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It is no secret that I absolutely love shopping.




I love the thrill of online shopping. I love getting new clothes in the mail. I love the sound of a tag popping off of a new item and I really love making new outfits. A shopping obsession can become very expensive very fast so I am thankful for websites that make shopping both budget friendly and fun. My personal favorite is GroopDealz.

GroopDealz is a website that brings lots of amazing items, from many different small business boutiques, together on one website. While they have housewares, kids clothes, monogrammed goodies, and gifts, my favorite thing to shop for is the clothes! They always have amazing deals and are constantly getting new items.

The top pictured is a recent purchase and I love how on trend it is for fall. It has great embroidery detail and the cutest little ruffle trim on the sleeves. It was only $20 and can easily be worn throughout all of the seasons, depending on what I pair it with.

My little burgundy loafers were also a GroopDealz find and they were less than $6! Can you believe that deal?! I couldn’t resist and also bought them in an off-white color. They are super comfortable and were made really well, especially for the price.




My cardigan was a perfect purchase, especially for the coming cooler months. Since I live in South Georgia, our winters are very mild. Usually a thick cardigan or sweater is all that we need to stay warm. I have to admit that I have quite a few in my closet, but I could not resist this great cognac color. It will go with everything and is so cozy. Prepare to see it in abundance over on my Instagram.

Another great purchase from GroopDealz was these amazing olive booties. They were only $28 and the color is  fabulous! I paired with this amazing tulle dress but they will also pair with skirts, booties, skinnies and leggings, all season long!




This romper is probably one of my favorite GroopDealz finds of all time! I cannot even begin to express just how comfortable this little number is to wear. Best part? It has pockets! I purchased it in the olive color but it was also available in a few other colors. I have easily dressed it up for a night out with friends and it is perfect for staying comfy and lounging around the house.While it is not currently available, I have seen this exact romper, as well as similar styles, available at different times over the past few weeks. It is important to check GroopDealz frequently because they are always getting new items!




Another favorite find is this simple knotted tee. As a busy Mom, I need clothes that are both functional and comfy. Chasing a two-year old is not easy work, but shirts like this make it a lot more comfortable, and a lot more stylish. They always have similar tunics available in different styles. They are usually long enough to wear with leggings and, of course, your favorite skinnies!

I highly encourage you to check out GroopDealz and add some fun, functional pieces to your own wardrobe. You can definitely get some goodies without breaking the bank! Check them out and let me know what you think! I would love to see what GroopDealz goodies make their way into your own wardrobe!


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A Cool Cardi at an Even Cooler Price

Here in South Georgia, the season may be fall but the weather definitely still thinks that it is summer.


I am beyond ready for the season of blanket scarves, boots and sweaters. I live for fall. It is my absolute favorite season! Unfortunately for me, living in South Georgia means that we really only have two seasons: unbearably hot and everything else. I love those “everything else” days when I can walk outside without melting. I love the days when I need to throw on a sweater to combat the briskness in the air and I love them even more when I need to pile on a scarf.

Alas, those days do not seem to be insight anytime soon so I will just have to find ways to dress for fall without causing my body to get overheated.




One of my favorite ways to achieve the fall look without melting is with a lightweight cardigan. The extra layers help you feel my appropriate for the season but the the lighter material allows for a more breathable outfit. I was so excited when I found this long cardigan from SheIn because it gave me everything that I needed for early fall days in South Georgia. The material is very lightweight and can easily be thrown over a tank or a shirt. For this look I chose a tank. It was a rather hot day and a tank was necessary in Savannah. I paired it with my favorite black skinnies, the cutest sandals (that are actually quite comfortable), and a fun handbag and pair of earrings. Best part of this outfit? The prices!




You read write! The prices are the best part of this outfit! My skinnies were on sale for less than $17, my shoes were only $20, my tank was less than $10 AND this cardigan was only $11! Say what??!! Seriously guys, if you are not shopping SheIn then you are seriously missing out. It is one of my favorite places to shop for fun, trendy pieces at a great price. Considering the items ship from out of the country, shipping is actually very fast. The one piece of advice that I would offer is to read the comments and check the size charts. Customers are great about giving comments about the fit of items and material. The size charts give you exact measurements and help tremendously. The size chart varies with each item so it is imperative that you read the chart for each item, but it has always helped me order my correct size.



