The End of an Era: One Last Trip to Toys ‘R’ Us

Savannah Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler, Toys R Us Closing Photoshoot,

Curiosity. Wonder. Excitement.

Those are all the things that come to mind when I watch my sweet daughter run around Toys ‘R’ Us. It is sad to think that in just a few years, my daughter will never remember visiting a Toys “R” Us location.

Savannah Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler, Toys R Us Closing Photoshoot,

These last few years, we have seen so much growth in our economy. New stores, restaurants and hotels seem to be popping up every other week in my city. It is sad that even though we have seen so much growth, a huge part of so many of our childhood is coming to an end.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably seen that all of Toys ‘R’ Us stores will be closing in a very short time. In the short time that I have had my daughter we have thoroughly enjoyed all of our visits to this amazing store. When I first found out that I was pregnant, I knew that I wanted to register at Babys ‘R’ Us. When it came time for me to register I remember walking around the store with that scanner, thinking about all of the things that I would need for Vivi. It was so exciting to think about her strolling around in her car seat, eating in her high chair, and carrying around all of her necessities in her diaper bag. As she got older, we would take her to actually play with the toys. We have always let Vivi have fun running around, playing with all of the displays and picking out a special surprise. It became a must-do on our trips into Savannah and it was something that my little family always enjoyed.

When I found out that the store was closing, I knew that I needed to make just one more trip to document such a nostalgic part of childhood. There will be no other words to this post to read. It was simply meant to capture this sweet, sweet moment from my daughter’s childhood. I hope that she enjoys this memory because I will definitely miss the excitement on her face walking through the doors of our Toys ‘R’ Us store.

Savannah Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler, Toys R Us Closing Photoshoot,

Savannah Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler, Toys R Us Closing Photoshoot,

Savannah Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler, Toys R Us Closing Photoshoot,

Savannah Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler, Toys R Us Closing Photoshoot,

Savannah Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler, Toys R Us Closing Photoshoot,

Savannah Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler, Toys R Us Closing Photoshoot,

Savannah Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler, Toys R Us Closing Photoshoot,

Savannah Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler, Toys R Us Closing Photoshoot, 1 (33)

Savannah Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler, Toys R Us Closing Photoshoot,

Savannah Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler, Toys R Us Closing Photoshoot,

Savannah Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler, Toys R Us Closing Photoshoot, 1 (41)

Savannah Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler, Toys R Us Closing Photoshoot,

Savannah Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler, Toys R Us Closing Photoshoot,

Savannah Blogger, Being Mrs. Fowler, Toys R Us Closing Photoshoot,

Goodbye Geoffrey! You will be missed!



A Little Adventure in Matilda Jane

I have come to find that raising a tiny human is truly the most rewarding thing in the entire world.

Her imagination. Her creativity. Her thirst for life. I am amazed that I brought that tiny little miracle into the world every time that I look at her.



With an imagination that big and a smile that sweet, I just love dressing her in the cutest clothes and giving her the coolest toys to play with. Thankfully, I have found some truly amazing companies to make my life as a Mom a little easier.

First up is the adorable clothing company, Matilda Jane. I got lucky in the fact that one of my local Savannah friends is a Trunk Keeper. I love being able to see all of the new pieces as well as all of the sneak peeks of what is to come.

In this outfit, Vivi is wearing the Heartfelt Tunic. I love the fun strawberry print and the fact that the tunic can easily be layered with jeans or leggings. My child LOVES strawberries so she was so excited to wear this cute top. Instead of pants, I chose to layer the tunic with the Square Dance Overall. I cannot get over how cute these overalls are. They are so incredibly soft and the polka detail is absolutely adorable. They are adjustable so she will be able to  wear them for the next few years.




I love Matilda Jane because their fun patterns and prints really capture the essence of childhood. She looks like my baby when she wears their clothes and I love seeing her innocence and curiosity come to life.

Matilda Jane also makes clothes for teens and adults that are super cute. Every piece has a touch of whimsy. Whether it be through a ruffle or a peplum hem, you know that you are getting a special piece, perfect for every girlie-girl or those who are a child at heart.




Another one of our favorite companies is Little Adventures. I have posted about their dress up clothes previously  in another post and we still love them just as much. Feel free to check out the post and see Vivi frolicking around in the Spanish Princess Dress. These dresses are amazing, look very similar to some of our favorite characters, and they can be washed in the washing machine. There have been many days that she wears the dress all day and she loves wearing them out to run errands.

Little Adventures recently released a new product called Novelty Wings. These adorable wings velcro around the neck and have little loop holes for fingers. Once on, Vivi was able to dance around, pretending that she was a butterfly, or imagine that she was a unicorn flying high in the air. Just like their dresses, the wings are machine washable and a super great quality.



