Getting My Fix with StitchFix

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post through We Are Teachers for StitchFix, but all opinions are my own.

I am sure that it is no surprise to all of you that I absolutely love shopping. I love the feel of the bags in my hand, I love the smell of the fabric, and I love the way that a new item makes me feel. What I don’t love is driving into town, fighting the crowds, and trying on clothes in a very unflattering dressing room. With my schedule being so busy, lately I have just not even bothered with clothes shopping.

What is a girl to do?

Savannah Blogger, We are Teachers, Stitch Fix, Teacher Style, Mom Fashion, Modest Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler

Savannah Blogger, We are Teachers, Stitch Fix, Teacher Style, Mom Fashion, Modest Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler

Well, I have found the answer to get my shopping fix and its name is StitchFix! StitchFix is a personalized styling service that sends a box of clothes and accessories to your house with free shipping and returns. While there is a $20 styling fee, that price is applied to any items, should you decided to buy. You are only charged for the items that you decide to keep. Mailing back any items that you decide not to keep is very easy. Simply place them in the enclosed mailer and place them in your mailbox. So easy!

When you first sign up for StitchFix, they will have you fill out a Style Profile Quiz. You will fill out your sizes, any styles that you may not like, as well as any colors and prints that you may not want to wear. It was very thorough and I was impressed by all of the styles that they took into consideration. The fact that the Style Profile Quiz is so thorough is great, especially for teachers. As a teacher, we have a required dress code and image to present I was able to put in my job’s dress code requirements so that I could get a lot of great things for work. After filling out my profile, I just had to wait for my box to arrive.

Savannah Blogger, We are Teachers, Stitch Fix, Teacher Style, Mom Fashion, Modest Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler (18)

As soon as I got my box, I opened it up so that I could try everything on. You do have a time limit to mail everything back so it is important that you open the box as soon as possible to make your choices. If not, you will be charged for all the items.

Upon opening the box, the first thing  I noticed was the Outfit Suggestion cards. There is a card for each item that was shipped with your box and two ways to style the item. This is a great feature, especially for those who struggle with how to put outfits together.

Savannah Blogger, We are Teachers, Stitch Fix, Teacher Style, Mom Fashion, Modest Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler (12)

The first item that I received was the Golda Faux Wrap Midi Skirt by Le Lis. This was probably my favorite item in the box. I loved the styling suggestions and immediately thought of quite a few ways to style it with items already in my closet. It was the perfect length for teaching so I knew that my stylist had read through my questionnaire answers to give me exactly what my wardrobe needed. I absolutely kept this piece.

I took the time to style it with pieces that I already owned so that you could see the versatility. It can easily be dressed up or down and would be a great addition to my existing wardrobe.

Savannah Blogger, We are Teachers, Stitch Fix, Teacher Style, Mom Fashion, Modest Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler (20)

Savannah Blogger, We are Teachers, Stitch Fix, Teacher Style, Mom Fashion, Modest Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler

The next item that I received was the Kaydin Dot Stitch Pullover by Teeberry & Weave. This was a great sweater and I think it would be an essential basic in most closets. The fit was great and it could easily be styled many different ways with multiple things in my closet. My only problem was that it was very similar to things that I already owned. I could not justify having two, almost identical cream sweaters. Unfortunately, this one had to go back.

Savannah Blogger, We are Teachers, Stitch Fix, Teacher Style, Mom Fashion, Modest Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler

Savannah Blogger, We are Teachers, Stitch Fix, Teacher Style, Mom Fashion, Modest Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler

Another favorite in the box was the Jacqueline Skinny Pant by Liverpool. I had never heard of this brand before but I am so glad that I have discovered them. The fit is amazing. This particular pair was dressy enough for work but it could easily have been dressed down for the weekend. For pictures, I paired them with the Kaydin Dot Stitch Pullover from my order, but they could literally be paired without almost everything in my closet. I decided to keep these pants because they fit perfectly and matched my style exactly. I am glad that one of the questions that was asked on the Style Profile was how do you like the fit of your pants because these are the perfect addition to my wardrobe.

