount on top of that. I have gotten numerous bags for less than $100 which is great deal for Kate Spade.



I really think that the bottom line when hanging out with your girlfriends is to just be you. These are the women who love you know matter what. They support you and will be there for you if you are dressed to the nines or rocking sweats and a top knot. Be cute, be comfortable, but just be yourself!

Happy Galentine’s Day Girlfriends!


Sweater | Tunic | Skinnies | Heels | Necklace | Handbag | Watch | Sunglasses


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Valentine’s Inspiration: A Dreamy Date Night

Valentine’s Day is almost here so I just wanted to pop in over the next few days to share some inspiration with you! Whether you are single, dating, married or just hanging out with girlfriends, I will have something for you! First up, a dreamy date night look!


For this look, I decided to wear this amazing dress from Modest Maimi. Modest Maimi is an amazing company that sells tons of gorgeous dresses that are all modest. As a Mom and a teacher, they are perfect for my busy life. I know that, even if I am running late, I can throw on one of my gorgeous dresses and still look polished and put together. They also portray a modest image which is perfect for my profession. I also love the fact that it is teaching my daughter that you don’t have to dress sexy to look nice. Modesty is hot and it good to leave a lot to the imagination.



When I saw this dress I knew that it would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. The color is rich and vibrant and it can easily be dressed up or down. It also has the most amazing tiered sleeves to give it some fun detail. To dress up the dress I paired it with a pair of black tights and a classic pair of black pumps.



I kept my accessories simple and went with a fun statement necklace and the cutest fur clutch. The statement necklace was a designer inspired steal for less than $10! I got my fur clutch from the cutest little jewelry boutique while on vacation in Gatlinburg over Christmas break and I knew that it would be perfect for a fun night on the town! I went with a bold, red lip since I was not wearing much jewelry. The best thing about this lipstick? It doesn’t smudge, smear or need reapplying! Perfect for all those Valentine kisses! The brand is Lipsense and I am excited to say that I recently became a distributor! Stay tuned because a blog post is coming up soon about why I chose to invest in this amazing company! In the mean time, I will tag my group below so you can shop my inventory! So many pretties to choose from!



The important thing to remember about any Valentine look, and really anything that you choose to wear, is to exude confidence. If you are confident in what you are wearing then it is going to show through and you will look fabulous! Knowing you look fabulous is sure to put a smile on your face and that is truly the best accessory that you can wear! I would love to know what you are wearing for Valentine’s! Let me know in the comments below. I could even learn something from you!



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