10 Simple Steps to Looking Photogenic: A Guest Post from CaitsCozyCorner

At some point in your life, you are going to have your picture taken. For some people, that is on a daily basis. Now, I don’t know about you, but I am constantly retaking pictures trying to find the best lighting and get the best angle. We all want to look our best and camera ready. Well I have teamed up with Cait of CaitsCozyCorner to bring you a guest blog post on how to always look photogenic in your photos. Enjoy!

Having your photo taken can sometimes seem a little frightening, especially when it seems that you never look quite as good in portraits as you do in reality. This is a problem faced by many people, but is quite easy to overcome. Being photogenic is a skill which you learn, not which you’re born with. That’s why I’m here to help you. We’ve came up with some of the best tips to instantly start looking better in photos.

Nowadays, there are a lot of advises you can come across over the internet, but many people don’t practice them quite correctly. You know that  hand-on-hip pose celebrities do to make their hand look slimmer right? I’ve seen a lot of girls trying to do the same thing but it doesn’t come as natural for them –  they make more like a chicken-arms-pose. Well, to avoid these little mistakes, take a look at these tips for being more photogenic.

1. Lighting Is The Key


Standing directly under a light casts weird shadows on your face, so stand facing a natural light source, such as a window, which is more flattering to your features. You can also position yourself  in a spot where soft light hits your face from the side. I love posing near big windows for a lot of natural light that fills the photo and accents the features I want highlighted.

2. Angles


A lower angle visually stretches your figure, making you look taller and leaner, but when seated a photo shot from just above you is way more flattering. I tend to love when photographers get those great flattering shots from above and usually find that it’s one of my best photos taken.

3. Sparkly Eyes


To make your eyes sparkle, look at a light source such as a lamp which will create a flattering gleam in your pupils. Plus, it helps minimize the dreaded red eye! I also tend to add a bit of sparkle eyeshadow or a light white near the tear drop of my eye to highlight that particular spot. My eyes always tend to light up with that small trick!

4. Find Your Best Pose By Looking At Your Photos


Go ahead and look through some of your old photos of yourself. Which ones do you love? Why? Look for a pattern that you notice. Perhaps it’s the high angle or the way you tilt your head. Next time you have your photo taken, make an effort to imitate your best poses and remember why you loved those photos of yourself.

5. Get Rid Of Flyaways


Photos usually highlight flyaways, giving you a gawky, messy look. Dry oil or a good pomade will help, but make sure you use it lightly. If you are afraid to use too much, spray on your hands and then lightly try to control fizz! Sometimes, if I don’t have any with me on hand, I’ll use a bit of lotion to help smooth those annoying little hairs!

6. Tilt Your Head


Facing the camera straight on can rarely be flattering, so instead turn your head slightly to one side or the other. This way you give your features a greater depth and highlight your cheekbones. Try to do the same with your body, but also cross one of your legs or just bend it to break up the shape. For me, I found my best photos are when I tilt my head slightly to the left. Play around with with tilting your head in the mirror and see which way you like best.

7. Use The Body-shrinking Technique


Lean into the camera and stick your head out forward and tilting your chin down just a little bit. This will make your head will look bigger, giving you the optical illusion of a smaller body. I never knew this trick until a photographer shared it with me, took my photo and shared the results! It’s true and I try to work this angle when shooting some looks for blogs.

8. Know Your Good Side


As I stated above with head tilting, try to find out which side of your face looks better on camera. This differs from person to person, but studies say that most people’s more photogenic side is the left ( which is actually mine too! ).

9. Smile


Putting your tongue behind your teeth when smiling is an old trick but it does work. It helps you avoid a too-wide grin and look goofy. But remember to always ‘smile with your eyes’, to look more natural. To do this, squint slightly to create small pillows beneath your eyes, giving them a half-moon shape.

10. Group Photos


When taking group photos never stand the closest to the camera – it makes you look disproportionately larger. You should instead place yourself on an even plane with the other people in the photo.

Now that you’ve got some great ideas for your best looks, it’s time to find a great photographer who can capture the best version of you! If you’re in the Atlanta area, you must go see Donald Chambers who has over thirty years of professional photographic experience. He studied at California’s Art Center College of Design and assisted with acclaimed studios before moving to Atlanta to start his commercial studio in 1984 .Donald prospered in that studio, focusing on a wide range of subject matters with clients such as Coca-Cola, Budweiser, Georgia Pacific and Alton Brown.

After three decades, Donald has come back to his first love: photographic portraiture. He has a passion for working with people and capturing unique and authentic moments. He equally enjoys working with individuals, families, babies and couples. He is renowned for his masterful lighting in classical black and white along with vibrant use of colors. Donald shoots for as long as the subjects have energy and can provide quick reviews to ensure his clients see images that are suitable for framing! You’ll love everything he shoots!