Savannah Blogger, We are Teachers, Stitch Fix, Teacher Style, Mom Fashion, Modest Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler

Savannah Blogger, We are Teachers, Stitch Fix, Teacher Style, Mom Fashion, Modest Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler

The final clothing item that I recieved was the Mayven V-Neck Blouse by Skies are Blue. This top was absolutely adorable. Just like my other pieces, the fit was great and it pretty much matched my style. I really considered keeping this item but it was quite similar to a few tops that I already owned. I loved the colors and knew it would have been a great addition, but in the end, I was not completely sold.

Savannah Blogger, We are Teachers, Stitch Fix, Teacher Style, Mom Fashion, Modest Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler

Savannah Blogger, We are Teachers, Stitch Fix, Teacher Style, Mom Fashion, Modest Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler (4)

My final item was not clothes, but rather a necklace. It was the Peony Fringe Pendant by Bay To Baubles. It was a great necklace that could be worn with almost everything and was gold, my favorite color to wear in jewelry. The only problem was that it was very similar to other items I owned. This was my biggest problem with the items that I received in my box and I feel like that was a good problem to have. The stylist did such a good job of styling my box that she practically gave me items that I already owned.

Savannah Blogger, We are Teachers, Stitch Fix, Teacher Style, Mom Fashion, Modest Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler

Savannah Blogger, We are Teachers, Stitch Fix, Teacher Style, Mom Fashion, Modest Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler

In the end, I only decided to keep two things from my StitchFix box.. I wish that everything had worked because you get a 25% discount on your order if you decide to keep everything in your box. There was so many great pieces, but in the end, I couldn’t justify keeping items that were so similar to items that I already owned. Even if you don’t keep all items, your $20 styling fee is applied to your order so that your money goes toward building your closet. Most of the items in my order were around $45 so I technically ended up getting one item for about half off. I was just grateful that my styling fee was applied to my order so I never felt like I was wasting money. I honestly enjoyed the experience and am currently waiting for my next box. You can choose the frequency that you receive your boxes and are welcome to cancel at any time. Feel free to check on my highlight reel on my Instastories to see my actual try-on videos and hear more about my experience.

Savannah Blogger, We are Teachers, Stitch Fix, Teacher Style, Mom Fashion, Modest Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler (9)

Savannah Blogger, We are Teachers, Stitch Fix, Teacher Style, Mom Fashion, Modest Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler

The only question that I have left unanswered is how do you let StitchFix know which items you decided to keep or send back so that they do not charge your account. Well, the have an app for that!

Once you receive your order, your StichFix app will update with all of the items that you have received. After you make your selections, your will scroll through the items marking which ones you decided to keep and which ones you decide to send back. You can also mark how each item fit so that they can make sure your next box is all of your correct sizes. It is so easy and they walk you through the entire process. Once your selections have been made, you can update your style profile to fit your current needs and sizes, leave a note for your stylist and, of course, schedule your next fix!

Savannah Blogger, We are Teachers, Stitch Fix, Teacher Style, Mom Fashion, Modest Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler

Overall, I really enjoyed this experience and I encourage you to try it out, at least once as well. It was such a nice surprise to receive in the mail and I really enjoyed trying on what my stylist picked for me. To encourage you to try out the service, We Are Teachers and StichFix are offering all of my readers and followers a waived styling fee!  Just click the link (StitchFix) and the waived fee will be applied to your order! This means that you are not charged anything unless you decide to keep items! That is something definitely worth trying! If you do decide to try StichFix, I would love to know what you get in your box. Just share below in the comments or tag me over on Instagram!

Happy Shopping!


Disclaimer: This was a sponsored post with StitchFix and We Are Teachers. Affiliate links are used and I may receive a small commission. All opinions are my own.

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Oh! You Look Like a Teacher!

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I tell people that I am a teacher and they respond with the comment, “You look like a teacher!”

Seriously?! What does a teacher even look like??


I have noticed recently that I very much have two wardrobes. I have my clothes that I wear to work and my clothes that I wear on the weekend. This past summer I really worked to clean out my closet of things that I no longer wore or really were not my style. I found myself holding on to clothes just for the simple fact of I could wear them to work. I realized that it was time to make some changes for a more universal wardrobe. I wanted my clothes to reflect who I was but I also wanted them to be appropriate to work.