If you want to shop my cardigan, or any of my other items, just click the links below!

Cardigan | Skinnies | Tank | Sandals | Earrings | Handbag



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Where Did the Summer Go?

Y’all!! Is it just me or was this like the shortest summer ever??

Brooke Roberts-1097

Tomorrow is the first day of school and I feel like I just was released for the summer. While I am excited to see all of my new students, I don’t think I am quite ready to return to the daily grind. Between vacations, projects around the house and just spending time with my family, I feel like we were constantly busy. I think that is a lot of the reason why the summer seemed to go so fast.

Brooke Roberts-1107

Brooke Roberts-1105

As I watch my daughter grow now, more than ever, I want time to just slow down. She is getting bigger every day and gaining so much independence. I love to watch her little wheels spinning as she tries to figure out a problem. It really makes me more aware of the image that I am portraying to her.

I hope that I am someone that she aspires to be like.

I hope that I am someone she admires.

I hope that I am someone she is proud to call her Mom.

All of this makes me want to just take a step back and just enjoy life in the moment. We are only promised today so why not make the best of every possible situation. While I do wish that I was still home with Vivi enjoying my summer vacation, I am going to make the time that we do have together special. It is so easy to get caught up in the business of life that we are not really out living our lives.

Brooke Roberts-1108

Brooke Roberts-1100

The laundry can wait for another day. Instead I am going to get outside and watch my daughter play. I don’t want to have any regrets and I don’t want to miss out on any moments. I may be going back to work but I am going to put forth an effort to really be present with my family. No matter what your job is, your family should be your main focus. If you always put them first and enjoy every minute, when next summer rolls around, maybe it won’t seem to have flown by so fast.

Brooke Roberts-1113

Brooke Roberts-1102

Brooke Roberts-1110

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End of the Year Blues and Blue Hues

Y’all! It has definitely been a hot minute since I have been able to sit down and actually write a blog post! As a teacher, this is my busiest time of the year. I am so grateful that the end of the year is finally here and I can enjoy an entire summer with my sweet Vivi, but it is definitely bitter sweet because I will miss my sweet Kinders who I have come to love like my own over these past  10 months!


I felt that this dress was more than appropriate to star in my journey back to blogging. The rich, gorgeous navy blue is more than appropriate for all of my end of the year activities and the lace overlay adds a sense of fun and whimsy. I love that it can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For this look, I opted for the must have sandals of the season. While the designer version can cost around $170, these were a steal at $59.99! They come in three different colors and are seriously so comfortable! I recently took my daughter to the zoo and wore them all day with no problem. For a dressier look, this dress would look great with a strappy pair of heels or classic pumps and for a fun, relaxed look, it would also look great with a pair of cowboy boots!



This super versatile dress is from the sweetest company, Pink Blush. While they originally got their start selling the cutest maternity clothes, they quickly branched out into clothing to fit everyone woman’s need, no matter what stage they happened to be in life. With sizes varying from Women’s to Women’s Plus and Maternity to Maternity Plus, there really is something for every woman on their site. They also have nursing friendly clothes and accessories and a large variety of jewelry, scarves and other accessories. With reasonable prices, fast shipping and frequent sales, I am sure you will quickly fall in love with this company.



Now, lets get back to my fast approaching summer break. A definite perk of being a teacher is being able to have the summer off. I really enjoy this time now that I have a daughter because it is two sweet, uninterrupted months that I am able to give her my undivided attention. What really bothers me though is when people claim that a teacher has it so easy because they get summers off. Ask any teacher and I can almost guarantee you that they will be spending the summer to prepare for the next school year. Personally, as soon as I am able to get into the building, I will be at the school setting up my classroom for next year. I will be making copies, putting together new centers, laminating supplies and sorting games. Since it is the summer, I will be using my own money to purchase the supplies necessary to complete these tasks and much of them will be done in an hot classroom since the air conditioner will not yet be switched to on. These hours worked at the school will be on my time and unpaid. When I am not at the school I will be perusing Pinterest for new ideas, making manipulatives in between diaper changes and laundry and purchasing an never ending supply of paper of printer ink to print out all that is necessary to start out the school year. And this is just what I will be doing this summer!



