Just Keep Rolling On

Y’all! Life has been so crazy lately! Is it just me or does everyone feel like life is moving at warp speed at the end of the school year?


As a teacher, I am busy pretty much all day, Monday-Friday. This means that the little bit of time that I have after school is filled with trips to the grocery store and post office, catching up on laundry, making dinner and loving on my sweet daughter. Throw in blogging and selling Lipsense and you have one worn out Momma. Exhausted does not even begin to cover my life. This all really becomes a problem at the end of the school year because I am just done. I am emotionally and physically drained, confused by all the meetings I have scheduled and frantically rushing to complete end of the year paperwork. This is why Teacher Appreciation Week falls at the end of the school year! We need the boost and encouragement to make it those last few weeks!



Some days  I really don’t know how I get everything done. And honestly, some days I don’t even get the things done that I really need to get done.

When I take a step back, though, and actually look at the big picture, I realize that is totally alright. How can it be alright, you ask, for a teacher to not get everything she needs done? The truth is that I am so much more than just a teacher. I am a Mom, a nurse, a mentor, a tailor,  a chef and a friend. I truly believe that my job is so much more than teaching my students their ABC’s and 123’s. I am teaching them to be good citizens and good friends. I am caring for them when they are ill, breaking up fights and sewing back on buttons. I am bandaging boo-boos, tying shoes and putting back together the Lego figures. If you have spent anytime in a classroom, you know that each student has completely different needs. Some days, a student may need a hug and snack way more than a lesson on animal habitats.



So please forgive me if we don’t sing the alphabet song every day like it says on my lesson plans. We are tackling every day in the classroom as it happens. Sometimes that means that plans are thrown out the window and we have to just roll with whatever happens! If we need an extra Recess to get out the jitters or a quiet time after snack to rest our tired minds, I am going to make that happen. After all, I am molding little minds here, and that is delicate work! Even the best artist needs a break.

All of this is a major reason why I am so exhausted. It is honestly hard to take care of someone else’s babies when you are paying someone else to take care of yours. I miss Vivi a lot during the day and wish that I was able to stay home with her. I love my job and know that they work that I am able to do with my students is priceless and that really does help so much. It is hard to change plans at the drop of the hat because you have an announced fire drill. It is hard to put a baby on the bus not knowing if they are going to have a hot meal on the table that night. It is just hard.



But as my title implies, I have learned to just keep rolling on. I have learned to tackle each day with a fresh outlook and new perspective, even if that means throwing the plans out the window. I have learned to set aside the needs of my daughter (who is very well taken care of while I am working) to focus on the needs of someone else’s sons and daughters. I have also learned to let the laundry wait so that I can finally spend time with my own child once work comes to an end. One day, I am not going to look back and wish that I had done more laundry or washed more toilets. I am going to look back on all them memories that I made and wish for more of those. Memories with my students, memories with friends, memories with my own daughter… learning to keep on rolling on is sometimes how the best memories are made.



If you see a teacher this week, or know one, make sure a take the time to tell them thank you and just how much you appreciate what they are doing for our future leaders. They wear more hats than you realize, sacrifice more than you know and are probably more exhausted than you have ever been in your life. Just like me, they are rolling on through life, just trying to do the best they can in all they do. And here is something for you to think about… where would anyone in the world be without some teacher who made a difference. Teaching is the most influential job that you can have and I know that all of you can think back and remember those teachers who made the biggest difference.

Now excuse me while I go unwind with a pedicure and a Venti Starbucks! After all, it is Teacher Appreciation Week!


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Photography Courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography

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What the Teacher Wore Wednesday

A new month means a new bunch of style challenges! If you read my previous post you saw that I am attempting 3 different style challenges this month. I may not always be successful, but I am trying to achieve all three every day! Here is a recap of last week!

Monday, February 1st: Laced Up Lovelies, Cute as a Button(Up) and Tiffany Blue

1  6

Blazer: Goodwill, Striped Tee: Target, Button Up: Old Navy, Skinnies: NY and Company, Lace-Up Flats: Old Navy, Watch: Michael Kors

I made the tassel necklace!! You can buy one of your own in my etsy shop: Meg-E-Mays!! It is available in a lot of different colors!!