So I started cleaning out, I mean really cleaning out. I would go through my closet again and again, getting rid of things that were too big, too worn and just simply not me anymore. I got rid a lot. If felt great to just get rid of things. The pile of hangers that amassed was almost inspiring. It encouraged to keep on pulling things out, really cutting back and focusing on things that spoke to who I was as a person.



I created a group on Facebook and carefully posted each piece of clothing. I sold it to Friends and Family at a steal and then used that money to update my new wardrobe with some fun pieces. I really tried to focus on pieces that were transitional through the seasons and that could easily be worn during the school year or on the weekends.



The results have been amazing. I love going into my closet and being genuinely happy with everything that I see. I love knowing that I can easily grab something out of my closet and  have it be ok to wear to work. I love that my wardrobe is no longer defined by my profession, but by who I am as a person.

I encourage you all to take the time and really discover your style and what makes you happy. Then, with that new-found knowledge, go through and clean out anything that doesn’t fit with that style. The results are free and, honestly, helps to make my life just a little less stressful.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions about finding and focusing your style. I always love hearing from you and would love to be able to help you build your wardrobe! Also, if you are interested in shopping my closet page, check it out here! I am happy to ship and the prices are super cheap!



Chambray | Skirt | Sandals | Handbag | Earrings | Necklace | Bracelet | Sunglasses



Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post and I may receive a small commission.

Maxed Out

Y’all! The first week of school is no joke! I am simply maxed out!


As a teacher, it is always hard to find a good balance at the beginning of the school year. You want to stay late and get things done around your classroom but you are also so exhausted you can’t wait to get home and crash. When you factor into the equation that I am also a wife and a mother, it makes it even more exhausting to balance all of my responsibilities. Staying at the school until almost six has me staying awake until almost midnight, and then the cycle starts all over again the next day. If I could sleep for a week I would definitely not complain. At the end of the day, I realize that I am sacrificing my needs to meet the needs of my family and my students and that cycle simply cannot continue.



Alas, though, there is simply no time for me to sleep for a week so, instead, I have been making other little changes in my life to make sure that I take care of myself. I realized that if I continue to neglect myself, I will eventually be no good to the people around me. It is never wrong to make yourself a priority and the older that I get, the more that I realize that self-care is crucial for ensuring that I am the best version of myself. When I take a few extra moments to take care of myself, I am happier, healthier and just more successful at the tasks that I try to accomplish.



One of the things that I have done is to completely change my diet to become a Vegan. After doing a little research and talking with friends, I made the choice to cut animal meat and animal products from my diet. While it was not easy, I have never felt better in my life. My skin is clearer, my hair is healthier and I have little to no problems with my migraines. As a Vegan, I have found many yummy vegetable and grain recipes that have definitely made the process easier. I don’t feel like I am missing out on the foods that I used to eat and my family has been more than accommodating with this lifestyle change.

Since I changed my diet I have seen an increase in energy. I thought that it might be beneficial to put that extra energy towards self-care. For the past few weeks I have been attending hot yoga at The HUB in Savannah and it has quickly become my favorite day of the week. Currently I have only been attending the Candlelight Community Yoga Class once a week but, after the chaos of back-to-school slows downs, I hope to add more classes to my week. Yoga has done for my mind what becoming a Vegan has done for my diet. I think clearer, notice a decrease in my stress level and just generally have a better outlook on life.  If you are local to Savannah, I highly encourage that you check out one of the Candlelight Community Yoga Classes. They are every Thursday at 8pm and all proceeds from the class are donated to a local charity.



Even though I am tired in the mornings, I also realized that I am a more pleasant person if I take the time to put on makeup, fix my hair, and put on an outfit that I truly love. Since school has started back, I have made a point to wake up early enough to make sure that I have time to do these things. In the past, whenever I had to go to work with no-makeup or un-fixed hair, I was only able to focus on the fact that I looked “unkempt.” While at work, I really should be focused on my students and the curriculum that I am expected to teach. Taking a few minutes at the beginning of the day for myself, ensures that I am the best version of myself for my students and that makes for a very successful day.