To celebrate this product release, I am hosting a little giveaway over on my Instagram account! Want to earn an extra entry, just leave a comment below and tell me your favorite thing to do with your kids or grandkids! Also make sure that you are subscribed to my blog so you don’t miss out on a single post. If you can’t wait and want to go ahead and order something adorable, just enter code MRSFOWLER15%​ at checkout to save 15% off your entire purchase. The dresses and wings are super affordable so you can get a really good deal on an adorable outfit with the code! They also always offer FREE SHIPPING in the USA. This would be perfect to add to an Easter basket, or just surprise your little prince or princess!

I can’t wait to see what you get! Let me know or tag me in your pictures on Instagram! I always love hearing from you!




My Little Princess in Little Adventures

Vivi is getting to the age where she loves all things girlie. Baby dolls, tea sets, Barbies… you name it, she loves it! One of the things that she has recently started loving is dressing up in costumes.



While dressing up is cute and a lot of fun, it can get expensive pretty fast, especially when your child is growing out of her clothes faster than you can buy them. I was thrilled when I found the company Little Adventures because I could get Vivi the costumes of all of the characters that she has come to know and love, without breaking the bank! They are super affordable, very well made and, best part, are machine washable! This is perfect since their are some days when she insist on wearing her Spanish Princess Dress all day, even meal times! Call me crazy but PB&J stains just don’t add anything extra to this beautiful dress.

I love this company because they realize that dressing up is not just for little girls. They have a wide array of costumes perfect for little boys, and even some for us grown-ups! I love dressing up at times and the Cinderella Dress is perfect for living out all of my childhood fantasies.




Just in time for the holidays, I have teamed up with Little Adventures to offer you an amazing deal! At checkout, if you enter the code BMF15%, you can save 15% off of your entire purchase! That means that you can get a gorgeous dress for about $25! That is steal considering how much other brands tend to charge for their dresses. I am also offering a $30 store credit to one follower over on my Instagram so I encourage you to check me out at BeingMrsFowler!

Check out the dresses and let me know which ones are your favorite! I am definitely in the market for another one for Vivi and I would love your opinion!






Disclaimer: I received this dress c/o Little Adventure’s to feature on my blog and Instagram. All opinions are my own.

Mommy + Me

I started my little blog in January 2015 and not even two weeks later, I found out that I was pregnant with my little V. While my dreams of having a fashion blog were put on hiatus to talk about the little miracle growing in my belly, in the back of my mind I was so excited to be able to blog posts with what I hoped, was a daughter.


I think that every Mom that hope for a daughter is excited about the idea of dressing them like you. They are your little Mini Me and twining with them is so much fun. Lucky for me, we were blessed with a daughter so my dreams of twinning and Mommy and Me blog posts were going to come true. Now here we are, a year and a half later, and my sweet little daughter is co-starring in her very first, Mommy and Me blog post!


My utility jacket has been a favorite in my closet for a few years now. I love its versatility and how it can be paired with almost anything. It is true a staple piece in my wardrobe and I treat it as a neutral. When I walked into Carter’s over Winter Break and so a utility jacket in Vivi’s size, there was not even a question of if I needed to get it for her. I knew right away that it was coming home with us so Vivi could match her Mommy.




For my look, I paired my utility jacket with this gorgeous mustard blouse from Forever 21. I have been obsessed with this color for a while now. I use to feel like I couldn’t wear the color yellow because it would wash me out, but as I have gotten older, I realize that it all about finding the right shade of a certain color. For me, mustard totally smashed all of my fears of wearing yellow and now it is a color that I wear frequently. To go with the blouse, I have these amazing suede slides. I was immediately drawn to them in the store. They are so comfy and they are beyond perfect for Spring and Summer. They are also from Forever 21 but I linked a similar pair for you below. My jeans are the best pair of destroyed denim. My go-to store for destroyed denim is, hands down, American Eagle. They have the best options at a very reasonable price.




When I was picking out Vivi’s outfit, I knew that I wanted her outfit to go with mine but not necessarily be so matchy-matchy. Her utility jacket was a must so I just put her in skinnies and picked out a color top that looked good with my yellow. The little blue peplum she has on is older but I linked a similar style below. Her bow is from a subscription service called Little Poppy Co. For less than $20 a month, they send you three adorable, hand-made bows for your little girl to wear. You can choose an elastic band or an alligator clip. If you enter the code MRSFOWLER at checkout, you can save 30% off of your first month!




I hope that you enjoyed my little guest host on today’s post. Vivi is growing so much every day and I just love being her Mommy. She is such a happy little girl and is always in the best mood. She wave at everyone she meets, is constantly blowing kisses and is obsessed with Peppa the Pig. She is smart, strong and curious and is definitely going to keep me on my toes. I thank God daily for this wonderful blessing and I am so honored that he chose me to be her Mommy. You can expect to see her on many posts in the future. She is a total ham and will say cheese as soon as you pull out a camera! I don’t know what I ever did to deserve her but I am certainly trying to give her the best life possible!


Mommy: Jacket | Blouse | Skinnies | Shoes (similar) | NecklacePendant | Sunglasses

Vivi: Jacket | Top | Pants | Shoes | Bow


Photography Courtesy of Sara Dasher Photography

Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post and I may receive a small commission.