Tuesday, February 2nd: On Repeat, Stripes and Sparkle & Shine


Striped Blazer- Target, Rose Gold Tunic: Anthropologie, Skinnies: NY & Company, Glitter Flats: Mindy Mae’s Market, Necklace: Towne and Reese

Wednesday, February 3rd: Band of Rose Gold, Floral Arrangement, Rose Red


Sweater: Belk, Floral Button Up: Forever 21, Skinnies: NY & Company, Flats: Nine West, Chain Necklaces: Target and H&M

Thursday, February 4th: Blush & Beige, Leather or Lace and Gold


Lace Top: Target, Polka Dot Sweater: NY and Company, Blush Skinnies: NY and Company, Gold Flats: Old Navy, Bow Necklace: Kate Spade Outlet

Friday, February 5th: Blushing Beauty


I was slack this day and only participated in one style challenge, but this dress from Lucy and Lyla Boutique is gorgeous and makes just one challenge totally acceptable!! I love absolutely everything from this boutique. The clothes are super cute and comfy and they have a lot of things that work with my busy life and my new Mom body!!

Remember, if you want to see my outfits on a daily basis, or participate in the style challenges with me, then check me out and give me a follow on Instagram!!


Mrs. Fowler

Styling my Bump

As I mentioned in a previous post… I am EXPECTING!!

It has been super exciting watching my baby grow and the place that I have seen that growth the most is in my belly. It has been quite frustrating at times when getting dressed in the morning because I am really at a stage between my regular clothes and maternity clothes. Some mornings I can button my pants just fine, but here lately, I find myself stretching a ponytail holder or rubber band through my button hole to its limit.

Photo retrieved from http://www.alyssainnashville.com/

No matter how frustrating it may be, though, my belly is only going to get bigger so I have a few tips that I have learned to share with you!!

1. When in Doubt, Oversize it!!

I have always been drawn to oversized tops and cardigans. I love the mix of baggy with fitted and since my pants of choice are usually skinnies, it is my tops that become baggy. This has become very useful in my pregnancy because I have many tops already in my wardrobe that work, not only now, but further into my pregnancy. Here are a few examples of some of my larger tops and cardis and how I have styled them with my new accessory: a baby bump!!

IMG_0217  IMG_0012  IMG_0206

2. Buy a Size Larger!!

This is tip that I have discovered that really only works with tops. Pants either fit, or they don’t which is why I have already invested in a few pair of maternity pants. I find that if I am comfortable with my pants then I feel a little more put together and not so disheveled. Tops, however, are a different story. As a girl who loves to shop I have not been able to stop, even though I am pregnant. Instead I have found myself buying one size larger. Since I am purchasing regular tops instead of maternity tops, I will be able to wear them after my pregnancy. They also will fit perfectly with my belief in oversized items!! Remember my motto… “When it Doubt, Oversize it!!” Here are a few examples of tops that I have recently purchased in a larger size.

IMG_0062  IMG_0039

3. Don’t be Afraid of Fit! Show Off That Bump!

When I was keeping my pregnancy a secret I tried to steer clear of my tops that were more fitted. I started showing early so I wore my bigger clothes for a while. Now that everyone is aware of my pregnancy, I am taking full advantage of my tees and showing off my little bump!! I am finally too a point where I don’t feel sick all of the time and I can feel my little bundle moving around. I feel great so why not show off this huge blessing??!! Don’t be scared of what people will say or how you look! Know that you look fabulous and that you are just showing off your superpower… growing a new life!! Here are a few of my fitted tee looks.

IMG_0139  IMG_0129

4. Accessorize!!

Nothing shows off your new bump better than accessories!! I have found myself drawn to accessories even more than usual during my pregnancy. I love how scarves frame my little bundle and a lot of my necklaces hit at just the right spot on my belly. I have even made a necklace to show when I am due (pictured with the orange top)! Accessories have always made me feel great, so on a day when I am even more tired than usual they are a perfect, easy pick-me-up! Check out my accessories in these outfits!

IMG_0075  IMG_0145

5. Add a Jacket or Cardi

I am absolutely loving jacket and cardigans this pregnancy because they fit my belly!! I have never been one to button up a jacket or cardigan so it doesn’t really matter than my belly (and my boobs) have gotten bigger. My cardis still fit and are a great way to add some life to an outfit. Luckily, I have only gained weight in my belly so I have not had to worry about bigger arms. I am hoping (fingers-crossed!!) that I will remain this lucky so I can keep on dressing up my outfits with all my cute cardis. Check out the cardis in these outfits!