Along with taking time for myself in the mornings, I have also implemented a great skin care routine. If you follow me Instagram, you are probably aware that I sell LipSense. LipSense is a part of the SeneGence Corporation and within that business, we also have an amazing line of skincare. After using the products for a few months, I have noticed that my skin looks more youthful, bright and clearer. I love the fact that even if I am not wearing make-up, I am going to look great. If you are interested in trying out any of these skincare products, check me out on my Facebook Group, Kiss and Makeup with Megan Fowler. I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have about the products.



If you do not do so already, I strongly encourage you to start making time for yourself. Take a yoga class, make a home cooked meal or even just get a pedicure. When you make yourself a priority, you are putting the best version of yourself out for the world to see. You will feel better, look better, smile more and just be a generally more pleasant person. And I don’t know about you, but my husband, daughter and students enjoy pleasant Megan way more than “maxed-out” Megan! Take care of yourselves friends!


Dress | Shoes | Sunglasses | Clutch | Earrings | Necklace 1 | Necklace 2 | Watch


Photography Courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography.

Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post and I may receive a small commission.

Bloggers FALL For Leopard

One of my favorite patterns to wear is, hands down, leopard print. When I found out this was one of the trends that we were focusing on for our Bloggers FALL For link up I was thrilled! I  love finding new was to wear this versatile pattern so I could not wait to see how all the other Blogger Babes styled this wild print!


For my splash of leopard I went with this adorable leggings from Target. I got them last year but I will find some similar pairs and link them below. I really wanted the leggings to stand out do I paired them with the cozy white tunic. I got it from my local Wal-Mart for less than $14! That is comfort that anyone can afford!




I knew my outfit needed a little something extra so I decided to brighten it up with a bright blue color. I have had these heels since my days of working at Nine West when I was in college and they are still some of my favorites. They are the prettiest blue suede color and are actually pretty comfortable with their platform. They have just the perfect amount of peep-toe and definitely dress up any outfit. I have also had my necklace for a while and I love how the blue matches perfectly with shoes. The necklace is Vince Camuto and I purchased it my local Belk. Belk has a great clearance jewelry section so if you have one in your area, you definitely need to it out!




This is such a fun pattern to style because leopard truly is a neutral print. It matches with almost everything and really gives an outfit a little something extra. I have this print in shirts, shoes, handbags, jewelry and sweaters. Leopard print truly is a classic and has remained in style for years. It looks great on everyone and can easily be implemented into an outfit. Want some other ideas for how to style this wild pattern? Be sure to check out the other fabulous Blogger Babes by clicking their links below!


Tunic (similar) (similar) (similar) | Leggings (similar) | Heels (similar) | Necklace (similar)  Handbag

Heather of Heathered Hearts // Megan of Being Mrs. Fowler // Jensyn of Stripes in Bloom // 

Lindsay of Middle of Somewhere

Candice of Hello Pretties // Alexandra of Finding Alexandra // Chelsea of Simply Pett // Paige of Hometown Heels

Photography Courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography
Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post and I may receive a small commission.

I Should Probably Just Sell LuLaRoe…

It would probably not surprise you to hear that I am in love with LuLaRoe, specifically their leggings. What I am surprised by is that I have never done a post featuring their leggings…

Say What??!!


To say that I love LuLaRoe leggings would be an understatement. A better word would be obsessed! My collection has grown from just one pair, that I won in a giveaway on Instagram, to now owning at least 20 pairs! And that happened in just three short months! The leggings are so soft and have definitely earned their nickname of “butter leggings.” They come in so many fun colors, patterns and prints that their is literally something for everyone! And I don’t even sell them! I just love them that much!

But, I am going to tell you a secret… I didn’t buy all of those leggings! At least 5 pairs I recieved free from giveaways and another 6 pairs I got from hosting parties! That means that at least half of leggings I did not have to pay a single cent. And being the I am in a giving mood and my belly is full of yummy Chick-Fil-A, I am going to tell you how to score FREE leggings in just a few easy steps!