Be sure to check out Cait’s blog and show her some love! I hope you enjoyed her guest post! I know that I will definitely be using some of these steps the next time I have my picture taken!


All photos retrieved from photographer Donald Chambers website.


Frolicking in Fields

When you have family pictures taken on a horse farm, you use that opportunity to take some truly incredible blog photos.

Once again, JHillis Photography has captured some truly stunning photos. He may be family, but his talent is undeniable!

For the family pictures, my Mom wanted us all to wear chambray and pearls. Other than that, we could decide how we styled our outfit. I was feeling the Spring weather and decided to go with a floral vibe. My blazer is from J.Crew Factory and it was a total steal. After the sale price, a coupon and my teacher discount, I only paid around $20! This is an amazing price for something that retailed well over $100!

I had a lot of fun with my accessories by piling on the pearls. This brought a touch of girlishness to my outfit and keep me true to my Southern roots. Southern girls love their pearls!  My clutch is real leather and is an oldie, but a goodie. It is from my days of working at Nine West in college and, thanks to a sale price and a great employee discount, I only paid around $30. I really miss that discount!


Would you believe that my chambray is maternity??!! I absolutely loved the color and length of this chambray and hated to pack it away with my maternity clothes. It may be a little big, but the blazer helped to hide the extra bulk! And if I hadn’t told you, you probably never would have known!


It was a beutiful day and Jordan really did capture some special moments between all the girls in our family. Three generations in one photo! If you want to check out all of the photos from the shoot, the head on over to his blog and see some of the pictures from the day! And while you are at it, contact him about doing your own family photo shoot!

Blazer | Chambray | Skinnies | Booties | Clutch | Pearls | Watch | Bracelet


Mrs. Fowler

Mommy + Me

Just wanted to pop in really quick and share some beautiful pictures that I had done of my precious little girl.


Vivi and I had the pleasure of shooting with one of my friends from high school, Tori, in a Mommy + Me shoot. Tori is originally from Savannah, Georgia but is now located in Los Angeles, California. She is an amazing photographer and videographer and runs Tori Leigh Photo and Video. He works ranges from couples to little ones and wedding to lifestyle. When I first saw her work I knew that she would be the perfect person to capture my vision. Luckily, she was home for the holidays so we were able to meet up with her!








If you live in the Los Angeles area then I encourage you to check her out!! She was a lot of fun to work with, very patient and she has a great eye!! I promise that you will love your results!!


Mrs. Fowler

Lookie Lookie! It’s a LookieLookie! 

I am the first one to admit that I have the World’s cutest child! She is always smiling, super happy and has the best little personality! We have some of the cutest pictures of my sweet baby girl, and I wish I could take credit for all of them,but I am going to let you in on a little secret… I have a friend and its name is LookieLookie!

IMG_9231LookieLookies are the cutest little bunnies that help you take photos of your baby without all of the dancing, singing and begging. No more taking 100 photos to get just one good one!

With its attractive lights and super easy set up, LookieLookies fits on all your phones and cameras effortlessly and helps you engage your little one’s attention for the perfect picture!
Vivi absolutely loves her LookieLookie and I am thankful that our mini photo sessions no longer take all morning!
The LookieLookie is steal at only $28 but if you bundle it with the matching plush you can get both for only $30! I mean seriously, how cute is this matching bunny?!
As a busy Mom, I am extremely grateful for this amazing product! We are always busy and always on the go, so any time that I can save is beneficial! Not to mention, it has helped me to capture some of the sweetest pictures of my sweet Vivi!
LookieLookies are also great for photographers! Think how cute your pictures of little ones will turn out when you have a LookieLookie on your team! I encourage you all to go check them out and I promise that you will love it as much as we do!
Mrs. Fowler

Hello World: Vivilyn’s Newborn Photos

Hello World!


Last week my sweet Vivilyn turned six months so in honor of her 1/2 birthday, I shared her birth story on the blog. It was sweet to reminisce of that special day and I enjoyed looking over the photos that we took at the hospital, so in playing in with that theme, I am sharing Vivi’s newborn photos!









I hope you enjoyed them! I know we have enjoyed every moment with out sweet girl!


Mrs. Fowler

Maternity Photos with Charity Miles Photography

So I have been a little behind on blogging and the reason for this is that our precious Vivilyn has made her arrival!! But before I can share her photos or my birth story, I wanted to catch up on a few things that happened leading up to that point. The first thing, my maternity photos.

I had the privilege of working with Charity Miles Photography. Charity is an amazing photographer who I always have a lot of fun with! She photographed our Engagement, Christmas Pictures and Wedding so I knew that her work would be exceptional for our Maternity session. We chose to use Tybee Island Beach as our backdrop and I could not be happier with the results!