IMG_0136  IMG_0181  IMG_0224

I hope that you have enjoyed these tips!! Remember that these are only my tips and suggestions and if they don’t work for you, then try to find something that does. Just like ever regular body type, every pregnant body type is different. I struggles for weeks, and even still struggle, with days of exhaustion, frustration and a feeling of being disheveled, but these few pointers at least helped me to get to work in one piece!! Please feel free to leave me any questions or comments below and I also would love to hear your tips!!

Thanks for Being So Fabulous!!


Mrs. Fowler

What the Teacher Wore: Valentine’s Edition

With my constant morning sickness and utter exhaustion, I have been so slack on blogging!! I feel so bad because I feel like I am letting you all down!! But I am feeling better and trying to get back in the swing of things!!

With today being March 1st, I figured I should catch up on my outfits from February. My favorite week of outfits was for the week of Valentine’s Day. I decided to go all out and wear hearts, pink and red of some sort every day!! Here was my outfits from the week:



Sweater- H&M, Top- Target, Jeans- American Eagle, Shoes- Mindy Mae’s Market, Necklace- Rue 21



Top- Target, Cardigan- Old Navy, Leggings- Old Navy, Shoes- J. Crew, Donut Clutch- Asos, Necklace- Purple Peridot



Sweater- LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls, Plaid- J. Crew, Pants- J. Crew, Flats- Old Navy, Necklace- Forever Anchored Boutique, Watch- Michael Kors, Bracelet- Charming Charlie



Top- Forever 21, Pants- NY and Company, Flats- Target, Necklace- Forever 21



Top- NY and Company, Cardigan- Express, Jeans- Madewell, Flats- Nine West

It was definitely a fun week, and if you look closely, you can even see my growing bump in some of the pictures!! It was a week full of love and all things sweet and that little, growing baby gave us even more to be thankful for!!


Mrs. Fowler

What the Teacher Wore


So unfortunately, being a teacher means that I am exposed to so many germs. I guess it was only a matter of time until I finally caught the flu. Today’s post is going to be two weeks worth of teacher’s friendly outfits because I caught that yucky flu bug. Luckily I didn’t have to do much outfit planning for the next week because I wasn’t able to wear any of my outfits.

IMG_9376  IMG_9378


The day I was diagnosed with the flu… at least my outfit was cute!! I love the pops of red in my shoes and my accessories!! I wish I could have worn it more than just a few hours!!

Blouse- Old Navy/ Cardigan- Target/ Pants- Chip and Pepper (Belk)/ Shoes- Nine West/ Necklace- eBay/ Watch- Michael Kors



Pajamas were my outfit for the next two days with accessories of cough drops, tissues, hot coffee, Grey’s Anatomy reruns and the cutest little nurse!


IMG_9431  IMG_9427


Back to work! I opted for coziness in this fun, over-sized sweater.

Blouse- NY and Company/ Sweater- Belk/ Pants- TJ Maxx/ Boots- Aldo/ Necklace- Red Clover Boutique/ Watch- Micheal Kors/ Bracelet-eBay/ earrings- American Eagle

IMG_9466  IMG_9467


Coffee was necessary!! How cute is this cozy?? You can order one from the adorable Kay Litton on etsy!! I love the colors in this blazer. It was from Target when they had they Prabal Gurung line!!

Blouse- Old Navy/ Jeans- American Eagle/Shoes-Old Navy/ Necklace- Belk

IMG_9530  IMG_9534


Monday was a holiday Woo Hoo!! Gotta love those Teacher Perks!! I am in love with this sweater but would you believe this is the first time that I wore it??!! I have had it since Summer! It was the perfect way to bring a little sunshine to a chilly Winter day! My necklace was a diy and I am hoping to bring that to the blog soon!

Sweater and Button-Up- J.Crew/ Pants- NY and Company/ Shoes- Nine West/ Bracelets- Neon (Sage K and Co) and Black (Express)



It was our mid-year Awards Day so I opted for all black with lots of fun accessories. This beautiful necklace and turquoise cuff were in my RocksBox! Want to get your own RocksBox for free?? Just use code meganxoxo2 at checkout and the first box is on them!!