Here are my easy tips to score your own FREE LuLaRoe:

Tip 1: Stalk Instagram for Giveaways

LuLa Ladies are constantly giving away free leggings on Instagram. It is the best way to increase awareness of their brand and to get people to follow their page. Most of Instagram pages also require you to like their Shop page on Facebook so this is increasing awareness of their brand even more. At any given time, there are tons of leggings giveaways happening and you can find them by doing one, simple thing… Search the hashtag #lularoegiveaway. Simple as that!! I just went and searched the hashtag and in the minute that I searched I saw at least 20 different people giving away different pieces of LuLaRoe!! So easy and definitely worth your Insta feed being full of LuLa Ladies!



Step 2: Stalk Facebook for Giveaways

Now that you are following all of those shop pages on Facebook from entering all of those Instagram giveaways, it is time to put your stalking skills to work and search for even more giveaways. While I have never won leggings from a Facebook giveaway, I have won free shipping and LuLa Cash! There is always some sort of giveaway happening on Facebook and most LuLa Ladies giveaway something every week! I have also noticed that most LuLa Ladies have a birthday album and if you comment on your birth month then they will pick someone from the group during each month to win a surprise during their birth month! Winning!



Step 3: Host a Party

So now you are a following a ton of LuLa Ladies on Insta and are in a bunch of LuLa Facebook groups, my advice is to find some ladies that your really like and host a party! Your LuLa Lady does not even have to be local to you because you can host a party that is 100% online! You can sit on your couch in your butter leggings that you won from an Insta giveaway, sip your wine and watch as your friends order tons of stuff and you reap the benefits! Now that sounds like my kind of night! If you LuLa Lady is local to you then you can choose to have a Pop-Up Party. This is when she brings all the clothes to your house and you invite all your friends over to see the clothes in person. These are great for LuLa Newbies because they can feel the clothes and try them on. Sizing is weird in LuLa clothes so it is always best to try on something to see just what size your would wear. Plus, you could have snacks, wine and just gossip with all your girlfriends! Whatever way you decide to have a party, I strongly urge you to have one because now is the time! People are LuLa obsessed at the moment, and with Christmas around the corner, that obsession is only going to increase!


So now that I have given away all my secrets, you need to go score you some leggings. I promise that you will love them as much as I do! The obsession is real! Here are some of the ladies that I love to shop with and have even won some free goodies from:

Oh! To give you the scoop on my outfit…  My leggings are, of course, LuLaRoe. The sweater is old from last year but I will link something similar because I have seen stuff everywhere! My booties are also old from Target but this style is still on trend for this year! As for my tunic, it is an Amazon find and I am absolutely obsessed. I have it in so many colors and styles because it is beyond comfortable and super affordable! It come is sleeveless, short-sleeve, long-sleeve, v-neck, ruffle hem, handkerchief hem, hi-lo… you name it, they probably have it!! Go check out this tunic because you will live in them!!

Tunic | Sweater (similar) | Leggings (similar) | Booties (similar) | Hat (similar) | Necklace


Quotes from the Past and Skirts of the Future

I have never been much of a pencil skirt girl. I always felt that they were too tight and accentuated me in all the wrong places. I would try them on in the store but none of them ever made it home with me because I just did not like the look of them on my body.

But all that changed when I tried on the Cassie Skirt by LuLaRoe.


The Cassie Skirt is LuLaRoe’s version of the pencil skirt. It has an elastic waistband and comes in many different colors, prints and textures. Because of the elastic, you can wear it higher with cropped tops and tied button-ups, or you can wear it lower for a different look. I was very skeptical when my LuLa Lady wanted me to try on this skirt. At first I refused, but she eventually persuaded me and I am so glad that she did. I loved it the minute I pulled it over my hips. It easily pulled over my “Mom Fluff” and even did a good job of masking some of the fluff! I was hooked.

(And on a side note, check out my LuLa Lady at LuLaRoe Nancy Pattillo on Facebook!)



For this look, I paired my Cassie Skirt with an oversized tee from H&M. I bought it oversized to wear with leggings but I realized that with the extra material I could also add a knot for some extra detail. I have actually been loving the knotted tee look lately and just bought this tee in two other colors just so I could knot them this Fall! It really is a fun way to update your outfit!