I hope that you enjoy looking at our photos as much as we enjoyed taking them!!

View More: http://charitymilesphotography.pass.us/07162015-portraits-preganancy-megan-fowler-cmp  View More: http://charitymilesphotography.pass.us/07162015-portraits-preganancy-megan-fowler-cmp

View More: http://charitymilesphotography.pass.us/07162015-portraits-preganancy-megan-fowler-cmp

View More: http://charitymilesphotography.pass.us/07162015-portraits-preganancy-megan-fowler-cmp  View More: http://charitymilesphotography.pass.us/07162015-portraits-preganancy-megan-fowler-cmp

View More: http://charitymilesphotography.pass.us/07162015-portraits-preganancy-megan-fowler-cmp

View More: http://charitymilesphotography.pass.us/07162015-portraits-preganancy-megan-fowler-cmp  View More: http://charitymilesphotography.pass.us/07162015-portraits-preganancy-megan-fowler-cmp

View More: http://charitymilesphotography.pass.us/07162015-portraits-preganancy-megan-fowler-cmp

View More: http://charitymilesphotography.pass.us/07162015-portraits-preganancy-megan-fowler-cmp  View More: http://charitymilesphotography.pass.us/07162015-portraits-preganancy-megan-fowler-cmp

View More: http://charitymilesphotography.pass.us/07162015-portraits-preganancy-megan-fowler-cmp


Mrs. Fowler

A Little Mister or a Little Miss: A Gender Reveal for Baby Fowler

Hello Handsome…

Or Shall I Say Gorgeous??

We recently had our Gender Reveal to reveal the sex of Baby Fowler to all of our family and friends. It was so hard to not find out the sex at my ultrasound but I decided to be a good sport and find out with everyone else! There were literally points of the ultrasound when I had to cover my eyes so I couldn’t see the monitor! But I didn’t peek! I kept my eyes covered and found out at the reveal with everyone else!


The only person who knew the sex was my sister, Morgan. She was the one responsible for buying the right color of balloons and getting them safely into the box. She did a great job keeping the secret and we are so thankful for her help and dedication to her job!! We chose to do a balloon box for our reveal. I loved the pictures that I found on Pinterest of the balloon floating out of the box and I have a super crafty Mom who graciously decorated the box for us!


Now, as for the sex… I thought it was a girl all along. I have been super sick, started showing early, was experiencing acne and had absolutely no appetite. On top of all of this, the Chinese Gender Calender said it was a girl and so did the Pencil Test. The baby’s heart rate had also always been between 150-180 bpm which even furthered my belief that it was a girl. I know that these are old wives tales… but there has to be some truth to them!! I really hoped that they would prove correctly because, while a healthy baby was most important, I really wanted a little girl!!

My husband, however, was not convinced. He thought 100% that it was a boy. He even told me that there was no way it could be a girl!! I found this extremely funny because it was 50/50 either way, but he could not be convinced otherwise! He really wanted a little boy so it looked like we were a house divided!! And it turned out to be the same for our guests! Just look at their guesses…


Each guest put their tally on the board and chose the color of beads that they thought! It was a lot of fun to hear everyone’s guesses!!

We had a lot of yummy snacks and, just for my husband, we had a candy bar!! He has a major sweet tooth and that was his only request!! We did everything in pink and blue. Luckily, Party City has a section of color specific candies so we were able to have a lot of fun with our candy choices!!

 11075253_985651480068_5479261748189245078_n  11083662_985651415198_6791601780912641243_n


But I know you all really want to know what we are having…

I will let the pictures do the talking…

11102612_985651649728_5720689941863875184_n  17899_985651614798_376724349712766781_n

11083863_985651669688_1816106317570619528_n  11078261_985651794438_7676646550136772973_n

19827_985651834358_5531427412073327214_n  11073566_985651904218_3845917575764222364_n

That’s right!!! It is a GIRL!!! My motherly instinct was right!!

My poor husband was a little disappointed… Don’t get me wrong!! He is super excited to have a little Princess and he knows that she will be Daddy’s Little Girl, but in that moment, when those pink balloons popped out he said, “Even the dog is a girl!”

 11083908_985652068888_2820667616192055109_n  10636343_985652133758_3468674508481760611_n

He totally fake crying in these pictures so please don’t think that he is actually that disappointed, but they were just too funny not to share!!

 11083624_985651944138_140643086683582834_n  11074722_985652023978_4203929899734517163_n

We can’t wait to meet our precious little Princess! We are already so in love and can’t wait till she is here and finally in our arms! September 13th cannot get here fast enough!



Mrs. Fowler