Dress- Target/ Cardigan- Express/ Watch- Michael Kors/ Bracelet- Sage K and Co

IMG_9557  IMG_9558


Another day, another cozy sweater! I mixed this sweater with a fun striped blouse and dainty accessories. I paired them with my favorite boots and I was set!

Sweater- Express/ Blouse- Francesca’s/ Pants- Target/ Necklace- Purple Peridot/

Boots- Aldo/ Watch- Michael Kors/ Bracelet- Sage K and Co



Finally!! It was such a long week that I wanted to go out with a bang wearing my biggest statement necklace!! I got this beauty off eBay for less than $8 with free shipping!! I also comes in silver!! Stop whatever you are doing and go order one now!!

Tee- Old Navy (men’s section)/Blazer- Target/ Jeans- Madewell/ Flats- Old Navy/ Bracelet- Loren Hope via RocksBox


I wore my amazing Loren Hope cuff from RocksBox again today and I loved that it matched my beautiful blog business cards!! These beauties came in the mail this week and I could not be more pleased!!

Can’t wait till I blog about my outfits?? Then check them out on a daily basis as I post them to my Instagram feed!! Follow me ——> beingmrsfowler

Thanks for reading my beautiful blog family! Feel free to post any questions that you may have! I love hearing from you!


Mrs. Fowler

Saturday Shenanigans and Targaryen Touches


Being a teacher means that my weekends do not always belong to me. This past Saturday I signed up for a Professional Development course on Memoir Writing in the Classroom. I knew that I wanted to be comfy and cute as well as fully accessorized. The solution? Lots of layers, a little pattern mixing and an amazing accessory in honor of one of my favorite television shows: Game of Thrones. I am quite the nerd so when I saw this pin I knew that I needed it to further support my Daenerys Targaryen obsession. Forget Mrs. Fowler, just call me Khaleesi.

IMG_9290  IMG_9293

IMG_9294  IMG_9292

IMG_9297  IMG_9298

Striped Shirt- TJ Maxx

Chambray- Goodwill

Jacket and Leggings- Forever 21

Boots and Scarf- Belk

Necklace- NY & Company

Sunglasses- Amazon (Prada Dupe)


Bag- Target


This pin though… Get your own on eBay for $1.99 with free shipping!!

Nail Polish- Essie: Bobbing for Baubles

IMG_9306  IMG_9305

Get Excited!! The new season returns to HBO on April 12!!

This is Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, the Khaleesi and Mother of Dragons signing off!


Mrs. Fowler

What the Teacher Wore: A Week’s Worth of Teacher Friendly Outfits


In our bedroom we have a clothes rack, that my Husband absolutely hates, but it helps me to plan out my outfits for the week. I value my sleep. Like hit snooze five times, value my sleep, so it saves my a lot of time to have my outfits ready to go. With this being my first week back to work since the holidays I needed all of the extra help, and sleep that I could get! So I bring you my perfectly planned out outfits for the week. Patterned mixed, layered up and completely accessorized to make the week back to teaching just a little better!

 IMG_9167   IMG_9169 IMG_9168IMG_9166


Sweater- Forever 21, Flannel- Wal-Mart

Pants- NY & Company, Shoes- Lilly Pulitzer via TJ Maxx

Necklace- Charming Charlie, Cuff- Glitter and Juls via etsy

IMG_9175   IMG_9186




Sweater and Flannel- Forever 21

Skirt- Goodwill, Loafers- Target

Bunny Ring- Urban Outfitters, Bracelets- Style This Life via etsy, Express


IMG_9209  IMG_9193


Pants and Blazer- NY & Company

Button Up- J.Crew

Scarf- Cynthia Rowley via TJ Maxx

Boots- Aldo

Bracelets- Kohls, Express, Benevolent Jewels, RMC Boutique

IMG_9215  IMG_9228



Blazer and Button Up- Target

Sweater- Old Navy, Pants- J. Crew

Shoes- Nine West, Blanket Scarf- aerie

Necklaces- Target and Premier Designs

Bracelets- Pandora, Goodwill, Stella and Dot

IMG_9253  IMG_9259


Button Up- Old Navy, Sequin Cami- Express

Blazer- Forever 21, Jeans- NY & Company

Shoes- Target, Necklace- Kate Spade

Watch- Michael Kors, Bracelets- Premier Designs and Benevolent Jewels

Check back next week when I share another week of outfits!! Enjoy your weekend my sweet friends!!


Mrs. Fowler