Let’s not forget that long hours that were put in during the school year! My school day started at 7am, Monday – Friday. We were allowed to leave at 3pm every afternoon. The key word there is allowed. There were many days that I stayed until 4, 5, even 6, especially at the beginning of the school year! There is always so much to get done and you rarely have time during the school day to do anything but teach. Your planning period is used for meetings, conferences and professional development so you have no choice  but to plan on your own time. Then, when you finally do go home, you lug a big bag of papers to grade, sort, enter and file. You are required to stay late for PTA Meetings, Chorus Concerts, Basketball Games and Carnivals and can often be found at school on Saturday morning just trying to get a handle on everything. You buy snacks, candy and treats for the kids in your class and when grocery shopping, throw in packs of glue sticks to replenish your low stock. (I swear that my students must eat these things with how often we run through our supply!)

I could also go into detail about how many teachers work second jobs in the summer. Many teachers work summer school, summer camps, tutor or even get jobs at their local mall or grocery store to help supplement the low teacher salary. This means that their break, from all the hard work put in during the school year, is no longer a break. But that really is a whole other conversation in itself, so I won’t elaborate any further.

And even though you break your back, spend your last penny and neglect your own family, you would not change a thing, because being a teacher is in your blood. It gives your life meaning and you would not change it for anything. It is worth every hardship, every tear, every late night. You love those students as if they were your own and are happy to be there for them in any way that is needed.

You are a teacher.



So the next time you or someone you know goes to say that teaching is easy and that teachers have it made, just stop. The 7am-3pm, 190 days a year, is just the tip of the iceberg that goes into this life changing profession. Instead, tell them you are thankful for all that they do, or stand up for the work they put in during the school year. There is no tired like teacher tired. The break is nice and it is very much deserved, but it rarely used as a true break. A teacher will remain a teacher 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You can’t turn it off. It is who you are.

You are a teacher.


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Can You See Me?

I am camouflaged! Can you see me?


I have had these camo skinnies for years, and lately, I have been wearing them non-stop. I love seeing all of the different ways that I can mix them up and just how many outfits that I can make out of them. It is fun to create something completely new out of a very distinct pair of pants. I have to say that this pairing is one of my absolute favorites. It has such rich, vibrant colors that it is hard not to love this outfit.



My mustard sweater was a steal at my local H&M and I love the oversized fit. I paired it with a darker wash chambray to really play up the richness of the colors in this outfit and I love the result. Pieces like this are definite neutrals in my closet because they truly do go with so many things. I have at least 5 chambrays of varying colors in my closet because, for me, I would much rather where that on days that I don’t know what to wear, instead of a t-shirt. As for oversized sweaters, I tend to gravitate towards the ones that are made of thinner fabrics. Living in South Georgia means that I really don’t get a Winter so their is really no need for something thick and bulky. The thinner sweaters can easily be paired with shorts in the Spring to give me more bang for my buck and a wider variety in my wardrobe.



I keep my accessories on the neutral side since I had gone with vibrancy in my clothing choices. You can’t beat a great nude pump and I love the heel height on this pair. As a teacher, I am constantly on my feet so I really need comfort when trying on a pair of shoes. I tend to wear flats most often but, lately, I have been trying to add some great heels into the mix. A kitten heel is perfect for giving me a little extra height while also keeping my feet happy! My clutch was purchase at a J. Crew Clearance store a few years ago and it was less than $10! Did I mention it is real leather?! Also, if you have never had the chance to go to a J. Crew Clearance store then you are missing out! They have amazing prices. Like an outlet on steroids! The one we went to was right outside Asheville in North Carolina and I will definitely be visiting it again this Summer!



My jewelry is, of course, Kendra Scott. If you haven’t guessed already, I am a little obsessed with the collection. My necklace was from the Winter launch and my ring was from the Spring launch. Next week, the Summer collection hits stores and I am beyond excited! Vibrant colors, bead and tassels are just a few things to be featured on the new pieces so stay tuned! I am so excited to go check it out and I will definitely be featuring all of my faves on the blog!



How are your favorite ways to wear camo? Let me know in the comments! I love to hear from you!

Sweater | Chambray | Skinnies | Heels | Necklace |Ring | Clutch | Lipstick



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