For my accessories I went with this stunning necklace from Purple Peridot. It is such a statement piece and really adds so much style to my outfits. I love the chunkiness of the chains and how it can easily be dressed up or down. My purse is a find from the Kate Spade Outlet. It was on super sale and I just cannot resist a fun purse design! My shoes are lace up flats from Old  Navy. I love this trend and I am so glad that it is carrying over into the Fall. I am hoping to snag a pair in a great cranberry color!



Now let’s get serious here for a minute… the mural on the wall features a quote from Prince and I think that it is so important, especially in today’s time. Now, more than ever, we need to be standing together, united as one, strong nation, a nation under God. All lives matter and we really need to be supporting and building one another up. Some days I am  really scared for my daughter and the world that she may have to potentially grow up in… but it can change. We all have to be willing to judge less and love more. To not point fingers or place blame and be accepting of all. We live in a great nation but it will only remain great if we stand together. The division between us will be our downfall. And, to be completely honest, what we really need is Jesus. He is the glue that holds us all together and it is not until we all stop and run to him that our nation will be healed.

My life matters. Your life matters. Black lives matter. All lives matter. Jesus is what matters.


Tee | Skirt (similar) | Necklace | Handbag (similar) | Flats | Sunnies (similar)


Photography Courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography

Shopping Small and Staying Stylish

I love supporting small businesses whenever possible. It just feels good to know that your purchase is helping to put food on the table of a family just like yours instead of putting money back in the pockets of big box corporations. When that business has super cute and practical items, well that is just a double plus! That is why I was so excited to team up with two great small businesses: Sign Here Boutique and PurseCase.


First up to talk about, this AMAZING dress from Sign Here Boutique. Sign Here is a specialty store that sells the cutest clothes and accessories. They also specialize in personalized home decor and vinyl monograms and stickers. They have a great assortment of gift ideas as well. Make sure that you check them out on Instagram so you don’t miss out on any special promotions or coupon codes!



I love a good floral print. It is feminine, girly, and, with the right print, can even be slimming! The print on this Double Slit Maxi definitely delivers all that and more. I love the color palate because I feel that it is versatile for Spring, Summer, and Fall. With my climate, it would even be appropriate in the Winter paired with a long cardi. The dress also has slits on the side which allows me the option of knotting the dress in the front for a different look. I love the knotted look because it really shows off whatever shoes that you are wearing, and when your booties are this cute, you need to show them off!



My booties are from my local Famous Footwear and are Carlos by Carlos Santana. While these may be a season old, there is almost an identical pair currently on their website that is new for this Fall that I will link below. I cannot even express to you how much I love these booties. You have probably seen me wear them in previous blog posts because I wear them all the time. They are a great neutral color that goes with almost anything. They also have a great chunky heel which makes the comfy enough for chasing my 1 year old or keeping up with Kindergartners all day. My only piece of advice would be to spray them with an all-weather spray because they are a suede material. That way, you keep them looking new, year after year. (I will link my fave spray below!)



You probably noticed the adorable little crossbody that I am wearing in my pictures. “What could she possibly fit inside that tiny purse?” you are probably asking yourself. Well… it is not a purse! It is a phone case! That adorable little crossbody is by a company called PurseCase. They make silicone case for phones that are attached to a handle or crossbody chain. The days of searching through your purse are over because now your phone will be right at your fingertips. As a busy Mom, this is perfect for me because it frees up my hands for all of the other things that I am juggling. Also, since it is wrapped across my body, I don’t have to worry about it falling to the floor. If myself or Vivi happens to drop it, it will just fall gently to my side.



The PurseCase also features a small pocket in the front that is perfect for holding a debit card and your license. This makes the PurseCase ideal for sporting events, concerts and going out at night. Many concert halls and stadiums have become very strict on what they will allow a person to bring inside so this is perfect for when you don’t have pockets and are not allowed to bring a bag.

PurseCase is available to fit all versions of iPhone 5 and 6. It comes in a variety of colors and you can choose to order a package that contains the crossbody chain or just the handle. Order a few and change them up to match your outfits! I am sure that this is bound to become one of your new favorite accessories!


Dress | PurseCase | Booties | Suede Spray

Be sure to check out both of these super cute small businesses! I know that you are bound to find something that you love!


Mrs. Fowler

Photography Courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography